How To Fix Due To Failed Login Attempts Snapchat Error?

How To Fix Due To Failed Login Attempts Snapchat Error

Your access to Snapchat is temporarily disabled due to repeated failed login attempts to Snapchat – if this is the message often bothering you, it’s time to address the “due to repeated failed login attempts Snapchat error” in a serious tone! 

There could be many reasons behind why you are facing due to repeated failed login attempts Snapchat error. For instance, maybe you are using the wrong credentials or there are some technical glitches. Whatever the reason is, the result should be the same – your Snapchat account is temporarily disabled!

To fix due to repeated failed login attempts Snapchat error, the first thing you should do is check whether you are using the correct credentials or not. If you are using the correct credentials, yet failing to log in multiple times, then you should switch to mobile data, clear Snapchat App Cache, update your Snapchat app, and deactivate your VPN [if you are using one]. 

Note that due to repeated failed login attempts Snapchat error your Snapchat could be disabled. However, this is temporary. You have to wait a few hours before Snapchat again allows you to log in or you may need to connect with Snapchat support

Why Is My Snapchat Account Temporarily Disabled?

If you are trying frequently to log in to Snapchat and failing to do so, after a certain number of attempt failures, Snapchat will consider this as a malicious act and potential threat to security breach. Therefore, Snapchat will flash the error message and your Snapchat account will be disabled. 

However, this is a temporary act from Snapchat to secure user’s privacy and it is easy to enable your Snapchat account again. 

How To Fix Due To Failed Login Attempts Snapchat Error?

If you are often facing login attempt failure issues on Snapchat, then you may need to follow some simple yet effective methods to fix the issue. 

Method 1: Unlock Your Temporarily Disabled Snapchat Account

If due to repeated failed login attempts Snapchat error your Snapchat account is disabled, the first thing you have to do is unlock your Snapchat account. To unlock your Snapchat account again follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Snapchat Account Unlock Page

Step 2: Log into your Snapchat account.

Step 3: tap on the ‘Unlock’ button to unlock your Snapchat account. 

Method 2: Switch To Mobile Network

Sometimes it happens that if you are using public WiFi, Snapchat shows the login attempt error and disables the Snapchat account following the safety protocol. In that case, it is wise to switch to your mobile data when you are failing to login to Snapchat, before it disables your account. 

Method 3: Disable VPN

Many smartphone users often use VPNs for many reasons. However, using VPN can interfere with some applications’ performance, including Snapchat. If your VPN is activated and Snapchat is prohibiting you from logging in, then turn off your VPN and try logging in again. 

Method 4: Update Snapchat

If you are not using the updated version of Snapchat, it may prohibit you from logging in. All you need to do is either visit the App Store or Play Store [depending whether you are using an iOS or Android device] and then download the latest version of Snapchat followed by installing it. 

Method 5: Clear Snapchat Cache 

If you are already using the updated Snapchat version, yet facing the same issue repeatedly. Let’s clear the app cache from your device and try again. You should go to your smartphone’s settings, open apps, and clear the Snapchat cache. 

Method 6: Contact Snapchat Support 

Well, if nothing is really working for you, why waste your time? Let’s connect with the Snapchat support. Here is how to reach the Snapchat support: 

Step 1: Go to Snapchat Support. 

Step 2: Choose an option – “I think my account was compromised”.

Step 3: Fill up the rest of the form and submit it. 


Snapchat users are frustrated due to repeated failed login attempts Snapchat error. This is no joke! Every time you are trying to increase your snap score and fail due to the login issue on time! This is really irritating. Try the useful methods that we have shared with you in this article and enjoy using Snapchat interruption-free. Got a question? Share in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why I Get An Error Message Logging Into Snapchat?

If Snapchat detects any malicious activity in a login attempt, then you can get an error message logging into Snapchat. 

Q2. Why My Access To My Snapchat Account Has Been Temporarily Disabled?

There could be many reasons why your access to our Snapchat account has been temporarily disabled. For instance, too many login attempts in a short time, or you are using more than one Snapchat account. 

Q3. How Long Will My Snapchat Be Temporarily Disabled?

There is no fixed period for disabling the Snapchat account. However, so far we found that if a Snapchat account is disabled, it may remain disabled for as long as 24 hours.

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