Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements!!!

Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements

Creating Reels on Instagram and Facebook is transforming into more serious business than you think. We advise you to take your social media skills more seriously. Instagram Reels monetization is something that we all need to learn along with Instagram Reels monetization requirements.

Yes, you read it correctly – Instagram Reels monetization requirements should be in your bucket list in 2023. Why? Because Meta is pressing the content creators to redefine Instagram as the platform for business opportunists, and the Instagram Reels are going to play the key role – call to action! 

Instagram Reels monetization requirements are the must have requirements to qualify for earning money on Instagram. Instagram pays for Reels if you match their monetization requirements, including 100,000 followers, authentic and engaging content, and of course, compliance with Instagram’s Monetization Policies! 

Complying with Instagram Monetization could be challenging, you have to fulfill too many parameters to recall. However, the hardest part is probably acquiring 100,000 followers and keeping them engaged with authentic and attractive content. 

What Is Instagram Reels Monetization?

Because of the increasing number of cyberbullying, the latest shoutout in the media is – do not let Likes and Comments judge your popularity. That’s true, and that is how sanity and humanity work. But, if you focus on Instagram Reels monetization requirements, the first and foremost requirement is to get 100,000 followers. 

The Instagram Reels monetization policy was introduced back in 2021, and since then, we have witnessed the emergence of the power of Instagram influencers! According to this policy, if you follow the Instagram Reels monetization requirements, Instagram will pay you for Reels. How much Instagram pays for Reels? That’s something controversial as different influencers claim to receive different paychecks. 

What Are The Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements?

When you search Reels on Instagram, you will find content creators who are encashing Instagram paychecks have four things in common. These four parameters are the primary Instagram Reels monetization requirements – at least 100,000 followers, residing in a monetizable country, creating engaging and authentic content, and complying with Instagram’s monetization policies. Let’s explore these four primary requirements in detail: 

Have At Least 100,000 Followers

To make your Reels eligible for Instagram Monetization, you will need an Instagram Creator Account with a minimum of 100,000 followers. According to Instagram, any content creator with more than 100,000 followers will be counted as an influencer and eligible for Instagram Reels monetization.

Be Based In A Monetizable Country

According to Meta, the content creator must belong from a monetizable country. As documented, Instagram Reels monetization is available in more than 150 countries. So, people from most countries qualify Instagram Reels monetization requirements, if not all.

Comply With Instagram’s Monetization Policies

Instagram Content Monetization Policies are available on the Instagram help center. Your content must need to comply with the policy or will not be considered to fulfill Instagram Reels monetization requirements. You will find prohibited formats, behaviors, and restricted categories that could cancel your candidature for Instagram monetization. 

Create Engaging And Authentic Content

Creating genuine and engaging content is the must-have criteria to stand out for Instagram  Reels monetization. Creating authentic content is also the key to engaging more followers and creating brand awareness. 

How To Monetize Instagram Reels?

As soon as you ensure that you comply with the Instagram Reels monetization requirements, you need to focus on the Instagram Reels monetization process. Here are seven rules to start with the Instagram Reels monetization procedure. 

1. Work With Brands

Find brands that share your interest. Approach to the brand for sponsorship or affiliate works. You will need to showcase highly engaging Reels to impress brands and make them invest in you. Working with brands will no doubt transform your Instagram account into a stronghold. 

2. Join An Affiliate Marketing Program

Joining an affiliate program is one of the easiest approaches to monetizing Instagram Reels. Joining any affiliate program will strengthen your Instagram creator account and impress more brands to work with you. To approach affiliate marketing programs, you need to produce creative and authentic Reels as much as possible. 

3. Use Badges In Livestreams

With a minimum of 10,000 followers, you can use badges in live streams. When you go live, you will find the badges icon under your profile picture. Turn on the badge icon and encourage your viewers to buy badges to support you financially. 

4. Enable Ads On Your Instagram Reels

If you comply with Instagram Reels monetization requirements, you will be eligible to run ads on your Instagram Reels. According to the new Reels algorithm, Instagram is running ads to those Instagram Reels that are getting more than 1,000 views for a period of time. Enabling ads on your Instagram Reels will help you to monetize Reels. 

5. Earn Milestone Bonuses

Reaching every milestone on Instagram will take you one more step closer to matching the Instagram Reels monetization requirements. The current three Instagram bonus programs are the video ads bonus, live video badges bonus, and Reels summer bonus. It is advised to concentrate on gaining more followers and keep them engaging on Reels as long as possible to earn milestone bonuses. 

6. Enable Instagram Subscriptions

If your Reels are a series of tutorials or helpful hacks that keep engaging followers and make them come back to you for more solutions, then you may enable Instagram Subscription. Creator can check how many subscribers he/she are on the page and receive 100% of the subscription money [Instagram charges no percentage from the subscription money!]. This is one of the best ways to monetize Reels on Instagram.  

7. Future Instagram Monetization Possibilities

Instagram is upgrading features and policies simultaneously to control content monetization on Instagram. When it comes to future possibilities, you can release your own merch line, sell digital downloads and charge anyone who download Instagram Reels with music [only your authentic content]. 

