What If You Miss Tiktok Now | Get to Know What Happens?

What if you Miss Tiktok Now

The TikTok community has gone crazy about the newly launched feature Tiktok Now. but many users are confused about what if you miss TikTok now. Tiktok now is buzzing around the TikTok community. So are you ready for now on TikTok? Well, we are with the article to solve this. What if you miss TikTok now? 

Every day, user will get a pop-up notification on their phone, “Time for Now.” Well then, here you are, ready to use the latest feature of TikTok. It’s a new way to be real in TikTok. Now, users are worried about what they miss on TikTok. 

Well in this article we have included all the possible implications if you miss TikTok now in this article. So be with us and read this article. 

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What is Tiktok Now?

Tiktok has recently introduced its new feature to be real “Tiktok Now”. It’s the same as the real app. It has gone on fire in the TikTok community. Now connect with your friends without filters and be TikTok now. 

Tiktok now has the main feature that it sends a notification to TikTok users at fixed times of the day. So TikTok now invites their user to capture their moment to update what they are doing at that time.TikTok now says that the user will receive a notification to capture a picture and 10-second video and send it to their friends. So here are the possible outcomes of what if you miss TikTok now. 

What If You Miss Tiktok Now?

TikTok users receive a prompt on time and give a user alert to “Time to Now,.” which means the user has 3 minutes of time to capture a picture and record a video of 10 seconds without a filter. Miss TikTok now means you are late in sending TikTok now to your friends. After the time of 3 minutes, the user may post on TikTok, but there might be a caption below your TikTok now. 

Tiktok now is just launched in the market so TikTok Now may come up with some different notification panels in the app if you miss TikTok now. So don’t worry if you get late in posting TikTok now you may have a chance to post during the day whenever you like to post. 


Tech companies are coming up with a new feature to compete with their rivals. Same way TikTok has come with its new feature TikTok Now to compete with the new trendy app BeReal. So users were confused about what if you miss Tiktok now. So this article has included all the possible outcomes of what if you miss TikTok now. If you like our article, share it with your family and friends. If you have any queries do let us know in the comment box. Do follow Deasilex.

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