Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses Review And Launch Date

Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition is the new love. This lightweight yet sturdy Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses is going to give tough competition to the upcoming Apple Vision Pro. 

Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses come with electrochromic lenses that will allow the users to switch between reality and the virtual world seamlessly. The product is not marketed yet. Only a few selected people got the opportunity to try the prototype Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition [closed-door trial].

In February 2023, Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi 13 series at the Mobile World Congress and surprised Xiaomi fans with the Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses. According to the prototype users, these smart AR glasses are more advanced in technology than any existing AR glasses in the market. 

Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses Features

Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses are officially known as the Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition. We can describe the look as “an oversized pair of Terminator sunglasses”! However, it has a silver finish instead of an all-black one. 

The glasses include a pair of micro-OLED screens, with which you can get full HD visuals with a brightness of 1,200 nits. Two cameras are attached in the front that help to map the environment for the wearer. 

Although Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses is a full pack of technologies, it is not heavy at all! Unlike other AR glasses, the Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition is only 126g weight and leaves little to no marks on the face of the users. The prototype is created with carbon fiber and magnesium alloy that make the structure superlight yet sturdy. 

Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass comes with a self-developed “silicon-oxygen anode battery”. This battery is smaller than a typical lithium-ion battery! The glasses are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 Gen 1 chip.

However, this pair of smart AR glasses does not come with board storage; hence, it has to be connected to another host device to use. 

The Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glasses can be used for 5 hours [180mAh battery], which is more than both Apple Vision Pro [Battery life 2 hours] and Meta Smart Glasses [Battery life 4 hours].    

What Can You Do With Xiaomi Smart Glasses?

Justifying its name Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses is truly wireless. Xiaomi has developed its own “proprietary low-latency communication link”, which is a combination of WiFi and Bluetooth and has a latency of just 50ms. Users who had the opportunity to try the prototype mentioned on the blog “I wore the glasses for over 20 minutes scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, and watching YouTube videos, and I couldn’t detect lag nor any image quality drop off.” 

It means you can wear Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses on the go and for a long time while connected with your devices [wireless] and scroll social media, check messages, or receive a call anytime! When most AR glasses require a cable connection, which is inconvenient sometimes, Xiaomi Wireless Smartglasses are truly ‘hands-free’! 

With Xiaomi Wireless Smartglasses you cannot only watch high-quality videos but enjoy true Augmented Reality. You can project your screen [multiple windows] on the real environment. You can control windows or resize them, just by stretching your hands [hands gesture]! You can also try ‘finger pinch motion’ to grab and move any windows. 

With these pairs of smart glasses, you can also play video games, while you can shoot using machine guns or fight using hand gestures. 

Moreover, you can use virtual switches to turn it on or off the Xiaomi lamp with a hand gesture! Pretty awesome, right?

Another amazing feature of the Xiaomi smart glasses is electrochromic lenses that can be turned black just by tapping on a switch. The thought behind this amazing feature is that when you are watching AR content, you will need the lens to be transparent to project the AR content in the real world. However, when you are watching a video or movie, it is preferable to have a dark screen behind the scenes for better immersion. As Xiaomi smart glasses have electrochromic lenses, it does not need any physical cover like other AR glasses. 

Where To Buy Xiaomi Smart Glasses?

Since Xiamoi unveiled the prototype Xiaomi Smart Glasses, people have been trying to pre-order the product as soon as possible. Although the prototype is already more advanced than any other VR glasses that you can find in the market today, Xiamoi is delaying the launch of the product. Till now there is no official statement released from Xiaomi that can confirm the launching date of this amazing product. 

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Price

Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses have a load of technology and consist of more advanced features than many other prominent AR smartglasses available in the market today. However, it is expected that, unlike other tech giants, Xiaomi is going to keep the price tag more reasonable. According to the sources, the Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition will be marketed for $500. 

Xiaomi Smart Glasses Prototype Is More Than Ready To Release

As we discussed earlier, Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition is just a prototype and only a few selected people had the opportunity to ‘Test’ this product for 30 minutes. According to those reviewers, the Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses prototype is more than just ready to launch commercially. 

However, according to the manufacturers, there are still chances to improve the features of these smart glasses. Also, they are trying to assemble the product at a minimum cost so that common people can enjoy the charisma of AR glasses. 


Now that we have discussed all the features of the upcoming Xiaomi Wireless AR Smartglasses, you must be excited to have one in your collection! Although users are already approving that the prototype is more than ready to launch commercially, Xiaomi is not hustling at all. It simply means we are going to have better and feature-packed Xiaomi Wireless Smartglasses soon in our hands. But, the real question is can Xiaomi Wireless Smartglasses win the race with Ray Ban Meta AI Glasses and Apple Vision Pro? We have to wait a little longer for the answer! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are Xiaomi Smart Glasses Launch Date?

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses launch date has not been announced yet. However, the prototype is ready and has quite a good review. 

Q2. Are Xiaomi Smart Glasses Available On Amazon?

No, Xiaomi Smart Glasses are not available on Amazon yet. 

Q3. How To Get Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition?

To get the Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition, we have to wait a little longer. It is expected that the product is going to be launched commercially soon. 

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