WhatsApp Delete For Everyone Feature Got An Update!

Have you ever wondered about sending the “big text” to your crush on WhatsApp? Imagine doing that and changing your mind 2 hours later! Now you can’t even delete the message for both in the chat, and now all that is left for you is to just be apologetic to what you said. Not anymore because WhatsApp cares about you. 

Although, you can delete the message for both the chats but only to a certain limit of 60 mins. WhatsApp only allows you to delete a text message sent on that platform to be deleted from both parties for only about an hour. But, the word is, WhatsApp has been thinking about making some changes to this feature! 

Yes, that’s true! WhatsApp has been thinking about extending this time duration from a mere an hour for up to a week because they think it can save the user from embarrassment, not just the message to the crush, but also professionally. And, we think you should know about it. 

Here is a detailed article on WhatsApp Messenger extending this explicit feature of theirs for its users that will allow them to delete their messages for both, the sender and the receiver for up to a week! Stay tuned. 

What Is WhatsApp Delete Feature, Exactly? 

Whatsapp is a community of millions of users. And the fact that it is found on every phone explains its reliability. Without a second doubt, it can be considered as a basic need in this internet era where we could send pictures, do chats, play with emojis, and what not? 

Being so popular among its users, Whatsapp has always tried to stay up in the social media world with its ever-advanced features. Be it the Whatsapp group video calling feature or the message-deleting, it has always gained popularity. 

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Rolled out in 2017 for the very first time, the delete message feature allows a user to delete a message sent to a user mistakenly, a wrong text, or something deemed inappropriate sent by them from both the chats. 

Instead of the message, a notification stating “This message was deleted” is shown. 

What Is The Time Duration A User Can Delete The Message? 

When the feature to delete messages was first rolled out in 2017, WhatsApp allowed a time period of around 07 minutes. After that, there was no choice for the reader but to let the message be, and apologize for it once seen by the receiver. 

Later on, WhatsApp increased the time limit for the message to be deleted, making it around 60 minutes. 

The current duration in which a user can delete its message is 60 minutes.

What Is Going To Change In This Update?

WhatsApp Delete For Everyone Feature Got An Update!
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This new message delete update will allow the user to be able to delete a text, voice note, video, document, or anything you send using WhatsApp for a period of a week, i.e. 7 days. 

Now users will have more time to think whether a message that they sent was sent worthy or not, which is great! WhatsApp has currently not rolled out this update for anyone yet but WABetaInfo’s report says that people can expect this update soon. 

WABetaInfo also tells us that this feature is made available for some WhatsApp Messenger users who are on WhatsApp’s version. 

The feature is for both WhatsApp iOS and Android as well. But the information of when the update is going to roll out, however, remains scarce. 

Apart from this, WhatsApp recently had rolled out updates regarding “one-time view” media that gained popularity. 

Along with that, WhatsApp also allowed the chat to be deleted after 7 days of being seen. Later, the time limit was decreased to 24 hours, which the user could do manually from Settings. 

There have been so many more new features WhatsApp has been coming up with. Just when we think it could not get better, it does. 

WhatsApp came up with a new feature for archived chats, allowing them to stay archived even when the person sends a message. Not just this, it has been quite a while now that WhatsApp has allowed the users to mute chat and silence their notifications for “always” and introverts couldn’t be happier! 

Coming back to the latest update, if a user can delete a message for 7 days, would it be helpful?

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Summing Up:

Apart from that, WhatsApp Messenger also has some new and exciting features coming up for iOS users, they need not be disheartened! 

This was for all the recent WhatsApp updates WhatsApp has been thinking of. Do let us know what you think of this update? Is it going to be revolutionary or would it be one of the features that just exist but no one’s using them?

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