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What Does Opened Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat lets their consumers deliver and receive messages in three different modes – Text messages, Snaps with audio and Snaps without audio. Moreover, Snapchat also offers status updates of each of the delivered snaps and chats. You might have seen delivered, opened, seen etc. after you send your message but what does opened mean on Snapchat?

Well Snapchat indicates the current status of your message through different stages, like opened. But are you aware of what does opened mean on Snapchat? If you don’t know, then let us tell you in this very blog. Not only the meaning of Opened, but along with that we will tell you more about different statuses that Snapchat shows us after delivering a snap to someone.

The answer to what does opened mean on Snapchat is that the media sent to someone has been successfully opened by the receiver or receivers (in case you sent the snap/chat in a Snapchat group).

No doubt you have got a hint of your doubt “what does opened mean on Snapchat” but what about the other Snapchat status? Don’t you want to know that? You want to, right? Then Read!

What Does Opened Mean On Snapchat? 

What Does Opened Mean On Snapchat

Snapchat is the most see-through social media application today’s date! It gives you every minor and major detail of the other person! When they are online, whether they have seen your message or not, if yes, then when, where they are currently, if your snap has been opened yet or not and many more.

So when you deliver a snap or chat on Snapchat, the system will keep a track on it and keep informing you side by side as its status changes. Like when you send a snap it will show delivered, after delivered it will be received and when it will be opened by the receiver, it will show opened by the receiver and in case you have sent the snap to a group in Snapchat, then it will show opened by receivers. 

To know what does opened mean on Snapchat, first you have to know the current status of your message sent. Here’s how you can view the current status of your message that you have sent:

Snapchat app > Home Screen > Chat list > Chat > Status icon

Step 01: Click on the Snapchat application in order to open it.

Step 02: From the Home Screen of the Snapchat app, head to the Chat list to view the list of the conversations that you had in your past.

Step 03: Look for the conversation whose current status you want to track and then seek for the status symbol.

Step 04: If the receiver has opened the snap or the message, you will see “opened” as the current status with the time given below the user’s username or the group’s name.

What Does The Opened Look Like In Snapchat

What Does Opened Mean On Snapchat

The Opened icon is pretty similar to the Snap Sent icon which is an arrow however a hollow one. So a Red hollow sent icon depicts snap without audio, whereas Purple hollow sent icon shows an opened snap with sound. At last a blue hollow arrow means an opened chat message. All these will appear next to the message sent by you.

What Does Other Status Mean On Snapchat? 

What Does Opened Mean On Snapchat


The sent status appears when you successfully sending a snap or a chat to someone on Snapchat. It’s the first status that displays once you initiate a chat on Snapchat. Now you might be confused between sent and delivered, and be thinking that both mean the same thing! But no, sent means that your message has been disbursed but not has been received by the receiver. Whereas, delivered means that the message has been delivered to the recipient but he/she has not opened it yet or isn’t online.


The status from sent to receive changes when your friend comes online and gets the message. Everything will remain the same except the icon. You will find the icon at the bottom of the username with date and time when the message was received by the recipient. Remember that the snaps or messages are still unseen by the receiver. 


These are in square shape. Whenever you see a Red empty square consider it a snap without audio has been received, and a purple one means, snap with audio and finally a blue one depicts that the chat message has been viewed by the receiver and a Gray chat icon will show an expired or pending message.


These are one over another overlapping empty arrows. The Red and Purple color code rules are the same for these too! 


These are in the form of circular arrows, forming a loop and depicting that someone has replayed your snap. There won’t be any blue or gray color options, the rest of the colors will be available here too.

Wrapping Up

Snapchat app is one of the most popular social media applications which allows its users to exchange snaps and messages. All these media sent or received by the users disappear after a certain period of time or just after viewing them. But in between that, different message statuses are shown by the Snapchat like delivered, sent, received, viewed etc. depending on the receiver’s action towards your message.

In this guide we have tried to make you understand what does opened mean on Snapchat? You can reach out to us in case of any doubt or any other concern related to the same. 

Till then, keep tracking your message on Snapchat! Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Difference Between Viewed And Opened On Snapchat?

These two are shown on Snapchat after sending a snap to someone on Snapchat below the username of the receiver on the chat list. Viewed means, someone has seen your snap but has not opened it yet! Whereas, Opened directly shows that the receiver has opened the snap sent by you.

Q. How To Know Someone Has Opened Your Snap On Snapchat?

You will observe a “Opened 2m ago” sign below the username of the receiver based upon the time, how long ago they have opened your snap. 

Q. Why Does It Say Opened But Not Seen On Snapchat?

You will see Opened but not seen when the receiver sees the snap sent by you a long ago and still be online on the application for a long time. In most of the cases, Snapchat says, viewed just now whenever the application launches itself.

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