What Does ONB Mean On Snapchat?

What Does ONB Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat slang can make your day! If you are new to Snapchat, then your friends and followers must be bombing you with ONB, leaving you puzzled. What does ONB mean on Snapchat? You will be LOL to find out the answer!

Snapchat is a social media platform where teenagers are creating new words every day! Do not feel helpless if you cannot figure out what every acronym means on Snapchat. We understand you are getting FoMO, this is the reason we are here to explain to you what does ONB mean on Snapchat!

ONB mean on Snapchat is Outward Nose Breath. Sounds confusing? Well, ONB also stands for “On Bro!” and “Old News Bro!”. So, when you see a post or a comment about anyone dropping ONB, it means they are amused with the post and laughed a little. 

Sometimes it is a little confusing what the acronym stands for and what it means on social media, especially Snapchat and Instagram, where teenagers are creating new things every day! ONB! How about if we dig in deeper and find some appropriate examples to justify the meaning?

What Does ONB Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, ONB stands for Outward Nose Breath. However, this terminology explanation is based on a very recent trend. People on social media usually use LOL when they come across funny content or amusing comments. However, with time, LOL, as a popular acronym, lost its power, and people started using it as filler or just closing a discussion. 

In the last few years, Snapchat users come up with a new phrase, “Outward Nose Breath,” that depicts that someone felt amusement and released a breath through the nose. It’s not a laugh but a smirk (possibly!).

On the other hand, a couple of years ago, if someone asked, “What does ONB mean on Snapchat?” we may answer it as “Old News Bro” or “On Bro”.  

Origins Of ONB 

It is hard to find out the origin of the “ONB’ term. People on Snapchat are using this acronym for a long time. We even found posts back in 2010 that have ONB! However, the meaning of ONB changed over time!

Examples are found when people are using ONB terms to swear “On, Bro”. It was used as slang then. However, the meaning was not NDFW. Besides, when the popular show “Orange Is The New Black” was on the air, people on Snapchat also referred to the show as “ONB”. Sometimes, we have also found people are shutting annoying comments with “ONB”, which stands for “Old News Bro”!

How Is ONB Used On Snapchat?

We promise you will be amazed to learn what ONB means on Snapchat! However, one thing is for sure this acronym does not stand for any NSFW phrase. Therefore, parents do not need to be worried when they find their children using this acronym on Snapchat. 

1. Outward Nose Breath

ONB stands for Outward Nose Breath. The phrase is used to describe that the user felt amazed by the comment or the post; however, not laughing so much that they are out of breath. No! Not laughing like out of breath but releasing a little breath through my nose! Like a little smirk! 

2. On Bro

If you find that someone is replying to a serious conversation with ONB, it may refer to “On, Bro!”. This is a simple swearing in a positive way that he is up to something or you can rely on him. 

3. Old News Bro

You may find someone is shutting a comment with ONB. In this case, ONB stands for Old News Bro! If someone is nagging you or boring you with something that you are already informed about, just use ONB to shut him out on Snapchat. 

4. Orange Is The New Black

When the show Orange Is The New Black became popular, people started referring to the show as ONB. So, if someone on Snapchat is asking about the ONB show, they might be referring to the old popular HBO show – Orange Is The New Black.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use ONB On Snapchat 

We have discussed four possible meanings of the term ONB. Here find some examples that help you understand it better: 

1. Outward Nose Breath

This car is outstanding. ONB!

Looks so funny! ONB

2. On Bro

I saw her yesterday at the club. ONB!

I took the course. ONB! 

3. Old News Bro

That happened yesterday. ONB. 

Hailey is the Mean Girl. ONB

4. Orange Is The New Black

Has anyone watched the last episode of ONB?

How to watch ONB again? 

Is It Okay To Use ONB On Snapchat?

ONB is a very popular acronym that you will find all the time on Snapchat. It is okay to use ONB on Snapchat as it is not a slang or NSFW word. If anyone is still wondering what does ONB mean on Snapchat, it simply stands for Outward Nose Breath.

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

There are many Snapchat acronyms scattered around. However, few are too popular to avoid. In fact, you may find some of the acronyms are repeating on almost every Snapchat post and reel. Some of these popular Snapchat acronyms are SU, LMR, and TTM. 

  • SU stands for Swipe Up which just indicates you to swipe up to get to the end of the content or message. 
  • If someone texts you TTM, it refers to Talk To Me. So let’s give him/her a call or simply start chatting. 
  • LMR stands for “Like My Recent.” This is an encouraging text put by many content creators to encourage their followers to like their content. 


Abbreviations or acronyms are not always slang. People on Snapchat are using and inventing acronyms for long phrases every day. So, if you are stuck with any abbreviations, just dig a little, and you will know the meaning. Do not overlook any abbreviations, or you may be missing out on any important notes from your followers! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Does ONB Stand For?

ONB stands for Outward Nose Breath. It may also stands for “On Bro” or “Old News Bro”. 

Q: When Should I Use ONB?

If someone cracks a joke in DM or posts any content that makes you laugh, you may reply with ONB. It is almost similar to LOL but more trending! 

Q: What Does ONB Mean On the Internet?

On the internet, ONB stands for “Old News Bro “ or one of the most popular shows on HBO known as – “Orange Is The New Black.” However, on Snapchat and Instagram, ONB also stands for Outward Nose Breath. 

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