Why Golang is the Preferred Choice For DevOps & Top DevOps Tools

Why Golang is the Preferred Choice For DevOps & Top DevOps Tools

Software development is increasing widely, and it is used to develop applications to generate business and solve issues in various categories. It is always essential to have developed applications to be reliable and scalable. 

There have been various development models that help speed up the development process, and one of them is DevOps.

This blog has covered a brief overview of DevOps and provides adequate information to understand how Golang for DevOps will be helpful in application development. 

Introduction To DevOps

DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations. DevOps is a combined process of software development and engineering operations. These are interconnected for successful application development’s end-to-end process( designing product to providing technical support ).

While working with DevOps, you will come across different features, including DevOps Values, DevOps Tools, and DevOps Practices. These three features bring fundamental values, best practices, and tools that can be directly used to complete the development.

DevOps brings scalability, security, reliability, rapid development, and, most importantly, high performance.

Introduction To Golang

Golang has many characteristics that make it one of the preferred languages for application development, and that’s the reason behind the great success of the collaboration of Golang with DevOps. 

Golang is an open-source programming language created by Google. It’s designed to create user-friendly code with the help of in-built garbage collection to develop applications. Golang is reliable and efficient in balancing high performance for complex or large-scale applications. Hire Golang developer from Bacancy to get robust application development. 

DevOps community prefers using Golang for development because of its uniqueness and balance in improving speed and performance. However, It is necessary to have the required knowledge and skill to have maximum usage before using any programming language in software development.

Why Golang For DevOps?

Golang perfectly suits DevOps tools as it is not very high or low. Golang brings stability to the development. Below are some additional features worth considering:

  • Concurrency: Concurrency comes along whenever you want to run functions independently. It gets implemented with the help of the goroutine thread. However, you should always keep in mind that always execute the goroutine during the coding process and avoid running after the function.
  • Security: In most cases, DevOps security and speed don’t go hand in hand. However, it is something different with Golang as it provides the best possible security and balances the speed. The compiler of Golang is strong that it can manage to catch errors whenever it occurs in the application.
  • Garbage Collection: This feature makes the application light by eliminating all unnecessary files to decrease memory space. Golang manages both concurrent and efficient memory.
  • Compatible With Multiple Platforms: Golang has this convenient features that allow application development on multiple platforms with that similar code to avoid developing from scratch. 
  • Effortless Compiling: Easy compiling is the feature that makes application development very smooth by sorting all the bugs and errors before running the program by generating an executable or binary file.

Top DevOps Tools Written On Golang

Various DevOps tools are built with Golang, but the top three are Docker, Istio, and Kubernetes. Now let’s understand why these DevOps tools have preferred Golang.

Docker: Docker has used golang as it allows them to work on their chosen operating system, which is Linux. Docker virtualization technology has become responsive just because of Golang. The users of Docker are allowed integrated capabilities to settle down easily in their respective environments.

In comparison to other programming languages, Golang has helped Docker become faster.

Kubernetes: This DevOps tool was developed by Google with the help of Golang. Kubernetes is a container cluster management system that allows you to run multiple containers across many hosts. The development and scaling of the product are automated in Kubernetes. The team has decided on a simple programming language to maintain balance in the system.

Istio: Istio is a part of the Kubernetes ecosystem. Since Golang has provided potential growth to Kubernetes, it was obvious that Istio would be written in Golang. Moreover, Golang provides distributed networking system for projects and is compatible with decentralization.


We hope this blog has helped you get enough information about DevOps and how Golang can help DevOps tools. However, before jumping to any conclusion, always make sure to have proper research and analysis by keeping your business requirement in mind. If you are sure to use Golang for DevOps, contact the best Golang development company to help you achieve your goals.

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