What Is The Point Of BeReal? What Makes BeReal Different?

what is the point of BeReal

BeReal has become a real sensation among the Gen-Z Crowd, everyday BeReal is gaining more and more users and getting famous too with over 53 million Downloads. BeReal started with a campaign of “What if social media was Different”. BeReal prides itself on being ‘Real’, but what is the point of BeReal?

BeReal made its debut in 2020 and gained massive popularity in 2022, BeReal emphasized on being real by giving a two-minute window to its users to click a picture from the front and back camera at random time. You will receive a notification of ”Time to BeReal” at any time of the day and within that notification time you have to click a picture before it’s marked as ‘late’. 

What is the point of BeReal is in its name i.e. BeReal, you have to present the real you in front of the world. In the era of the filter-full world of Snapchat and Instagram, the BeReal is free of filters which means the picture you will upload on BeReal will be raw, real, and realistic. 

Know the notification time of BeReal in advance here. Let’s know the point of BeReal in detail via this article. Keep Reading!

What Is The Point Of BeReal?

BeReal is different from social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, these platforms have many options like live, reels, stories and many more, but in BeReal you have only one option to click a Photo. BeReal notifies every user to click BeReal at random times, but at the same time all over the world. You all will get notification at the same time. The point of BeReal sending notifications at random times is to click pictures at the moment.

So, why would people want to use BeReal to post pictures at unspecified times in ways that may be embarrassing? Well, in the world of apps with unrealistic filters, effects, and perfectly lit environments, there is less reality online than ever before. 

Apps like Instagram and Snapchat all give users as much time as they want to get the perfect picture or video and the filters provided by the apps allow users to make a version of themselves whereas in a world of unrealistic beauty standards the BeReal is one and only realistic app which shows you the way you are. I have found three reasons on what is the point of BeReal. Let’s start. 

BeReal In Moment

When BeReal sends out notification of Time To BeReal you will get two minutes to take a picture. As notification is sent out at random time that means you have to click BeReal in the moment. As I’m writing this article, if I get notification to click a BeReal I have to click it because I don’t want my BeReal to be marked ‘Late’. So I am in my moment.

I have not done any makeup and I don’t have that perfect light, which I usually need or get ready to post a picture on Instagram but here the case is different in BeReal. So the first reason from my side for what is the point of BeReal will be in Moment. As BeReal doesn’t give you the time to present your best self instead forces you to post in the moment in which you are.

BeReal Is Filter Free 

When BeReal was released their main campaign line was “ What if social media was Different” with the word ‘different’ they mean filter free app. The main highlight of BeReal is there is no option of adding filters as the app gives no filter. Within two minutes you have to click a picture no matter what you are wearing or where you are, just click the picture.

Today we are so addicted to filters, Snapchat is one of the best examples as people use Snapchat specifically because of the new filters that Snapchat offers everyday. Same is the thing with Instagram you can add filters to stories as well as on your Instagram Reels. In the race of filters the BeReal tried to be different by being one and only filter free app. The second reason is for what is the point of BeReal will be filter free world.

BeReal Gives Reality Check

The social media apps use only your front or back camera when you click a picture. The front camera is used for clicking selfies whereas the back camera is used when someone is clicking your picture or you are clicking a picture of someone or things. Not only does BeReal post a selfie of the person, but simultaneously, the app uses the rear camera to take a picture of the surroundings of the user, to show what the user looks like at that moment and what they were doing.

It gives a realistic feel to the picture, as your friends can see where you are in reality as you also don’t have the option to select only one camera. So the third reason for what is the point of BeReal will be Reality Check. Also it is interesting to see where your friends are and what they are doing. 


What is the point of BeReal? BeReal is different and its concept is new which is making it one of the most used apps, recently TikTok also launched their same version like BeReal as TikTok Now. Which means social media platforms are also getting creative in terms of app usage and encouraging people to be filter free. 

In the world of objectivity and bullying, we try to mask ourselves with filters to be a part of that perfect world. But life and the world is not that perfect and apps like Instagram and Snapchat are forcing us to believe that there are beauty standards but it’s not true. In the world of filters, try to BeReal and show your true self, live for yourself not for the fake world. Hope you have liked this article. If yes, feel free to comment and give any suggestions on what is the point of BeReal. Keep following Deasilex. 

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