How To Apply For Instagram Reels Monetization?

To apply for Instagram Reels monetization, open your Instagram profile and go to settings. Tap on Help followed by Monetization Help. Choose Contact Support and fill in all the requirements. Finally, submit and wait for the response in the email. 

Instagram Reels monetization is an invite-only program. If you consider you met all of the Instagram Reels monetization requirements, then you can apply for the Instagram Reels monetization. 

Step 1: Open your Instagram profile and go to the “Settings” option. 

Step 2: Tap on help followed by tapping on “Monetization Help”. 

Step 3: Go to “Contact Support”.

Step 4: Make sure your default email address is correct, and fill in the other required fields. 

Step 5: Tap on “Submit.” 

You will be updated by the Instagram Help Center in your registered email ID at the appropriate time. 

How To Increase Your Chances Of Monetization?

Your Instagram influence could be monetized. You just need to comply with Instagram Reels monetization requirements and increase your chances of monetization! Well, as it said, there is no rocket science behind success. So, the fundamental thing or the secret sauce to getting higher chances of monetization is creating crazy awesome content and making the followers engage with your content. 

Identify your area of expertise and offer consultation through your Reels. You can also offer coaching classes that allure your followers to spread the word and come back to you even more! Workshops, webinars, and short training sessions on Instagram Reels can also help to boost your chances. To increase your chances of monetization, you can run digital ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts. 

How Much Money Can You Make From Instagram Monetization?

It is hard to assume the size of money you can make from Instagram monetization. Why?

Because it depends! It depends on so many factors that so far, no influencers on Instagram could come up with a theory about how Instagram is calculating their paycheck. 

However, we came up with some ranges based on Twitter confessions of the influencers and surveys:

Influencers with 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers are earning from $165 USD to $1,800 USD for their single sponsored post on Instagram. For affiliate marketing, some influencers mentioned getting around $5000 per month [could vary based on various factors, including the Reel performance.  

Instagram Bonus play programs also vary a lot! As claimed, some influencers got as much as a $6,000 bonus from Instagram for one post [high-performing Reels]. On the other hand, megastars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwayne Johnson are charging $1.5 million (avg.) per post! 

Does Instagram Pay For Reel Views?

Instagram creators who comply with Instagram Reels monetization requirements are eligible to enjoy payment for Reel views. Instagram does pay for Reel views; however, there is no benchmark for how much is paid by Instagram to the influencers. 

Your views on Instagram posts are counted. If your Reels are encouraging viewers to stick to the content and impress more than 1,000 views for a period of time (a month), Instagram will consider monetizing your content and write a paycheck! 

Creating Engaging Instagram Reels Content

Creating Instagram Reels is super easy! But creating engaging Instagram Reel content is super tough! Is it? There are thousands of content creators on Instagram creating engaging Instagram Reels every day! So, what is the secret mantra? 

1. Keep It Short And Sweet

Instagram Reels should not exceed 15 seconds in length. So, you have to present your idea concisely and, of course, smartly within 15 seconds, which should not bore viewers and keep the energy high! 

2. Use Trending Sounds And Hashtags

Trending Instagram audio is the must-add thing in Instagram Reels. Besides, do not forget to research the relevant hashtags and add them to the post. Hashtags are counted as the “special ingredient” that gives your Reels a special boost. 

3. Show Your Personality

Let’s showcase your personality in Instagram Reels. The more you expose the “real you” on Instagram, the more people will start believing you and start following you.  

4. Experiment With Different Formats

Do not stick to a single format. Instagram viewers love to see new things every day. You can and should try various formats like transitions, stop motion, and time-lapse to impress your viewers. Experimenting with formats will keep you stay in the trend. 


Instagram Influencers are fighting tooth and nail to make Instagram write a paycheck for them. Well, not literally, but keeping with the monetization requirements is so hard that we bet you are biting your nails. Many influencers already got a team to research content, Instagram effects, and hashtags to stay in trend. So, if you need help, bring them to the table! You have to take Instagram Reels monetization seriously because Instagram is serious about monetization!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Monetize My Existing Reels?

You can monetize your existing Reels in the Instagram Bonus program, but within 24 hours from publishing the post. Also, if the post is already sponsored or engaged in affiliate marketing, you cannot use it for the Instagram Bonus program.  

Q: How Much Money Can I Earn From Reels Monetization?

The answer to this question is debatable. Different Instagram influencers claimed to receive different paychecks. It is hard to find the benchmark. The shortest answer is you can make as much money as you wish if you comply with the Instagram  Reels monetization requirements.

Q: How Many Views Do You Need On Reels To Get Paid?

For the Instagram bonus program, you will need 1,000+ views on a single post for more than 30 days. On the other hand, you can be eligible to embed ads if you have at least 5 videos and 600,000 minutes of views in the past 60 days.

Q: How Much Instagram Pays For 1 Million Views On Reels?

As claimed on Reddit and Quora, Instagram pays $200 for the first 1 Million views on Reels. After that $100 for every 1 Million viewers. 

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