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Are you excited to use, the latest addition to secure web browsers? Do you wish to know if it is better than your regular browser, Google? Fret no more. We have made a detailed comparative study on vs Google, to help you determine the better browser that meets your needs. is not just a regular search engine. It has been created as an AI (Artificial Intelligence) search engine that can be controlled by users. And Google is the most popular web browser in the world with over 4 billion active users. Google has taken it as its mission to organize all the information available in the world and to make it universally accessible to all.

We present to you a comparative study on vs Google, in search for the better browser, with differences in the Search Engine, Search Layout, Privacy, AI, and Advertisements

Can a rookie be compared with the search engine alpha, Google? Want to know which is better vs Google? Read on to know more. Vs Google

The search for the best browser or search engine has been going on for a while. Recent updates and new additions to the available browsers have made the search even more strenuous. We have made a detailed study of vs Google, bringing to light the differences in features, search engines, extensions, accessibility, privacy and security.

1. Vs Google – The Search Engine vs Google  - offers users various features that are not found in traditional search engines. It supports applications and ads-supported sources to the search results of the users. enables users to add trusted sources and websites to their search experience. It also offers generative AI apps along with the search engine that allows users to generate text (YouWrite), images (YouImage), or even code (YouCode). These apps are made available on the Home Page of which is unlike any other search engine.

Google vs Google -

The default search engine of the Chrome web browser is Google. It is currently the most popular search engine in the world with over 4.3 billion active users. The Google search engine contributes to over 92.4% of the market share and generates a whooping 99,000 searches every single second.

2. Vs Google – Search Layout vs Google  - layout

Are you tired of scrolling down the list of search results to find the content that you are looking for? Scroll no more. With, users can now view the answers they are looking for in grids. They can navigate left and right to discover the content they are looking for. also displays a list of generated search results for users who prefer it.

Google vs Google - google layout

All search results for a keyword entered by the users are displayed as a list. Users can scroll down to find the article they are looking for. Google also offers ‘People also ask’ and ‘Suggested Search Results’ to help users who wish to do a detailed study on any given topic.

3. Vs Google – Privacy takes pride in the lengths it goes to protect the user’s privacy & security. The web browser does not collect or store user information without the users’ consent. Unlike most other browsers, does not keep track of the user’s data, cookies, browsing history, IP address, etc. It values the privacy of all users and works hard to not compromise their promise to protect the privacy of its users.


Google has made an official statement stating that they understand its responsibility and will work hard to protect user information. Google has a detailed Privacy Policy that was created to help users know the information that is collected, why it is collected, and how users can manage, export, update or delete the information on Google. However, Google users have been showing concerns on the platform’s privacy policy, worrying about the security of their personal information online.

4. Vs Google – AI vs Google - ai is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) centered search engine that can be controlled by the users. It offers AI-generated search results for the users’ queries. Unlike any other search engine, allows users to access AI-powered features like YouChat, YouImage, YouCode, and YouWrite which aids users and amplifies their search results.

Google vs Google  -

The Google Search engine is currently not AI powered. However, the platform is not new to enter the AI field. They have a separate website dedicated especially to all AI related products. is made with the intent to improve the user’s lives making it accessible to all. However, it is not accessible along with the Google search engine.

5. Vs Google – Advertisements

Users who visit for the first time will be surprised to notice that there are no advertisements or any other paid content on the platform. No more annoying pop-ups that hinder your browsing experience. With users do not need to subscribe for a premium membership of any kind for an ad-free time. The search engine does not depend on income generated from advertisements to meet customer needs.


Google promotes advertising on the platform. With Google Ads, users and business organizations can post ads on the platform to reach billions of users from all over the world. Organizations can reach their target audience with Google Ads and post it in over 2 million websites and over 650,000 apps that are available in the Google network.

Wrap Up

The Internet has become a part of our everyday lives. From students who browse online to prepare study materials and business organizations who manage worldwide trade online, it has become a necessity for all. Choosing the right browser that best suits your needs is the key factor in having a fruitful browsing experience. We hope that with the help of the information given in this article, you can now choose vs Google that best suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1  How Is Different Than Google? is an AI based web browser. The browser functions on AI generated search results and has various AI based features like YouChat, YouWrite, YouImage and others that operate on AI. Google is not an AI based Search engine. 

Q2 Which Is The No. 1 Search Engine In The World?

Google is the most popular search engine in the world with over 4 billion active users from all over the world. It generates over 99,000 search results every second and holds over 92% of the market share of all web browsers.

Q3 What Is A Better Alternative To Google?

Users who value privacy and security of their information will not feel safe with Google as the platform collects all user information from browsing history, cookies and personal information. Users who want to have a secure browsing experience can use or Tor web browsers that are especially created to protect user information.

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