Why Is My Best Friends List On Snapchat Messed Up? Answered

Why Is My Best Friends List On Snapchat Messed Up?

Now if you are thinking why is my best friends list on Snapchat messed up, stop thinking! There is nothing much that you can do about this issue. Puzzled? Let us shed light on this issue.   

If you are wondering – why is my best friends list on Snapchat messed up, the fact is this is a sloppy bug issue. Yes, the incident of messing with the Snapchat best friends list has been on social media platforms and forums for a long time. The chatter only increased; however, no concrete solution has been found. 

Yes, the answer to why is my best friends list on Snapchat messed up, is simply a Snapchat bug issue. There are a few generic methods like restarting the Snapchat app and restarting the smartphones are often used to resolve this issue. 

It is proven that sometimes, updating the Snapchat app or simply restarting or reinstalling the Snapchat app can actually resolve this issue. Hence, if you are still worrying about why is my best friends list on Snapchat messed up, try the solutions we are going to share in this article. 

Why Is My Best Friends List On Snapchat Messed Up?

Best Friends List is one of the most signature features offered by Snapchat. When you start chatting with Snapchat connections, Snapchat automatically starts rating your friends based on your interaction level. Snapchat generates the Best Friends List where your top 8 friends are enlisted with whom you are currently interacting. The older names of your friends can change depending on the frequency of sharing snaps. 

Now, this list is not made just for the status queue but it also helps you to understand who is currently in your close circle and with whom you are detaching. If your Best Friends List on Snapchat is not updating correctly, it can have an impact on your friend circle. 

From different social media platforms and forums our research team found that it is common among Snapchat users to report – why is my best friends list on Snapchat messed up? So far, the only answer is that the issue is due to a Snapchat glitch, which is not completely recoverable. 

How To Fix Snapchat Best Friend Glitch 2023?

Now that you can see, there is no definite ‘cure’ to recover from this glitch issue, let us share some handful methods that can help you to get rid of the issue for the moment. 

Method 1. Log Out And Log In Again

The first thing you can do is log out of the Snapchat app and wait for a few minutes before logging in again. As reported on the forums and other social media platforms, simply logging in again on Snapchat after a small pause can fix the Snapchat Best Friends list.

Method 2. Reinstall The Snapchat App

If you find that logging into the Snapchat app after a pause is not effective, you should uninstall the Snapchat app at once. After that reinstall the app again and try logging in. Reinstalling the Snapchat app is a proven method to get the latest Snapchat version and remove technical glitches. 

Method 3. Clear Cache

When dealing with technical glitches for any app including Snapchat, it is recommended to clear the old cache. Open your phone settings, go to the apps, find Snapchat, and remove the cache for good. This step will help the new cache files to become effective without any interference. 

Method 4. Connect With Snapchat Support

If none of the above methods help you to resolve the issue, it is recommended to connect with Snapchat support. Open Snapchat support on your browser and create a ticket regarding the issue. Wait for their official reply via mail and fix your Snapchat Best Friends List. 


Snapchat users around the globe are often showering resentment towards why is my best friends list on Snapchat messed up. However, as you can see this is a technical glitch that can be removed by using simple steps like reinstalling the Snapchat app or clearing Snapchat cache. However, the issue can be revived anytime. We can only speculate that Snapchat will come up with a permanent solution and never mess up with our best friends list on Snapchat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Did My Best Friend List Disappear On Snapchat?

If your best friend list has disappeared on Snapchat, this could be a technical glitch. Reinstall the Snapchat app or update the app to recover. 

Q2. Why Is My Snapchat Best Friends List Not Updating?

If your best friend list is not updating on Snapchat, this could be a glitch. You can try updating the Snapchat app or reinstalling the app to get rid of the issue. 

Q3. How To Update Best Friends List On Snapchat?

Snapchat updates the best friends list on Snapchat automatically. You can not update the best friends list manually. All you can do is refresh the app or log out and then log in again to find if the best friend list is updated.

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