What Does R8 Rate Mean on Snapchat? Hotness Alert!!

What Does R8 Rate Mean on Snapchat

Got a new dress and want to get honest feedback from your friends for your new outfit? Then try asking your friends to R8 rate it! But before that, you must know what does R8 Rate mean on Snapchat! Using the R8 Rate slang can be a great way to spice up things on Snapchat. R8 Rate is a new slang used not only on Snapchat but other popular social media platforms too!

Snapchat has made our lives easier by introducing its popular Snapchat Lingo! With popular acronyms like R8 Rate, the Snap Vocab is ruling the world as almost every Gen Z and Alpha is making use of these acronyms in their everyday lives. R8 Rate is a great way to ask your friends for a rating. So, whether you are a regular Snapchat user or a seasoned one, it is necessary that you know what R8 Rate mean on Snapchat and make use of it in your conversations!

Verified Answer By Expert

R8 Rate means “to rate someone on how hot they are” on Snapchat.

Gone are the days of describing how good someone is looking. Now, ratings are used in place of that on social media platforms like Snapchat! R8 Rate is mostly used when you want to ask the other person their opinion on something. So, instead of saying how good you are looking, they can give you a rating, usually out of 10, and share their opinion through these ratings!

What Does R8 Rate Mean On Snapchat?

R8 Rate means Rate Me on Snapchat. Rating someone on how good they are looking is what usually R8 Rate mean on Snapchat. When you want your friends to tell you how good you are looking or rate you, especially for your appearance or outfit, or for something else, you can say R8 Rate, and ask for a rating. When asked to R8 Rate, users mostly rate on a scale of 1-10. However, sometimes, you can even write a short description instead of rating on a scale of 1-10.

Origin Of R8 Rate

When digging into what R8 Rate mean on Snapchat, we found that the slang R8 Rate has been around for a long time. It is believed to be there since the early 2010s when people had a lot of craze for social media. With Snapchat Lingo becoming popular on social media, R8 Rate also became a popular slang, and many users started using it in their conversations not only on Snapchat but also on various other social media apps. Regardless of the origin of R8 Rate, this slang has become quite common and is a crucial part of Gen Z cool language!  

How Is R8 Rate Used On Snapchat?

R8 Rate can be used on Snapchat in your informal conversations. When you want to ask your friends about your outfit, appearance, or any other thing, and want them to share their honest opinion, you can use R8 Rate or simply R8, and ask them to rate you. Your friends can also use R8 Rate to request you to rate your appearance or style. When someone asks to R8 Rate, then you can either reply to them with a short description or also rate them on a scale of 1-10. Let us check out a few examples to better understand what R8 Rate mean on Snapchat and how we can use this slang in our conversations!

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use R8 Rate On Snapchat

Example 1:

  • User 1: Hey, got this new outfit. R8 Rate it!
  • User 2: Wow, it’s a 10/10!

Example 2:

  • User 1: Jake, I got my hair done. R8 Rate!
  • User 2: 10/10 bro!

Is It Okay To Use R8 Rate On Snapchat?

Yes, of course! It is absolutely alright to use R8 Rate in your conversations on Snapchat. As we have discussed in detail about what R8 Rate mean on Snapchat and haven’t found any negative connotations of this slang, so there is nothing wrong in using R8 Rate in your informal conversations. Feel free to make use of the R8 Rate on Snapchat with your close friends or anyone else whose opinion matters to you!

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Snapchat Lingo is filled with millions of cool Snapchat slang, and R8 Rate is also a slang included in the Snapchat Lingo. Now that you have got to know what R8 Rate mean on Snapchat, check out more such slang to build a strong knowledge of Snapchat vocabulary!

  • GN – Good Night
  • DND – Do Not Disturb
  • MBN – Must Be Nice
  • WYLL – What You Looking Like
  • WTV – Whatever
  • HRU – How Are You
  • BML – Bling My Line
  • BP – Beautiful People
  • BTS – Behind The Scenes
  • CYA – See Ya
  • DTB –  Don’t Trust Boys / B*tches
  • FSE – Funniest Sh*t Ever 
  • FWI – Facebooking While Intoxicated
  • OML – Oh My Lord
  • NP – No Problem
  • NGTS – Not Gonna Text Someone

Wrapping Up

Snapchat is a cool platform for chatting using acronyms. R8 Rate is a common slang on Snapchat. Wasn’t it easy to learn what R8 Rate mean on Snapchat? You can always use R8 Rate for getting ratings as it is used to ask for an honest opinion from your friends. So, the next time you are up for an important event or date, you can always ask your friend to R8 Rate your appearance or outfit because it can make you feel more confident! Just like you learned what R8 Rate mean on Snapchat, you can keep growing your Snap vocab and learn different slang with Deasilex!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does R8 Rate Stand For?

A. R8 Rate stands for rating someone’s appearance or outfit or anything else on a scale of 1-10.

Q2. When Should I Use The R8 Rate?

A. You can make use of R8 Rate in your informal conversations whenever you want an honest opinion for anything such as your outfit or appearance from your friends.

Q3. What Does R8 Rate Mean On The Internet?

A. R8 Rate on the Internet means to give a rating mostly to someone’s appearance or outfit on a scale of 1-10.

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