What Does SMR Mean On Snapchat? Isn’t It Obvious?

What Does SMR Mean On Snapchat

Have you ever been into an informal conversation with someone that they said something so mind-numbingly stupid that you just felt like SMR is the right thing to do? It is quite common that you can face such situations in your life. If the case is reversed for you and you haven’t faced any such situation, then it is better to learn what SMR mean on Snapchat before you encounter such a situation on Snapchat!

Snapchat is making headlines among different generations for quite some time because of its unique language of using simple and even several complex slang in conversations. While many acronyms and their abbreviations are quite common and easily understood by users, there are several slang like SMR that are not often used on Snapchat, and can be somehow difficult for many users to decipher what SMR mean on Snapchat.

Verified Answer By Expert

SMR means “Shaking My Rat” on Snapchat.

Snapchat slang are the new trend that are used by almost everyone these days not only on Snapchat but also on other social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. While it can be pretty easy for Gen Z to decipher slang like SMR, others might find it quite a hectic task. So, let us make the task easier by decoding what SMR mean on Snapchat and how it can be used in your conversations!

What Does SMR Mean On Snapchat?

SMR means Shaking My Rat on Snapchat. SMR mean on Snapchat as Shaking My Rat is used to mean something that is quite obvious. When you are in a situation where someone says something or makes a statement that is quite obvious, that is where users can use SMR. Though users use SMR for Shaking My Rat, there can be several other things that SMR mean on Snapchat. Here are the different interpretations of SMR that are quite popular on Snapchat.

  1. SMR for Shaking My Rat
  2. SMR for Simmer
  3. SMR for Shake My Rat
  4. SMR for So Much Rage
  5. SMR for Social Media Release
  6. SMR for Specialized Mobile Radio
  7. SMR for Smart Media Card Reader
  8. SMR for Surface Movement Radar
  9. SMR for Sailor Moon Romance
  10. SMR for Status Master Record
  11. SMR for Shadow Movie Realm
  12. SMR for So Many Roads.

Origin Of SMR

SMR is a Snapchat slang that is used by several users on Snapchat for quite some time. Though the origin of this slang is not exactly known, but it is believed to be there since the late 2000s. Since the rise of the social media, slang have become quite common on Snapchat, and the same goes for SMR. SMR mean on Snapchat is now getting popularity not only on Snapchat but also on other social media apps. In spite of an unknown origin, SMR as slang is often used by people to shorten their conversations on social media. So, if you are also interested in using SMR, then let’s check that out!   

How Is SMR Used On Snapchat?

If you have understood what SMR mean on Snapchat, it is time to make use of this slang in your informal conversations. SMR on Snapchat can be used for Shaking My Rat where it is used as a response for something which is quite stupid or obvious. SMR can even be used as an expression of disbelief or frustration. If someone says something that is quite obvious or you are already familiar with, then you can use SMR as Shaking My Rat in a playful manner. If someone makes a statement that is stupid, then also SMR can be used on Snapchat in frustration. 

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use SMR On Snapchat 

Now if you have any confusion about what SMR mean on Snapchat and how to use it in your conversations, then everything will be clarified with the help of a few examples. So, here are a few examples of using SMR on Snapchat.

Example 1: 

User 1: Hey, do you know Lisa scored the highest score in the Math test?

User 2: Yeah, didn’t you know it earlier? SMR!

Example 2:

User 1: I haven’t prepared anything for today’s debate!

User 2: Oh stop it, you need not prepare anything for that as you are a born debater! Stop acting stupid. SMR!

Is It Okay To Use SMR On Snapchat?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to use SMR on Snapchat. When digging into what SMR mean on Snapchat, we have discussed in detail all the possible interpretations of this slang. Well, there is no wrong or negative interpretation of SMR on Snapchat. So, there is not any chance that this slang can harm anyone on Snapchat. Hence, it is completely alright to make use of this versatile slang, SMR on Snapchat. So, you can use SMR as Shaking My Rat in your informal conversations without any hesitation!

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Now that you have understood what SMR mean on Snapchat, this is just a small step. If you wish to rock on the Snap vocab, then you will have to know more about such slang. We have got some hand-picked Snapchat slang for you. You can also try using these slang in your informal Snapchat conversations!

1. NTH: Nothing

2. NMR: Not My Responsibility

3. NGS: Not Giving a Sh*t

4. MRP: My Romantic Partner

5. MW: Most Welcome

6. NBS: No Bull Sh*t

7. MNU: Me and You

8. NGTS: Not Gonna Text Someone

9. MS: Mass Snap

10. Mhm: A verbal expression to show agreement

11. LW – Lucky Win

12. LMP – Like My Picture or Like My Post 

13. Lit – Drunk or intoxicated

14. LMAO – Laughing my a*s off

15. LGHT: Let’s Get High Tonight

Wrapping Up

Sometimes, making direct comments or saying something directly to someone can hurt someone’s sentiments. So, it is better that you try using Snapchat slang in such situations. Using slang can ease the conversation and reduce the stress of directly expressing yourself. Now that we have made you decipher what SMR mean on Snapchat, you can try using this slang in your everyday conversations and let your friends know that you can also ace this Snap language! If you wish to increase your knowledge of Snapchat slang, then head over to Deasilex as we have covered almost every Snap acronym and abbreviation that can help you to look cool in front of your pals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does SMR Stand For?

A. SMR stands for Shaking My Rat or So Much Rage.

Q2. When Should I Use The SMR?

A. You can make use of SMR in your informal conversations as Shaking My Rat for something obvious or to show frustration or disbelief.

Q3. What Does SMR Mean On The Internet?

A. SMR on the Internet means Shaking My Rat or So Much Rage.

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