What Does WTD Mean On Snapchat?

what does WTD mean on Snapchat?

Slangs and acronyms are now taking the internet by storm. Recently we saw a text that says, WTD, with Aunt Teresa? She seems to be very annoyed! Just like us, you also might be wondering what does WTD mean on Snapchat? Moreover, this is one of the trending acronyms on Snapchat

Today, social media platform like Snapchat is occupied by teenagers only, who often try to create something interesting while communicating and texting. The traditional way of typing out long phrases can be annoying, considering everyone’s busy schedule. So users are bringing in new slang to communicate, like WTD.

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WTD means “What’s The Deal” on Snapchat.

Learning what each of the acronyms means on social media platforms is not rocket science, but it definitely is worth knowing its meaning. 

What Does WTD Mean On Snapchat?

WTD has two meanings, one is What’s The Deal, and the other is What To Do.

What To Do: The term what to do can be used in many different contexts. If someone asks you for help, then they use WTD as what to do.

What’s The Deal: What’s the deal can be used similarly to the phrase What’s up? And this is often asked to know what someone is doing.

Origins Of WTD 

Nowadays, Gen Z is using acronyms on a daily basis while communicating. This has become an interesting way to communicate, and it also saves time by not having to type long sentences. So instead of writing what to do or What’s the deal, you can simply write the short form. WTD. 

How Is WTD Used On Snapchat?

1. What To Do

WTD means What To Do on Snapchat. If you are confused and need confirmation from someone, then you can use What to Do and ask your friend any question.

2. What’s The Deal

Another meaning of WTD is, What’s The Deal. You can use this full form to ask someone what they are up to or what is happening.

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use WTD  in Snapchat

If you find it confusing to use WTD on Snapchat, don’t worry, we have a few examples that will make things easier for you.

1. What To Do

Example 1: Hey, WTD? You were supposed to come early today.

Example 2: Hey, have you checked out the answers? IDK, WTD.

2. What’s The Deal

Example 1: I think there might be a problem, should I inform him? Don’t know WTD?

Example 2: Hey, WTD with her?

Is It Okay To Use WTD On Snapchat?

Yes, of course, you can use WTD on Snapchat. As long as you know what WTD means and in what context it is being used, you can surely use this slang while texting on Snapchat. Besides using this on Snapchat, you can even use this slang on other social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 

Other Snapchat  Abbreviations You Should Know

Now, you know what WTD mean on Snapchat. But besides this, there are many other abbreviations that are used on Snapchat, which you should know.

  1. HMU: Hit Me Up
  2. LMR: Like My Recent
  3. NVM: Nevermind
  4. TTYL: Talk To You Later
  5. ISTG: I Swear To God
  6. LOL: Laughing Out Loud
  7. ESB: Everyone Snap Back


Snapchat abbreviations are increasing in numbers day by day, and users are using these acronyms on social media platforms extensively. One such great example of the acronym that is widely used on Snapchat is WTD. Since you know what WTD mean on Snapchat, it’s easier to understand in which context this acronym has been used.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Does WTD Stand For?

WTD stands for What To Do and What’s The Deal. 

Q2. When Should I Use WTD?

You can use WTD with your friends while you are texting on social media platforms.

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