What Is Linked Roles Discord In 2023? Crucial Details Covered!!

What Is Linked Roles Discord

Have you heard of the latest buzz about Discord? Yes, it is the Linked roles Discord. What is Linked Roles Discord must be the question that you are thinking about right now. Well, Discord has introduced a new system called the Linked Roles which is a major part of the Discord profile!

With the craze for Discord in people these days, it is all set to roll out a new feature called the Linked Roles in the coming times. With this new feature on Discord, it will become easier for users as they can build trust in the interactions they have with other users. This will also make them feel more confident while chatting as they will be knowing that the other user they are chatting with is not a fraud! 

What is Linked Roles Discord? Well, linked roles are a type of role in Discord that requires any user to connect to third-party services and meet the defined criteria. You can make the accounts that you have linked to your Discord profile, a crucial part of the chatting experience with the Linked Roles Discord.

This post will further discuss all the crucial details related to What is Linked roles Discord. We will be disclosing more information related to what these Linked roles Discord are and more about these. So, without further ado, let us get started and find out details related to What is Linked Roles Discord.

What Is Linked Roles Discord?

If you still confused about What is Linked Roles Discord, it is a new feature that will soon be rolled out by Discord. Discord is leaning on the linked accounts for verifying who you are and what can be accessed by you. Not just this, but you will also be able to get into several channels and servers if you are using a Linked account. It seems to be a great feature that will be launched very soon for Discord users.

Discord is introducing a system called Linked Roles where moderators and admins can easily grant people access to certain channels and even to the entire servers based on which the third-party applications and websites those people have connected to their Discord accounts. Well, the company has claimed that the feature will be out in just a few weeks. Let us gather more details related to the Linked Roles Discord feature to be introduced very soon. 

Details Related To The Linked Roles Discord

For those of you wondering when will the Linked Roles Discord feature launch, it will release in just a few weeks. It will support connecting accounts from Twitter, Steam, Reddit, and more. Server connections will easily be able to set up several filters based on those connections.

Well, as per Discord, these Linked roles won’t be automatically assigned to the users on what accounts they have connected to as this might give rise to some privacy concerns.

Users will be able to see a list of the roles that they are eligible for based on the accounts that they have linked and even they can choose if they want to accept them or not. If you want to see if a Discord server offers linked roles, you can see that by tapping on its name on the top at the left side and finding the Linked Roles option. 


Here ends the post on What is Linked Roles Discord. In this post, we have discussed all the crucial details related to What is Linked Roles on Discord and more about that. As the feature has not been rolled out yet but is expected to release very soon.

So, share with us in the comment section your views related to this Linked Role feature on your Discord profile. Whenever the feature releases, we will keep you updated with that and share more information related to it. Till then, keep visiting Deasilex and share the post with others and help them to know about this Linked Roles on Discord Feature!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Linked Roles Discord?

A. The Linked Roles Discord is the latest feature that will be released very soon. With this feature, admins and moderators can grant access to people for several channels and also the entire servers based on which the third-party websites and apps those people have connected to their Discord account.

Q2. When Will Linked Roles Release On Discord?

A. The Linked Roles feature will release on Discord very soon. It is expected to release within a few weeks and we might be able to use this feature by the end of December 2023.

Q3. What Are Linked Roles Discord?

A. The Linked Roles is a new feature on Discord that has not been released yet and will be released in a few weeks. It is a feature that is created by authenticating the profiles of players with an account outside the platform.

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