What Does PYO Mean On Snapchat?

What Does PYO Mean On Snapchat

BFFs on Snapchat take it upon themselves to introduce their friends to new people and groups, based on their interests. Did your BFF on Snapchat just send you a DM with PYO? You might be wondering what this acronym PYO mean on Snapchat lingo. Gear up, for you are about to be introduced to something new by your BFF, that could blow your mind. 

Social media is the best place to meet new people and try out new things that you would not usually do. Who knows you better than your BFFs, who can read you like a book? They are the perfect souls who can understand your needs, far better than you could ever know. Friends have the in-built capability of getting you hooked into something new, that you never knew you wanted. It is important that you first understand what PYO means on Snapchat DMs, to prepare yourself for what is about to happen.

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PYO means Put You On on Snapchat ling. It can also be decoded as Pick Your Own.

Decoding the terms and acronyms of the Snapchat lingo is not the strong suit for all. While the younger generation has found the knack of aptly recognizing the terms, most of the other social media users still face issues in understanding it. Especially when it is decoding a universal term like PYO on Snapchat. Let us explore the best ways to correctly decipher PYO on Snapchat and different ways to use it while DMing your BFFs.

What Does PYO Mean On Snapchat?

PYO means ‘Put You On’ on Snapchat lingo. It is often used when the user feels that you might like a particular thing or be interested in a particular person, before introducing them to you. It is the new way of giving a heads up, before actually doing something that involves you. However, it all depends on how much your BFF understands you, and how much you trust them. 

PYO is a versatile term that can also be used in different context depending on the scenario as,

  • PYO – Pick Your Own
  • PYO – Persistent Youth Offender
  • PYO – Progressive Youth Organisation
  • PYO – Peninsula Youth Orchestra
  • PYO – Philadelphia Youth Orchestra
  • PYO – Paul Yaffe Originals

Origin Of PYO   

The term PYO meaning Pick Your Own, originated in the US in the early 1900s. It was first used in a strawberry farm in California and the concept quickly gained popularity throughout the country. PYO meaning Put You On has been used since the 1980s during the rise of the pop-culture movement. It has naturally found its way into the Snapchat lingo and is now used all over the world in different social media platforms.

How Is PYO Used On Snapchat?

You can use the term PYO predominantly in two different ways while texting your friends on Snapchat.

1. PYO – Put You On

Friends and BFFs on Snapchat, take it upon themselves to introduce you to new things and people, that you never knew you needed. If you have one such BFF who knows you better than yourself, they might use PYO mean on Snapchat lingo, when they wish to “Put You On” something new and exciting. 

2. PYO – Pick Your Own

Go green and organic is the new way of life. If you have a friend who believes in getting fresh fruits and vegetables, right out of the farm themselves, then PYO mean on Snapchat lingo probably is ‘Pick Your Own’. PYO is no longer limited to just farms and veggies. In today’s modern world, PYO is used in reference to various things that you can choose on your own.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use PYO On Snapchat 

Examples for PYO – Put You On

  1. I’m gonna PYO my new favorite restaurant.
  2. Lemme PYO my yoga class.
  3. You should PYO TikTok and flaunt your dance moves.
  4. Let me PYO the new gossip of today.

Examples for PYO – Pick Your Own

  1. Let’s go to the PYO farm this weekend.
  2. You should PYO dressing style now.
  3. Let us take the kids to the new PYO farm.
  4. I met your old friend in the PYO.

Is It Okay To Use PYO On Snapchat?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to use the term PYO while DMing your friends and followers on Snapchat. You can also make use of it casually when you post Snaps or updates on your Snapchat account. Just ensure that you fully understand what PYO mean on Snapchat lingo and make use of it appropriately.

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

  • PK – Player Kill
  • OMS – Oh My Science
  • OMH – Oh My Heavens
  • NBS – Not So Bad
  • NP – No Problem
  • NGTS – Not Gonna Text Someone
  • MS – Mass Snap
  • MPH – Miles Per Hour
  • MCE – My Crush Everyday
  • LSK – Love Snuggle Kiss
  • LPC – Looks Personality Closeness
  • JP – Just Playing

Wrap Up

Understanding is the key to aptly deciphering the terms in the Snapchat lingo. It is highly unlikely that you encounter terms and acronyms of the Snapchat lingo that cannot be decoded. Take your time to read through the scenario and understand the context, to ensure that you correctly decode it. This is very important when you try to decipher versatile terms like PYO mean on Snapchat lingo. Now that you know the right way to decode it, you can now go ahead and use it while DMing your friends on Snapchat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does PYO Stand For?

PYO stands for Put You On on Snapchat.

Q2. When Should I Use The PYO?

You can use PYO when you want to introduce your BFF on Snapchat to something new.

Q3. What Does PYO Mean On The Internet?

PYO means Pick Your Own on the Internet.

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