What Does The Lock Mean On Snapchat? Learn About The Feature!!

What Does The Lock Mean On Snapchat

If you are not a regular Snapchat user, then you must not be aware of many features on Snapchat. Just like that, the lock-shaped icon is a popular Snapchat feature, but those unaware often wonder what does the lock mean on Snapchat. Well, the lock on Snapchat is related to your Snapchat Story.

Snapchat is among the widely used social media platforms and almost every Gen Z user is using the Snapchat app. The platform is primarily dominated by Gen Z and it is not easy for all users to understand Gen Z acronyms and slang. But it is not just about slang, as many other icons are also quite confusing to understand just like the lock icon meaning on Snapchat. 

Verified Answer By Expert

The lock means “a private Story” on Snapchat.

Snapchat Stories is a popular Snapchat feature. However, if you see a lock icon in front of someone’s Snapchat Story, then users might think that they have been banned from viewing someone’s Stories on Snapchat. But it is not so as the lock mean on Snapchat is not banning someone instead it indicates Private Snapchat Stories.

What Does The Lock Mean On Snapchat?

A Private Story is what the lock mean on Snapchat. This Snapchat feature to add private Stories has been there for quite a long time and users can share a private Story with just a few selected users on Snapchat. So, the next time you see a Snapchat Story with a lock on it, the lock mean on Snapchat that your friend has shared a Private Snapchat Story and it is posted for a specific audience and you are a part of it.

What Is A Private Story?

A Private Story on Snapchat is for a specific set of audience. Unlike Public Snapchat Stories, Private Stories cannot be viewed by anyone on Snapchat. Only those users who are added to view your Story, can see your Private Stories unlike public Stories that can be viewed by all your Snapchat friends. You will be surprised to know that around 20 Private Stories can be made on Snapchat at a time!

Don’t confuse your Private Snapchat Stories with the My Eyes Only feature on Snapchat. They are not the same. The My Eyes Only Feature is a place on the Snapchat application wherein you can easily store Snaps and privately keep them in your account. Furthermore, once you set up the My Eyes Only snaps, they will be accessible just with a password or passcode. Such snaps are only visible to you and not someone else. So, if you want to access the My Eyes Only Snaps, you will have to first enter a passcode and then you will be able to view them.

However, this is not the case with the Lock icon pictures or Private Stories on Snapchat. You can choose your audience and users, who along with you can view your Private Stories. So, now that you know what the lock mean on Snapchat, let’s find out how to create your Private Story on Snapchat!

How To Create A Private Story With Lock On Snapchat?

To create a Private Story with a lock on Snapchat, open the Snapchat app > Profile icon > +New Story > New Private Story > Name the Story > Choose Friends > Create Story > Select a Story > Private Story.

Step 1: Open your Snapchat app and then tap on the Profile picture icon at the top left corner.

Step 2: Next, scroll down the Profile section and tap on the +New Story option.

Step 3: Now, tap on the New Private Story option.

Step 4: Next, at the top, tap on the New Private Story option and then add a name to your Private Story. After that, choose the Friends with whom you wish to share your Private Story.  

Step 5: Now, tap on the Create Story button.

Step 6: Tap on the Add to Private Story option and capture a new Story and share it with your friends.

Wrapping Up

Snapchat is among the most popular social media apps that is used by millions of users worldwide. With such a huge user base, it is quite challenging to introduce new features. But Snapchat has been in buzz with its latest features and one such popular feature is the Private Story feature. Your private Stories on Snapchat can help you to share your content with just a selected group of users. So, you need not share your content individually and go for sharing Stories privately and that’s what the lock mean on Snapchat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does The Padlock On Snapchat Mean?

A. A Private Snapchat Story is what the Padlock or the lock mean on Snapchat. It indicates that your Snapchat friend has shared a Private Story and you have been selected to view that.

Q2. What Does The GREY Lock Mean On Snapchat?

A. The Grey lock means on Snapchat that you have viewed a Private Story.

Q3. What Does A Purple Lock On Snapchat Story Mean?

A. A purple lock means on Snapchat that you haven’t watched a Private Story yet. 

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