How To Delete Collections On TikTok? Easiest Way 2023!

How To Delete Collections On TikTok

TikTok – One of the most popular or used social media apps till date. TikTok offers its users a number of features, creating collections is one of them. But if you are already familiar with this one and have created too many and now are looking for ways of how to delete collections on TikTok then you are at the right place.

Collections are proved to be the most used feature of TikTok which is sort of logical as this feature makes the use of TikTok easy and smooth. Creating collections on TikTok help users to save all the videos that they like into an organized manner in different sections called collections. Users can view that video whenever they want in the near future and can take inspiration for future uses. But if you have created too many or don’t feel any use of the collection created by you then you can delete it. Know how to delete collections on TikTok in this article.

To delete collections on TikTok, Open TikTok > Login > Me > Favorites > Select A Collection > Menu > Delete Collection. Grab the details in the sections below.

Prevent your collections from bursting out of your favorite TikTok videos and learn how to delete collections on TikTok in this article with us. Now no more further delays, hop on to read!

How To Delete Collections On TikTok?

Sometimes, while accessing TikTok features more than usual, you end up creating a mess in the app and fuck up the entire organization of data. Ideal examples can be TikTok collections, when one keeps on saving TikTok videos regularly without taking a look back. It becomes too late when they realize that they have built an empire of TikTok videos in the name of their collections. But to fix that you need our guide on how to delete collections on TikTok and a little patience. As deleting all these TikTok lying in your collections from ages cannot be deleted in a night right?

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Now another challenge is deleting all the TikTok videos one by one! Is it possible to delete an entire collection even in one night? Doesn’t seem so! Well, if you don’t know how to delete collections on TikTok all at once then there is an option in TikTok which can aid you in deleting the entire collection at once. 

Follow these simple steps for knowing how to delete collections on TikTok easily:

Open TikTok > Login > Me > Favorites > Select A Collection > Menu > Delete Collection

Step 01: Launch TikTok app on your Android or iPhone device and login to your account by filling in your email address and password.

Step 02: Now head to the Me tab from the home screen of the app. You will find this option at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 03: Next you will land on your TikTok profile page, there you need to hit the Favorites icon next to Edit Profile option. 

Step 04: After that, select a collection that you want to delete and here it’s your favorite collection.

Step 05: After selecting that entire collection, you can click on the Menu/Three Dots from the top right corner of the screen and click on the Delete Collection button from that mini pop-up menu.

Once you hit the back button after deleting the collection you won’t find that collection in its place ever again as it was deleted instantly. You can also delete TikTok story. So, this was all about learning how to delete collections on TikTok.

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NOTE: Make sure you remember that after deleting any collection it cannot be recovered ever again like before. So make sure you make your choice wisely and think twice before deleting any of your collections because you’re gonna lose those sets of TikTok videos forever.

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Wrapping Up

TikTok is probably going through something as it has rolled out a couple of new features at once in a week. Now, you can upload more than 60 minute video onTikTok introduced the Collection feature to their audience which are also popular as Favorites in the application. Collections helps make the process of saving or bookmarking a video easier by allowing users to add videos in separate and different folders and organize them in a proper manner.

Above is the best guide given on how to delete collections on TikTok with the instructions in detail. If you find difficulty in doing so, you can feel free to report that to us in the comment section, we will be happy to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are TikTok Collections Private?

Your TikTok collections in the Favorite tab in TikTok are also private from others on TikTok. Only you can access those.

Q. How Do I Delete A Collection?

Open TikTok > Login > Me > Favorites > Edit Profile > Select A Collection > Menu > Delete Collection

Q. How Do I Edit A TikTok Playlist?

Open TikTok > Profile Page > Videos page > Playlist > Menu > Edit Playlist > Delete.

Q. Can Others See Your TikTok Saved Collection? 

Fortunately, not. However, a little modification in settings can allow you to do so! You can make your Collections public by altering the privacy settings. 

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Q. How Do Collections Work On TikTok?

Tikton collections help in organising and categorising your favorite TikTok video.

Open TikTok > Profile > Favorites > Create A New Collection > Name Collection > Move Your Videos To Different Categories.

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