Which Reels Can Be Promoted On Instagram? Know The Complete Details!!

Which Reels Can Be Promoted On Instagram

Instagram promotion strategy is among the most important things for many businesses. It is one of the best features introduced by Instagram. If your Reels have not performed well, you can easily promote them on Instagram. Well, not all Instagram Reels can be promoted on Instagram. So, which Reels can be promoted on Instagram? There is a specific criterion that is to be followed for promoting your Instagram Reels.

Instagram is among the widely used social media platforms that have been successful in grabbing the attention of users from all over the world. If you create your Reels, you can easily get paid for your Instagram Reels. Well, if you are into creating Reels and love exploring this Reels section, you can easily download Reels from Instagram, and not just this, you can also download Reels with music! Well, Instagram Reels have turned out to be a great way to promote businesses, as Reels can be used to advertise your business.

Not all the Reels created on Instagram can be promoted. Only product, creative, and how-to Reels can be promoted on Instagram.

If you have a business account, you can boost your Reels and turn them into ads. It will help you to get the attention of a wider audience along with more engagement. You can even reach those users who don’t even follow you on Instagram.

What Are Promoted Reels On Instagram?

What Are Promoted Reels On Instagram

Instagram Reels can be one of the best ways to promote your business. Instagram Reels can be a great advertising and marketing tool. You can go for Reels ads and promoting Reels on Instagram. But, Instagram Reels ads are not the same as the promoted Reels. Your business can get more exposure along with a high number of followers because Reels are a highly engaging content form. With promoted Reels, businesses can not only reach a target audience by using such brand-new format of Instagram Reels, but you can also reach to a new set of audience.

Instagram Reel is a full-screen vertical video. The promoted Reels on Instagram show up between the non-sponsored and regular Instagram Reels that users are viewing on the platform. Your promoted Instagram Reel will appear on Instagram along with being marked as sponsored. Your Promoted Reels will appear in the Reels tab, Feed, and Explore page on Instagram. You can easily try promoting your Instagram Reels but remember that not all Reels can be promoted on Instagram. 

What Are The Criteria For Reels To Be Promoted On Instagram?

There are certain things that you need to take into account before trying to promote or boost your Instagram Reel as not all Reels can be promoted on Instagram. So, before you begin promoting your Reels, make sure you have completed all the basic requirements.

  1. Your Reels need to be less than 90 seconds.
  2. The Reels must have a full-screen format with a vertical aspect ratio of 9:16.
  3. Reels with GIFs, copyrighted music, camera filters from any third-party apps, or interactive stickers cannot be boosted on Instagram.
  4. Reels that are shared on Facebook cannot be boosted.

If you meet these parameters, then also not all Reels can be promoted on Instagram. So, you can only promote a few types of Reels.

Types Of Reels That Can Be Promoted

Only three types of Reels can be promoted on Instagram. If you are creating content on any of these Reels, you can easily promote your business with your Instagram Reels.

Product Reels 

You can describe a product in the product Reels. You can show your makeup products or you can make a product Reel for fashion or retail brands. Such Reels can be promoted on Instagram.

Creative Reels 

Creative Reels can be unique and have short clips added with real-life incidents or some creativity. You can engage your audience with creative Reels. These Reels can be promoted on Instagram with ease.

How-To Reels

Users on Instagram love How-to Reels. Educational and visually appealing how-to Reels can grab users’ attention and such Reels can be promoted on Instagram to promote your business or products!

Types Of Reels That Cannot Be Promoted

Several types of Reels cannot be promoted because of Instagram’s guidelines and rules. So, if you are creating Reels that are against Instagram’s community guidelines, you won’t be able to promote them!

Inappropriate Content

Reels that have any sensitive or inappropriate content, such as sexually explicit content in them, cannot be promoted on Instagram because of Instagram’s rules and guidelines.

Misleading Or False Information

Reels that have a piece of false information or include any misleading information are inappropriate for Instagram. If any information is missing from the Reels or has any vague information, such Reels cannot be promoted.

Intellectual Property 

Any Reels that violate the intellectual property of the Instagram user cannot be promoted on the platform. Reels that are against the intellectual property rights, including trademarks and copyrights of any user, are not allowed to be promoted on the Instagram platform.

How To Promote Instagram Reels?

To promote Instagram Reels, Go to your Profile > Reels section > Open a Reel > Boost Reel > Select a goal > Select an audience > Select a budget > Select a duration > Next > Create Promotion.

Only eligible Reels can be promoted on Instagram. Here is how easily you can promote your Instagram Reels to boost them and increase engagement.

Step 1: Open your Instagram account and open the Reel that you want to promote from your account.

How To Promote Instagram Reels

Step 2: Tap on the Boost option below your Reel.

How To Promote Instagram Reels

Step 3: You can now fill in the details of your Reel to be promoted.

  • Select a goal (For what results you want from this ad)
  • Select an audience (Whom you want it to reach)
  • Select a budget (How much you are ready to spend daily)
  • Select a duration (For how much time you want your ad to run).
How To Promote Instagram Reels

Step 4: Once you fill in all the required information and details, tap on the next option.

