What Does WYC Mean On Snapchat?

What Does WYC Mean On Snapchat

Apart from filters and streaks, Snapchat is known for its slang. So, if you have recently come across WYC slang that snap chatters are using, Let us help you know what does WYC mean on Snapchat.

Being a part of GenZ, the FOMO aka fear of missing out is always there. Talking in slang is another trend, you don’t wanna miss out. When your friend is using any kind of slang while sharing stories or streaks, and you don’t know what does it mean. That can be really embarrassing. But, don’t worry Deasilex is here to help you out. We’ll tell you different meanings of WYC along with where can you use each one of these.

WYC stands for mainly three meanings: WYC — Why You Cry, WYC — Will You Come, WYC — Wasted Youth Crew.

So, let’s understand what does WYC mean on Snapchat and use these slang to make our interactions with our Snapchat friends more interesting.

 What Does WYC Mean On Snapchat?

Why You Cry, Will You Come, and Wasting Your Crew are the abbreviations for what does WYC mean on Snapchat.

As the Snapchat app is one of the most frequently used apps among teenagers, they spend the maximum time sending snaps and texting each other. To save time and avoid typing, abbreviations and acronyms are utilized.

One such common acronym is WYC, However, many users are still wondering what does WYC mean on Snapchat. Though the term WYC has a variety of meanings, the most relevant ones that are associated with Snapchat are:

  • Why You Cry
  • Will You Come
  • Wasted Youth Crew

How To Use WYC In Your Conversations?

Let’s know how to use WYC in your conversation:

1. Why You Cry

It relates to how you handle the pressure or tension that life has placed on you. When someone asks you Why you cry, it means the user is understanding that you are in a difficult situation.

2. Will You Come

It relates to asking a person if he is coming or not. When a person says Will you come, it means the user has invited you and now he is asking about your plans. If you can’t go, there is another slang you can use. “DWS” is used to get around the awkward circumstances rather than using the word “NO,” which will be considered impolite. 

3. Wasted Youth Crew

Wasted Youth is a crew of misfit friends that are about making snowboard films and clothing inspired by the raw culture of core shredding. Although, it actually doesn’t get used on Snapchat.

Wrapping up

New phrases and acronyms are continuously evolving as Snapchat increases in popularity. We believe that this article has made things clear to you on what does WYC mean on Snapchat. Visit Deasilex for more of these informative articles.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What Does WYC Mean?

WYC stands for two different full forms on Snapchat. The first and the most popular one is Will You Come, and the other one is Wasted Youth Crew. No matter what both are negative approaches and based on the situation, you need to understand the full form.

2. Is WYC Slang On Snapchat?

While you are going to use this short form on Snapchat, then it is going to be slang. It is not at all a good option to use any slang on any social media platform such as Snapchat. So, you must not do that over here.

3. Why Do You Need To Take Steps Against WYC On Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media platform, and a lot of people use that over there. So, all you need to do is to make sure that there is no slang at all on that platform, and also, you are not going to get or spread any hatred over there. So, you need to take steps against slang such as WYC.

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