What Does SYS Mean On Snapchat?

What Does SYS Mean On Snapchat

Social media are popular for using slang and acronyms. SYS, SYM, WYS, BFD, BFF – just too many to count. However, you do not need to be a nerd to know what does SYS mean on Snapchat. Do not get frustrated when your friends and followers SYS you too many times in chat, and you just don’t know what to reply to them! We have got your back. 

Well, the millennials and X-gen are in love with using acronyms and not the full form! Why? Because it takes less time to type? Or because it just sounds cool? Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure, you need to learn what these new terms mean, including SYS mean on Snapchat

People who belong to Gen-Y and, of course, the baby boomers often stuck to the SYS acronym on Snapchat and on Instagram and look for the SYS mean on Snapchat. Most of them take the assumption that it is slang. However, it is not. SYS simply stands for See You Soon. 

So, when you are chatting on Snapchat, and someone texts you back “SYS”, you know what they wanted to mean. However, discovering the origin of the “SYS” term and how people are using it in the text might surprise you. 

What Does SYS Mean On Snapchat?

SYS stands for See You Soon on Snapchat. Yes, it is that simple. However, millennials and Gen- X are too proud to type the whole sentence! However, we can’t blame them. Using acronyms makes you type and reply fast. Especially if you are on a group chat and need to reply quickly, using acronyms is the best way to type. 

Besides, these acronyms look like “codes,” and most parents who are detached from Snapchat cannot make out of the acronyms. This is why many teenagers put as many acronyms as they can and chat with their buddies. Even if, as a parent, you caught them chatting, you can hardly figure out what they are up to! So, if you are a parent and currently sweeping the internet for “What does SYS mean on Snapchat?”, we totally understand you and not judging you! 

Origins Of SYS

As we vouch to dig more deeply into the “SYS” word’s origin, we are more surprised. So, hold your breath when I say “SYS” does not only stand for “See You Soon”, but there are other meanings too! 

What does SYS mean on Snapchat? According to widely used references, SYS means “See You Soon” on Snapchat. However, SYS is originally used and stands for “System(s).” Not only that, but IT people also use SYS as the acronym for System Configuration (File name extension).  

On the other hand, if someone mentions on Snapchat that they have SYS syndrome, it means they have “Stretch-Yawn Syndrome”. SYS is also used as an acronym for this medical condition. 

Do not let Snapchat users make you a fool! SYS could also be used as the acronym for “Sarasota Youth Sailing” and Sun Yat-Sen (the founder of the Republic of China). However, the frequency of using SYS for  Sarasota Youth Sailing or Sun Yat-Sen is very poor on Snapchat. 

Hence, whenever anyone on Snapchat or Instagram mentions SYS in any conversation, try to figure out which word is most relevant to the current discussion topic.

How Is SYS Used On Snapchat?

As we have already mentioned, SYS stands for “See You Soon” on Snapchat. You may find this popular abbreviation used in two types of contexts; first, when people are missing someone, and second, at the end of a conversation. Let us elaborate on it for you.

1. Missing Someone

You might find on Snapchat that people are using the SYS term while they are just recapitulating a memory or missing someone. Also, if someone is chatting with you on Snapchat and texts you “SYS,” it means that person is missing you and looking forward to meeting with you. 

2. To End The Conversation

On the other hand, if someone mentions “SYS” almost at the end of your chat, it means they are closing the conversation from their end! Take the cue and bid goodbye politely to end the conversation. You can also reply “SYS too!” to end the conversation.  

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use SYS In Snapchat

If you are still baffled by “what does SYS mean on Snapchat?”, here are some examples to save your day: 

1. Missing Someone

That was fun last week! SYS

Have a great day. SYS!

Have fun with family (or someone). SYS! 

2. To End The Conversation

It’s nice to talk to you. SYS! 

I have to go now. SYS!

Coming next week! SYS. 

Is It Okay To Use SYS On Snapchat?

When you are searching for the answer to “What does SYS mean on Snapchat?”; let us assure you that using SYS stands for See You Soon and not any slang. Using SYS on Snapchat as well as other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook is completely safe. Even if you are a parent and have a concern that your child is using SYS while chatting, it’s perfectly ok! SYS is a safe word, and anyone can use it on Snapchat.


The rise of acronyms is greater than ever as the millennials and Gen-x started making their moves on social media. People are creating acronyms and trends for almost everything. SYS is one of them. If you are missing someone or just closing a chat, you can use the SYS acronym. Explore more acronyms used these days on social media and stay in the trend! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does SYM Mean In Text?

SYM Typically stands for Symbol. However, when we are talking about social media, especially Snapchat, SYM stands for “Shut Your Mouth.” 

Q2. What Does SYS Mean On Instagram?

SYS typically stands for “See You Soon” on any social media, including Instagram. Most teenagers are using this acronym online as a kind and polite gesture to end their conversation.  

Q3. What Does WYS Mean Snapchat?

WYS is one of the many acronyms that are currently used by teenagers on social media. 

If you come across the WYS acronym on Snapchat, it typically means “What You Sayin’?

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