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Time is a valuable resource in business. For this reason, an increasing number of companies are using video editing tools to create sophisticated, expert videos in a short amount of time that manual labor cannot do. Moreover, video editing may further help organizations enhance their interpersonal and advertising initiatives by enabling businesses to reach their market and produce more compelling content.

With such motives, businesses can opt for CapCut free video editor online, which is free to access. With huge functionality and a simple interface, the video editor tool enables you to perform all fundamental and sophisticated video-making operations. You get access to each tool, including those for cutting videos, applying overlays, and importing soundtrack. Let’s dive into the comprehensive post below to discover the top video editing tools that will allow you to create eye-catching videos.

The Main Features Of The CapCut Video Editor

Having a video editor for your company is crucial. But without understanding the video editing tool features, it is impossible to create videos that can attract more audiences. Starting from the basics, the features include resizing, eliminating, trimming, and merging the video. This will help in removing each of the undesirable segments.

1.     Video resizer

Resizing a raw video clip is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and expenses to obtain the best outcome. With the CapCut Video resizer, you can crop the desired video portion and remove the unnecessary segment. You can also cut it to a specific aspect ratio. By doing this, you can increase user interaction and the popularity of the video.

2.     Video trimmer

The next step is engaging viewers with impactful videos. You may shorten the video’s duration with a video trimmer. You may cut the ends off or split a video to eliminate unnecessary parts if a video is excessively long. Doing this lets you be certain that the video begins immediately and that your viewers won’t disappear. The feature produces a seamless output for the video.

3.     Video joiner

The video merger tool is simple to use and free. This tool comes into effect when merging multiple files into a single video file is needed. First, upload the video clips and organize them in the desired order. This feature helps in combining videos frame by frame. The videos can be combined from various viewpoints as well.

Download or export the video in higher quality. This can ultimately save your and your staff’s time and efforts. The video merger requires zero additional charges to add sound or music to the video file.

The Advanced Features of CapCut Movie Creator

After understanding the fundamental features, it’s time to start with the sophisticated ones. There is a rise in the popularity of social media platforms. Several businesses advertise their brands by sharing short, impactful videos regarding their products. A business can gain more audience and improve its revenue using different templates, automatic text generators, watermark removal, background removal and many more features.

1.     Ready to use video templates


The templates are already generated in the video editor tool. The tool helps offer you different ideas and reduce a certain amount of stress associated with creating an interesting video. The templates comprise various soundtracks, audio effects, animations, graphics and other functions that make raw footage a masterpiece.

2.     Auto-subtitle and -caption

This feature generally converts the audio or the speech into words within the video. It is quite useful for people who find it difficult to hear. The tool adds captions or subtitles according to the desired language, which helps understand the video more easily. A video cannot be effective without captions or subtitles. Hence, an auto text generator is crucial for business sectors.

3.     High-quality resolutions: 2160p, 1080p, and 720p

Most online editing tools lack this feature. With CapCut’s special features, you can obtain videos at larger resolution or 4K quality. This feature is primarily used in businesses to attract more audiences. You can use the 4K quality feature to develop professional-looking content regardless of your editing experience.

4.     Green screen and background remover

Anybody may shoot utilizing a background that looks professional by placing up a green screen. Green screens may overlay complicated backgrounds but provide a transparent white background for a formal business atmosphere. On the other hand, the video background remover removes the additional or unwanted objects from the video. This results in better visual presentation. As a result, it helps in developing the user experience.

How to make a great video with easiness

Being aware of the basic and advanced features of the CapCut video editor tool helps you get closer to using the tool. The tool helps in making videos fast and compelling. Let’s examine how to use the video editor tool to edit your unedited footage to give it a sophisticated look.

Step 1: User account log in

The initial step for getting into the website is to sign into your account. Enter the credentials, such as your username and password. This will launch the website for getting started.

Step 2: Getting started


You must click on the ‘New Project’ option to use the editing features. This will display a dialogue box with video clips you have stored in your gallery. Select the video footage you want to edit and click on ADD. Choose the template that suits your video.

Step 3: Adding music and text to the track

The next step is to add audio tracks, texts or animations from the tool’s library. You can also alter or eliminate the background from the video clip.

Step 4: Download the video for free

The final step is downloading the video you have completely edited. Choose the appropriate resolution and click the export option. You can also share the video on different social media platforms.

The Bottom Line

CapCut has a user-friendly interface and practically all available video editing capabilities. You can accomplish all the tasks mentioned earlier with only a few clicks on its dynamic timeline, including splitting and merging several clips, adjusting the video content, inserting graphics, speeding up, and inverting the clip. When turning your concept into a video with just a few clicks and some basic video editing skills, CapCut may be a huge asset for your business.

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