What Does SRP Mean On Snapchat? Snapchat Slang Explained

What Does SRP Mean On Snapchat

Using acronyms on Snapchat is now a fashion, especially when it comes to using an NSFW word covertly! For instance, you may find ‘SRP’ popping up here and there on Snapchat. Have you ever thought about what SRP mean on Snapchat?

If you are searching for SRP meaning on Snapchat, it means you must have come across this acronym recently, and must be curious to find out the hidden meaning. What SRP mean on Snapchat, will leave you bewildered, for sure! Let us share the secret with you!

SRP mean on Snapchat – se*ual role-play! Yes, SRP means on Snapchat an NSFW term. However, SRP means in English Suggested Retail Price, Shanghai Restoration Project (band), and Section Roazhon Pariz too! 

So, if you find someone on Snapchat playing with Snapchat acronyms like SRP, you should go through the context of the post or chat to understand, whether SRP mean on Snapchat ‘se*ual role-play’ here or ‘Suggested Retail Price’. Let’s explore the origin and use of the SRP acronym in this article. 

What Does SRP Mean On Snapchat?

As we were talking about, Snapchat users are proficient with Snapchat vocabulary, and that made them not only share long messages in short texts but also use NSFW words through acronyms. 

Now that you are stuck with the SRP acronym, let us share what SRP mean on Snapchat. On Snapchat, SRP stands for se*ual role-play. Most of the young adults and Gen-Z on Snapchat can recognize this acronym easily.

However, SRP means in English, Suggested Retail Price. This is an NSFW acronym when used for ‘Suggested Retail Price’. Most of the non-Snapchat users around the world can recognize SRP for ‘Suggested Retail Price’. Sometimes, you can find Snapchat users using SRP for ‘Suggested Retail Price’ too. 

Last but not least, on the internet you can find SRP means Shanghai Restoration Project (band), and Section Roazhon Pariz. However, using SRP on Snapchat for Shanghai Restoration Project (band), and Section Roazhon Pariz are rare to find. 

Origin Of SRP  

SRP is one common trendy acronym that you will find often used among Snapchat users. As you can see, SRP meaning on Snapchat could vary drastically, depending on the context. To some, SRP is an NSFW word, while others consider it SFW! 

This conflict indulged us to dig deep into the origin of SRP. As we started going through more Snapchat posts, we found that even a couple of people on Snapchat were not much familiar with SRP. Initially, SRP mean on Snapchat ‘Suggested Retail Price’ only, and this acronym rarely surfaced in chats and posts. 

However, in recent times, we found that mostly the young generation on Snapchat is using SRP to refer to se*ual role-play on Snapchat. This is a recent addition to Snapchat vocabulary and we can only speculate that Gen-Z happened to coin this term. 

How Is SRP Used On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, SRP is used in both SFW and NSFW sense. Mostly, Snapchat users intend to use SRP for se*ual role-play. However, you can rarely find SRP on Snapchat posts and more on DMs. People are using this popular acronym among close circles only. 

On the other hand, you can find some seller’s posts on Snapchat using SRP. Here, SRP mean on Snapchat – ‘Suggested Retail Price’

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use SRP On Snapchat 

By now, you have a fair understanding of what SRP mean on Snapchat. However, if you are looking for some examples, here are a handful of examples that will help you to learn how to use SRP on Snapchat or answer it. 

Example: se*ual role-play

A: Honey, are you ready for tonight’s SRP?

B: Waiting for you…come early. 

Example: Suggested Retail Price

A: What is the SRP of this product?

B: DM, please. 

Is It Okay To Use SRP On Snapchat?

No, it’s not okay to use SRP on Snapchat. 

Well, as you see from the above discussion we had on the origin and use of the SRP acronym, it is evident that SRP is mostly used on Snapchat as an NSFW word. As sources confirmed, SRP mean on Snapchat – se*ual role-play. Hence, it is recommended to avoid using SRP on Snapchat. However, teenagers are already exposed to this Snapchat acronym and parents should have a check on it.  

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

SRP mean on Snapchat se*ual role-play, which is NSFW. However, don’t make yourself think that acronyms on Snapchat are only used to represent NSFW words. In fact, most of the Snapchat acronyms are SFW and help to express a long sentence in a few characters only! Here are some more trendy acronyms and abbreviations that you should know:

1. SMT: Send Me Text

2. SMR: Shaking My Rat

3. SMS: Send Me Snap

4. Slows: The user is unable to respond on Snapchat currently or it is a ‘Slow response’.

5. Smash: Enthusiastically defeating someone or something on Snapchat

6. BML – Bling My Line

7. BP – Beautiful People

8. BTS – Behind The Scenes

9. CYA – See Ya

10. FSE – Funniest Sh*t Ever 

11. FWI – Facebooking While Intoxicated

12. OML – Oh My Lord

13. HML – Hit My Line

14. HTL – Hit The Line

15. IBF – Internet Best Friend


Snapchat acronyms are now not only popular among Snapchat users only. You can often find Snapchat acronyms and abbreviations frequently surfacing on other social media platforms as well as texts. Today, it is prevalent to have sufficient Snapchat vocabulary knowledge to chat with friends and family on any platform! Now that you know what SRP mean on Snapchat, let’s explore Deasilex for more trendy Snapchat acronyms and vocabulary. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Does SRP Stand For?

SRP stands for se*ual role-play on Snapchat as well as on other social media. 

Q2: When Should I Use The SRP?

You can use SRP to denote se*ual role-play on Snapchat. It is recommended to avoid using this NSFW acronym on Snapchat and other social media platforms. 

Q3 What Does SRP Mean On The Internet?

On the internet, SRP means se*ual role-play and Suggested Retail Price.

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