Step 5: Finally, Review the promotion that you want to create, tap on the Create Promotion option, and complete your Reels promotion process.

How To Promote Instagram Reels

Creating Effective Reels For Promotion

Reels can be promoted on Instagram by working on the right things. You need to create unique and effective Reels so that it becomes even easier to promote them on Instagram. Here is what you need to take care of for creating effective Reels.

  1. Pick an idea for the content of your Reel (Think of a style for your Reels, such as Music and voice-over).
  2. Outline your videos (Think about what to say in the video and what you are going to film in the video).
  3. Provide a reason with your Reels for why one should continue watching your Reel (Add props and transitions to the Reel).
  4. Figure out how you are going to film your content (Devise to film the Reel and where to edit the Reel).
  5. Start recording the Reel in a good light.
  6. Make sure that the content is not confusing or misleading.
  7. Use filters and effects for your Reels.

Create your Reel by using trending effects and filters to grab the attention of more users.

Best Practices For Reel Promotion

Most of us are aware that Reels can be helpful to promote our products or business, but many users don’t know where to start. Work on the right tips so that your Reels can be promoted on Instagram with ease.

  1. Use the trending music and audio for your Reels because users who recognize the audio will likely be sticking to your Reel until the end.
  2. Do not opt for a horizontal video and go for a vertical one, the Instagram algorithm is going to reward you for that.
  3. Create Reels using the original content and try making Reels that are unique.
  4. Use the Instagram tool for editing, trimming, and adding effects to your Reels.
  5. Use hashtags on your Reels (at least add 2-4 trending hashtags).
  6. Create short Reels and don’t go for more than 60 seconds duration for the Reels.
  7. Be consistent with your Reels. To maintain more engagement try posting Reels at least twice a week.
  8. Add captions to your Reels to attract more followers.
  9. Promoting Reels that are well-performing can help in better results.

How Much Does It Cost To Promote A Reel On Instagram?

Promoting a Reel or post on Instagram can cost you around $5. Once you decide upon which Reel you want to promote on Instagram, you will need to set a budget for how much you want to spend on your Reel and until the money runs out, your Reel will be boosted till that time. Users have to pay for the promotion of their Reels on the basis of CPC or Cost Per Click. For most Instagram users, it hovers around $0.50 to $3. However, it may vary depending on the market and target demographics.

How Long Does It Take For A Promoted Reel To Get Approved?

Once you have completed the promotion process, your ad will have to go through an approval process. It takes around 24 hours for the Promoted Reel to get approved. Once it is approved, your Reel will appear on the Explore tab, Stories, or feed on Instagram regardless of where it was originally posted.

Can I See The Metrics Of My Promoted Reels?

You can check out the metrics of your Reels by checking the Reels Insights. Here is how to check your Reels Insights.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and go to the Reels section in your profile.

Step 2: Tap on the Reel and open it.

Step 3: Tap on the View Insights option at the bottom of the Reel.

Step 4: Check out the insights for your Reel such as the number of likes, comments, saves, and accounts it has reached.

The Benefits Of Reel Promotion

Reels can be promoted on Instagram and a number of essential benefits can be enjoyed by users.

  1. Drive more traffic to your Instagram Reels.
  2. Along with catering to your budget, your content can reach more audiences.
  3. Reels that have not performed well have a second chance of performing better with Reels promotion.
  4. Brand awareness and reach can be increased by promoting your Reels.

Wrapping Up

Instagram has become an influential tool over the years for many brands. Using these tools can help businesses to increase their target audience and reach. Creating inspiring content or working on trending things can help you earn more followers on Instagram. Everyone on Instagram wants more followers and a great reach. So, what’s better than promoting your Reels for this? Now that you are aware of which Reels can be promoted on Instagram, you can also try it with your Reels and get the best benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I Promote All Types Of Reels On Instagram?

A. No, you cannot. Not all Reels can be promoted on Instagram. Reels that have an inappropriate content or have copyright issues cannot be promoted on Instagram.

Q: What Are The Criteria For Promoting Reels On Instagram?

A. Your Reels need to be of less than 60 seconds and shall also follow the full-screen format. Along with this, your Reels need to have a 9:16 aspect ratio. If you follow these criteria, your Reels will be promoted easily on Instagram.

Q: Do I Need A Certain Number Of Followers To Promote My Reels?

A. Reels can be promoted on Instagram without any specific criteria for followers or following. However, it is better that you have more than 10K followers to make your content reach a wider audience within a short time.

Q: What Kind Of Reels Can Be Promoted On Instagram?

A. Product Reels, Creative Reels, and How-to Reels can be promoted on Instagram. Reels that have sensitive content or sexually explicit content or have copyright infringement issues cannot be promoted on Instagram.

Q: How Long Does It Take For A Promoted Reel To Be Approved?

A. It takes around 24 hours for a promoted Reel to be approved. However, it may take a little longer in some cases.  

Q: How Does Instagram Promote Reels?

A. Instagram promotes Reels by running your promotion on Instagram explore tab, feed, and stories even if users have not originally posted them there. Depending on the initial data, Instagram will determine to run the promotion wherever it performs better.

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