App That Helps You Prepare For Death | Plan Everything Before You Leave This World!

App That Helps You Prepare For Death

Today we have apps for every small thing. If you are going to college, you will find an app that will help you choose the right course. Getting married, you have the wedding planner apps. There’s a pregnancy tracking app as well if you are expecting a child. How about we tell you that there is a death app as well? Yes, An app that helps you prepare for death. Would you believe us?

When someone you love passes away it becomes difficult to deal with so many things. You are stressed and grieving at the same time. So, when the time comes when you have to negotiate the funeral planning, legal and financial documents, insurance records, Ahhh! all these can be really stressful.

So, it is essential that you get all these sorted before you suffer from the loss. Here is the Bereev app that helps you prepare for death. The main purpose of this app is to make this topic a normal one instead of being a taboo topic. When you do the planning and preparation according to Bereev, your life becomes easier for those whom you leave behind.

But just the name of the app will not help you know about it. You will need to know more about this app, right? So, you need to read below where you will find the full-fledged information about this new app.

What Is Bereev App?

App That Helps You Prepare For Death

Well, Bereev is an app that helps you prepare for death, It allows you to make a plan that will guide your loved ones after you are gone. One of the best parts about this app is that you get a combination of different elements of death planning. This includes legal, funeral, financial, and personal aspects all on one platform. And, after you have planned out you can easily share your plans with the ones you trust.

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What Can You Do On Bereev?

If you want to know about the Bereev app, an app that helps you prepare for death, then here’s what you need to know:

Leave Instructions

All you have to do is to answer a few simple questions and leave clear instructions on your preferences and wishes. You can include your choices like whether you want to be cremated or be buried. The kind of funeral you want will happen to your Netflix subscription. Whom you want to be present at your funeral and many more.

Digital Vault

App That Helps You Prepare For Death

In Bereev, you get the digital vault where you can easily store all your important documents. This will help your family to access all your important documents easily after you leave them. This can include your insurance and medical records. Moreover, it also includes financial statements, wills, tenancy agreements, investments records, and lots more.

Leave Messages

The best thing that you can do to comfort your loved ones after you leave this world is by leaving messages in your own words. Write down letters or you can even record videos and audio messages for your parents, children, friends, spouse, or siblings. You can upload those messages on Bereev and let it be known for whom the message is. The app will make sure that it reaches the right person when you are gone.

Share Your Plans

When you are ready, then you can invite people who you trust to show your plan. These people will be called Sidekicks on Bereev. If you want then you can invite many people and share the plans with each one of them accordingly. You even get the option to choose whether you want them to see your plan now or after your death.

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How Is The Death Convo Game Related To Bereev?

How Is The Death Convo Game Related To Bereev?

To spread the word about the Bereev app, Izumi Inoue, the founder of Death Convo Game, will ask you 3 questions about death over 31 days of May.

The main purpose here is to start getting people to prepare their affairs, instructions, messages, and documents. So, when they leave their loved ones behind, their loved ones will get a chance to grieve instead of dealing with all the important tasks which can be really difficult.

This game and the app will ask you to challenge your preconceptions about death. Every day you will get prompts with new questions. For instance, how would you like to be remembered? When do you feel most lively? Whom do you want to be there with you on your last days?

Every day you need to participate in the death convo game which will give you great chances to get free access to the Bereev app where you can easily prepare your plans.

This app will help you to get through the complex process to organise your end-of-life plans. It also focuses on all ethnicities. So, if you are a Muslim user who wants to upload their waisat and Hibah to your preparation plans, then you can do so.

Why Are Death Techs Important?

Death techs is a great promising area where you will find everything. Be it alternative cremation, or funeral tech through the video games. These video games in turn deal with the concept of end-of-life care. Since every human being is mortal, why not plan everything ahead of time so that we don’t get in trouble with our loved ones after we pass away.

Bereev actually comes from the death positivity that mainly will help to normalize the death convos. By death positivity, we don’t mean to look forward to death. But by this term, we want to say that you can accept what comes and you are ready to learn about it in a healthy way.

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Wrapping Up:

This is kinda cool, isn’t it? Bereev an app that helps you prepare for death has made lives easier. There are many things about death that we cannot control. So, we can be smart enough to make things easier for our loved ones after we leave them.

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