What Does RDH Mean On Snapchat? Let’s See What Others Think Of You!!

What Does RDH Mean On Snapchat

What would be your reaction if you feel that you don’t get enough attention on Snapchat? Obviously, you will feel irritated and want to know what your friends or your crush feel about you, right? So, we have got a way for that! Try RDH! Oops, do you know what does RDH mean on Snapchat? If you aren’t aware of what it means, then it is a great way to get all the attention you deserve from your favorite peeps!

Social media has become a vital part of our lives and most importantly, validation on social media has become even more crucial these days. Especially among Gen Z, it is a new trend to ask for validation and true opinion from your friends, followers, or crush. So, if you also want to ask your friends their opinion about you, then try a cool way to do that on Snapchat. Try using RDH slang to leave a good impression. But before using RDH, learn what does RDH mean on Snapchat to avoid any confusion!

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RDH means “Rate, D@te, Hate” on Snapchat.

RDH is a versatile slang that is often used on Snapchat by different users. Though mostly, RDH mean on Snapchat is Rate, D@te, Hate, but this slang also has several different meanings too. So, let us dive in, to understand all the relevant meanings of this slang so that next time someone drops a message with RDH, we are able to easily decode what they are trying to say!

What Does RDH Mean On Snapchat?

RDH means Rate, D@te, Hate on Snapchat. Asking people how would they rate someone, would they d@te them, or hate them is the most common thing that RDH mean on Snapchat. This slang is often used on Snapchat Stories or DMs to get an honest opinion from users about someone. However, RDH can also mean different things on Snapchat. Here are the different things that RDH mean on Snapchat.

  1. RDH for Rate, D@te, Hate
  2. RDH for Really Don’t Have
  3. RDH for Remiss Devastated Heartbroken
  4. RDH for Red Delicious Hotness
  5. RDH for Registered Dental Hygienist
  6. RDH for Radio Du Hip Hop
  7. RDH for Robin Da Hood
  8. RDH for Respect Dignite Honneur
  9. RDH for Respect Defend and Honor.

Origin Of RDH 

RDH is among those slang terms that have become immensely popular in spite of unclear origins. This slang has been there since the rise of social media and has gained a lot of popularity in a short time. RDH was earlier used by youngsters and teenagers, but now, almost everyone is using RDH in their conversations and Stories despite belonging to different age groups. No matter from where and when RDH originated, it is currently one of the most-used Snapchat slang in Snapchat Lingo.   

How Is RDH Used On Snapchat?

Once you have understood what RDH mean on Snapchat, it can easily be used in your Snapchat conversations. You can either share a Story with RDH or can send a DM on Snapchat to your friends. Here are the common ways how RDH can be used on Snapchat.

1. RDH Mean On Snapchat: Rate, D@te, Hate

The most common use of RDH can be made for Rate, D@te, Hate. It can be used when you want to ask the other person to either rate someone, would they d@te them, or hate them. So, a common response to this might be Rate 9 D@te Yes Hate No or something similar to this.

2. RDH Mean On Snapchat: Really Don’t Have

RDH can even be used as a shorthand for Really Don’t Have. It can commonly be used to say that you don’t have something like someone asks you whether you have their pen or not, so you can reply with RDH meaning Really Don’t Have.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use RDH On Snapchat 

It will become easier for you to understand what exactly does RDH mean on Snapchat and how it can be used in your conversations with the help of the following examples. 

Example 1: When RDH is used for Rate, D@te, Hate:

User 1: Shared a pic, tell me what u think. RDH!

User 2: Nice, I would say 9/ d@te/ no hate!

User 1: Oh great!!

Example 2: When RDH is used for Really Don’t Have:

User 1: I RDH much cash to spend on such useful things.

User 2: Okay, then choose whatever you feel is important!

Is It Okay To Use RDH On Snapchat?

Yes, it is completely okay to use RDH on Snapchat. As we have discussed all the interpretations of what RDH mean on Snapchat and have not found any bad or negative connotation of RDH, so anyone can make use of RDH slang for Rate, D@te, Hate in their informal conversations whenever they are having conversations with their friends or close ones. The best part is, users can even use RDH for Registered Dental Hygienist in their formal conversations. So, be it your casual or formal conversations, feel free to make use of RDH! 

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

RDH is just one slang in the Snap vocab. If you want to be a pro, then you need to know more such slang and keep using them in your everyday conversations. So, check out the most common acronyms and abbreviations used on Snapchat.

  • BML – Bling My Line
  • BP – Beautiful People
  • BTS – Behind The Scenes
  • CYA – See Ya
  • DTB – Don’t Trust Boys / B*tches
  • FSE – Funniest Sh*t Ever 
  • FWI – Facebooking While Intoxicated
  • OML – Oh My Lord
  • HML – Hit My Line
  • HTL – Hit The Line
  • IBF – Internet Best Friend
  • ISK – I Should Know
  • JP – Just Playing
  • MS – Mass Snap
  • NP – No Problem
  • OMH – Oh My Heavens

Wrapping Up

It is quite common that you come across various slang when using Snapchat and having conversations with users. The most important thing when you are dealing with slang is to check whether a particular slang has different meanings or if there is a single meaning for that. Just like RDH can have more than one meaning, so decoding this can be a little tricky, but of course, not an impossible task. So, if you want to easily decipher and decode slang, it is important to keep learning new slang, at least one slang per day, to use Snapchat with full confidence, and to slay the Snapchat slang game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does RDH Stand For? 

A. RDH stands for Rate, D@te, Hate. 

Q2. When Should I Use The RDH?

A. You can use RDH in your informal conversations as Rate, D@te, Hate when you want to ask someone to rate a particular person on a scale of 1-10, whether they would d@te that person, or hate them.

Q3. What Does RDH Mean On The Internet? 

A. RDH on the Internet means Rate, D@te, Hate.

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