What Does POS Mean On Snapchat?

What Does POS Mean On Snapchat?

Brutal honesty is the current norm in social media. Users use it as a way of giving their honest opinion without considering the detrimental consequences that it could trigger undue attention. We offer the best way for you to disguise your slurs by using POS. Stay with us to know what POS mean on Snapchat and how to use it while DMing your friends.

Swearing on social media comes with a price. Users will have to bear with the consequences of using slurs on public forums and posts. Snapchat lingo has the best solution for you. It offers an array of terms and acronyms that all users can use to disguise their slurs and swear words. FM, WTH, WTF, FML, BS, and MF are some of the common terms used for swearing. Joining ranks with these slurs is POS, which is a frequently used term that has found its way into the Snapchat lingo.

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POS means “Piece of $h*t” on Snapchat. It is a term that is used to show anger and frustration.

Keeping up with the advancements in social media is an onerous task. Especially when you try to keep up with the Snapchat lingo, where new terms and acronyms keep popping up regularly, and most of these terms have multiple meanings attached to them. POS mean on Snapchat lingo is one such versatile term. Let’s dive a little deeper to explore what exactly POS means and the different ways to make use of it.

What Does POS Mean On Snapchat?

POS means “Piece Of $h*t” on Snapchat. It is a slur term that is often used to show anger and frustration over a particular scenario. Use it with caution, for it is a derogatory term and most users feel offended when they see it. Snapchatter uses it to show their disapproval of someone or something or a situation. POS mean on Snapchat lingo is a universal term that can have multiple ways of interpreting it. It can be deciphered according to the scenario in which it is used as,

  • POS – Parents Over Shoulder
  • POS – Point Of Sale
  • POS – Piece Of Snatch

Origin Of POS   

Origin of the most popular swear word $h*t can be traced back to over 1000 years ago, back to the Old Norse times. The word scitta was used in Anglo-Saxon books and later morphed into the infamous slur used to say $h*t. It has been used in various different contexts to throw slurs and shade at others. With the rise of all social media platforms in the 2010s, it has evolved and is now used as POS while DMing on Snapchat.

How Is POS Used On Snapchat?

POS is predominantly used to say Piece Of $h*t on Snapchat. You can make use of it when you want to show that you are frustrated with a particular situation or a person. You can make use of it in the following ways,

1. POS To Show Frustration

You can use POS mean on Snapchat lingo to say Piece Of $h*t, when you are frustrated and want to vent out your frustration via social media. You can disguise the slur as POS to curb the negative impact of your comment on a public forum could have. 

2. POS To Show Anger

Snapchatters use the slurs in the Snapchat lingo when they want to display their anger or resentment for a particular person or a situation. POS mean on Snapchat lingo as Piece Of $h*t is one handy term that you can use to voice out your anger on Snapchat, without having to worry about its repercussions.

3. POS To Say Parent(s) Over Shoulder

Parents are natural snoopers and stalkers especially when they try to monitor their children’s social media. You can use POS mean on Snapchat lingo as a secret code to say that you have a parent snooping over your shoulder. This will help you to signal the user you are DMing to take caution and change the subject of discussion whenever needed.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use POS On Snapchat 

Example 1

User 1 – How’s your new ride?!

User 2 – It’s a POS!!

Example 2

User 1 – Did Jake complete your project?

User 2 – That POS has gone AWOL!!

Example 3

User 1 – What’s wrong? Why’d you sound weird?

User 2 – POS alert!! Gotta go.

Is It Okay To Use POS On Snapchat?

Using slurs on social media platforms comes at a price. Even if you try to disguise them as terms and acronyms of the Snapchat lingo, they will soon gain traction and be recognized easily by all. We suggest that you refrain from using POS on public forums and posts and stick to using it in casual conversation with your BFFs and friends on Snapchat. Nevertheless, before you decipher POS mean on Snapchat lingo, ensure that you read through the context before you get all riled up, as it is a versatile term with multiple interpretations. 

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

  • PK – Player Kill
  • OMS – Oh My Science
  • OMH – Oh My Heavens
  • NBS – Not So Bad
  • NP – No Problem
  • NGTS – Not Gonna Text Someone
  • MS – Mass Snap
  • MPH – Miles Per Hour
  • MCE – My Crush Everyday
  • LSK – Love Snuggle Kiss
  • LPC – Looks Personality Closeness
  • JP – Just Playing

Wrap Up

Mastering the Snapchat lingo is not an easy task. You will have to stay alert and be on track if you want to keep up to date on all the terms and acronyms that are used. When most Snapchatters make use of the common Snap slurs, you can use POS to flaunt your knowledge of the Snapchat lingo. While most others have a hard time trying to aptly decode what POS mean on Snapchat lingo, you make use of it to your advantage and voice out your thoughts on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does POS Stand For?

POS stands for Piece of $h*t.

Q2. When Should I Use The POS?

You can use POS mean on Snapchat lingo as Parents over Shoulder when you feel that your parents are snooping in on you.

Q3. What Does POS Mean On The Internet?

POS means Point of Sales on the Internet.

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