What Does SMU Mean On Snapchat? Multiple Meanings Of SMU!!

What Does SMU Mean On Snapchat

Gen Z’s unique and creative language is touching heights these days. With millions of slang being used on Snapchat, SMU seems to be a hidden gem with a number of different meanings. Deciphering what SMU mean on Snapchat can give you pain at times because it has an ample number of meanings. But we are here to ease your task by delving into finding out the different meanings of SMU!

Undoubtedly, Snapchat has got its own unique language that is loved by many users from different parts of the world. Almost every user is making use of Gen Z’s Snapchat Lingo. Though Snapchat Lingo is quite vast, but there are not many slang that have multiple meanings. Well, SMU is one among these often used on Snapchat. The best part about SMU is that SMU mean on Snapchat can be used in different ways depending on the context it is being used for!

SMU means “Smoke Me Up” on Snapchat. 

Snapchat Lingo includes several slang that can perfectly be used to build connections with your friends. If you are ready to increase your bonding with your friends, then SMU mean on Snapchat Lingo as Smoke Me Up can be quite helpful in that. Curious to get more details on this? So, let us explore what SMU mean on Snapchat and how it can be used in your conversations on Snapchat!

What Does SMU Mean On Snapchat?

SMU means Smoke Me Up on Snapchat. SMU mean on Snapchat as Smoke Me Up is often used by users when they want to ask the other person to smoke marijuana with them. It is often used as a way to feel relaxed and spend some time with your friends while getting high. This slang is even used to say Southern Methodist University. There are not just two interpretations of SMU, but it has multiple interpretations. So, before you think of using SMU in your conversations, we need to know all the different things that SMU mean on Snapchat.  

  1. SMU for Smoke Me Up
  2. SMU for Southern Methodist University
  3. SMU for Start Me Up
  4. SMU for Shut Me Up
  5. SMU for Sony’s Marvel Universe
  6. SMU for Source Measure Unit
  7. SMU for S*ck Me Up
  8. SMU for Super Millionaire University
  9. SMU for So Many Uses
  10. SMU for Staring at Me and yoU
  11. SMU for Special Management Unit
  12. SMU for Special Mission Unit
  13. SMU for System Master Unit
  14. SMU for Selective Mining Unit
  15. SMU for Special Maintenance Unit
  16. SMU for Speaker Microphone Unit.

Origin Of SMU

The popular slang SMU is believed to be originated in the early 2000s since the era of the Internet. It originated as a way of mocking the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Texas. It was used as a way of making fun of the perceived eliteness of the school. However, later on, this slang spread beyond the original meaning, and SMU mean on Snapchat as Smoke Me Up became quite popular. Since, then SMU is used on platforms like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, and even more randomly messaging your friends.  

How Is SMU Used On Snapchat?

Now that we have got to know what SMU mean on Snapchat, you must be looking forward to using this slang in your conversations. The most common use of SMU can be made for saying Smoke Me Up on Snapchat in your informal conversations. When you want to ask your friends whether they are free to smoke with you, then you can use SMU as a shorthand for Smoke Me Up.

SMU can often be used in informal chatting to ask the other person to get high with you. It can be used as a way of getting relaxed and spending some time with your friends while smoking. Apart from that, you can even use SMU in your formal conversations to refer to Southern Methodist University when you don’t want to write the entire sentence and save time.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use SMU On Snapchat 

Example 1: When SMU is used for Smoke Me Up:

User 1: Hey, I am so stressed RN! I need to SMU!

User 2: Same here, wait I’ll be there at your place in 5 minutes, LGHT bro!

(* Here, RN means Right Now, and LGHT means Let’s Get High Tonight).

Example 2: When SMU is used for Southern Methodist University:

User 1: I am so glad that we went to SMU!

User 2: Yes, me too! We have got so many good memories here!

User 1: Yeah, some never-ending memories!

Is It Okay To Use SMU On Snapchat? 

No, it is not okay to use SMU on Snapchat. If you are using SMU mean on Snapchat as Smoke Me Up, then it is not alright to use this slang in your conversations because it can give a bad impression in front of others. If you have trustable people with whom you talk about such things, then you can use this interpretation of SMU. However, avoid using it with unknown people as it can be offensive to them. Otherwise, if you are using SMU mean on Snapchat as Southern Methodist University or for any other interpretation, then it is alright to use SMU in your conversations.

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

Snapchat slang can be helpful in a number of ways. One of the most common benefits of using slang is saving your time. So, if you are ready to save your time by using acronyms and abbreviations, then only learning what SMU mean on Snapchat will not work alone. You will have to learn a lot of other slang. So, check out the list of slang mentioned below and strengthen your Snapchat slang knowledge! 

1. NTH: Nothing

2. NMR: Not My Responsibility

3. NGS: Not Giving a Sh*t

4. MRP: My Romantic Partner

5. MW: Most Welcome

6. NBS: No Bull Sh*t

7. MNU: Me and You

8. NGTS: Not Gonna Text Someone

9. MS: Mass Snap

10. Mhm: A verbal expression to show agreement

11. LW – Lucky Win

12. LMP – Like My Picture or Like My Post 

13. Lit – Drunk or intoxicated

14. LMAO – Laughing my a*s off

15. LGHT: Let’s Get High Tonight

Wrapping Up

Thinking out of the box is one of the main talents of youngsters of today. That is the reason Snapchat Lingo has been discovered. Nobody had ever thought that this unique language would be loved so much by users that we won’t be able to imagine our lives without Snapchat slang. This is why you must learn new slang every day to enjoy chatting with others on Snapchat. Just like you learned what SMU mean on Snapchat, there are a number of different slang to learn. But worry not and keep following Deasilex as we have covered a number of Snapchat slang that can help you to outshine in front of your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Does SMU Stand For?

A. SMU stands for Smoke Me Up.

Q2: When Should I Use The SMU?

A. You can use SMU in informal conversations as Smoke Me Up or in your formal conversations as Southern Methodist University.

Q3: What Does SMU Mean On The Internet? 

A. SMU on the Internet means Smoke Me Up.

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