What Does Scoop Mean On Snapchat?

What Does Scoop Mean On Snapchat

Every time we start updating Snapchat slang vocabulary, we come to know some jaw-dropping freshly coined acronyms. Scoop is one of the new additions to the Snapchat vocabulary! So, if you still do not know what Scoop mean on Snapchat, let’s go through this article now! 

Scoop is apparently a harmless acronym that is used by Gen-Z mostly on Snapchat as well as on other social media platforms. So, if you find any teenager using Scoop on Snapchat, do not need to make a fuss about it. Let us help you to figure out what Scoop mean on Snapchat and how to use it. 

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Scoop means on Snapchat – ‘To pick someone up from somewhere’. Snapchat users these days often mention “Let’s scoop him from home”.

We all know communicating with teenagers is getting more difficult day by day as they are coming up with a new acronym every now and then. However, if you keep following Snapchat, you will get to know the trendy acronyms, just like Scoop! This article will share insights about what Scoop mean on Snapchat, the origin of this acronym along with how to use the Scoop acronym on Snapchat! 

What Does Scoop Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat vocabulary, Scoop is one of the latest additions and teenagers are using this acronym like anything.  If you are also wondering what Scoop mean on Snapchat, let us explain this acronym to you. For instance, you might find social media posts like “I just wish my soulmate would come scoop me up bruh, I’m ready.”

Here, Scoop acronyms are used in the sense of “to pick up” someone. Hence, it is justified to claim that the term Scoop literally replaced the phrase ‘To pick up someone’. 

Origin Of Scoop  

The craze of using Scoop on social media as well as on texts pushed us to find the origin of this acronym. The findings left us bewildered. 

Scoop is originally meant to refer to a gesture. In more accurate words, “Putting your hand at the bottom of your chest and lift it up”. This gesture is often shown by men to other men in a non-homosexual way. However, if a guy is doing the same towards a girl, then there should be mutual understanding or he could be accused of ‘se*ual harassment’. 

On the other hand, before Snapchat and other social media, news reporters often used the ‘Scoop’ acronym to refer to ‘an exclusive story’ or to publish exclusive news stories before others. 

So, if you are wondering whether the Scoop term is coined by teenagers on Snapchat, no, it’s not. This acronym is used way before Snapchat and what Scoop mean on Snapchat is completely different from its original use. 

How Is Scoop Used On Snapchat?

Now that you know what Scoop mean on Snapchat, it is important to figure out how you can use this cyber speak on Snapchat. 

For instance, if you are supposed to pick someone up from school, you can mention “I will Scoop you from School at 3 PM”. Similarly, you can mention “Got booze, someone Scoop me from the pub please.”

On the other hand, if you find posts on Snapchat like “Got a scoop on our Prom Queen, anybody interested?”, here Scoop mean on Snapchat ‘exclusive news’. Similarly, you can also use Scoop to break some exclusive news on social media including Snapchat. 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use Scoop On Snapchat 

Now that you know what Scoop mean on Snapchat, you can figure out how to use this popular acronym on Snapchat. However, studying some real examples of using the Scoop acronym on Snapchat conversations, will help you to understand the use of Scoop on Snapchat and how to answer it: 

Example: To pick someone up from somewhere

  • A: I want to go home, can anyone Scoop me from Tara’s Diner? 
  • B: I’m nearby, coming dear. 
  • A: Waiting for someone to scoop me from this trash party! Hate it!
  • B: Got your back bruh! Coming in 5 minutes!

Example: Exclusive News

  • A: Got a scoop on Martin’s ex, wanna know? 
  • B: Shoot it!
  • A: Got a scoop for tomorrow’s headline, interested?
  • B: Is it about recent money laundering? Shoot it! 

Is It Okay To Use Scoop On Snapchat?

Yes, it is okay to use Scoop on Snapchat. 

As we are discussing, scoop may be the newest addition to the Snapchat vocabulary, it is well-versed before the existence of social media. In both cases, we found that the acronym Scoop stands for positive, or rather we can say ‘harmless’ phrases. For instance, Scoop mean on Snapchat ‘To pick up someone’ and or ‘exclusive news’. Hence, we can admit that using Scoop on Snapchat is absolutely safe. 

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Now that you have figured out what Scoop mean on Snapchat and how to use this popular acronym, let’s learn some more acronyms and abbreviations so that you can be part of the Snapchat community easily:

1. NTH: Nothing

2. NMR: Not My Responsibility

3. NGS: Not Giving a Sh*t

4. MRP: My Romantic Partner

5. MW: Most Welcome

6. NBS: No Bull Sh*t

7. MNU: Me and You

8. NGTS: Not Gonna Text Someone

9. MS: Mass Snap

10. Mhm: A verbal expression to show agreement

11. LW – Lucky Win

12. LMP – Like My Picture or Like My Post 

13. Lit – Drunk or intoxicated

14. LMAO – Laughing my a*s off

15. LGHT: Let’s Get High Tonight


Learning about Snapchat lingo is not difficult, all you need to do is increase your Snapchat vocabulary as much as possible. In this article, we have shared what Scoop mean on Snapchat, the origin of this acronym, and how to use it. Let’s go through more Snapchat acronyms shared by Deasilex and stay up-to-date. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What Does Scoop Stand For?

Scoop stands for To pick up someone’ on Snapchat as well as on other social media. Also, Scoop stands for ‘Exclusive news’, which is often used by news reporters. 

Q2: When Should I Use The Scoop?

You can use Scoop to ask or request someone to pick you up. 

Q3: What Does Scoop Mean On The Internet?

On the internet, Scoop means To pick up someone’ or ‘Exclusive news’.

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