Top 6 Apple Movies To Rent Right Now & Enjoy To The Fullest!

Apple Movies To Rent

Watch an amazing collection of movies on Apple TV for free or simply rent the movies and enjoy with your friends!! This helps you cut a lot of costs that you could have probably spent for watching a paid movie!! So, which are the top Apple movies to rent right now? Well, for that you’ll have to read the post till the very ending to explore the bunch of amazing movies that you can rent on Apple!!

While many people already love the renting option given by  Apple TV, a few others may not be well aware of this amazing feature that allows you to rent a movie on Apple TV. For the latter ones, here’s a quick talk about this feature. Renting a movie means saving a movie for a set period in your Apple TV account for a minimal paid amount. You’ll have to watch the movie within the provided time as after that you’ll have to pay again!!

So if you are wondering which Apple movies to rent right now, we have compiled a long list of movies for you!! From documentaries, to love stories, to horror and thriller shows, you’ll come across everything as per your taste below!! 

Excited to explore the movie list? Well, let’s not make you wait further and get started with the top 10 picks of Apple movies to rent!! Here we go… 

6 Amazing Apple Movies To Rent

Here are the top picks of movies to rent on Apple TV as per the audience choice. Hope you love the collection!!

1. Collective

Collective Movie: Apple Movies To Rent
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Collective is a documentary film that will have all your senses involved while watching it!! It’s so intense and horrific at times. The story is beautifully portrayed, which follows the aftermath of a nightclub fire. 

In this mishappening, 27 people lost their lives while it led others wounded and suffering. Nanau transparently portrayed the scenes of corruption taking over humanity in the documentary!! 

If you haven’t watched this inclusive documentary movie yet, then it’s worth the shot. Rent it now on Apple TV and enjoy the most realistic corruption coverage by journalists!

Release Year: 2020
Genre: Documentary
Rating: NR
Director: Alexander Nanau
Stars: N/A
Runtime: 109 minutes

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2. All Light, Everywhere

All Light, Everywhere
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Another documentary that looks so realistic that you have to give it a try!! All Light Everywhere focuses on the power of a camera that holds so much evidence, interviews, and some unbiased truth!!

How a simple image capturing can turn into a weaponization tool is what makes the story so interesting! A lot of crime and drama and invasive practices have been featured in the movie. 

The movie follows an intense story of false accusations on innocent citizens by the police and corrupt institutions. Enjoy this intense drama by renting the movie on Apple TV.

Release Date: June 6, 2021
Genre: Documentary
Rating: NR
Director: Theo Anthony
Runtime: 105 minutes

3. Minari

Image Credits: YouTube

It’s almost 10 months now since this movie got released and since then it has been showered with so much love by the audience. What’s so great about this movie if you ask, then it holds a simple yet touchy family drama that’ll keep you hooked throughout!!

This movie portrays the story of a young couple who decides to move to a rural area along with their two kids to try farming. The best part is this is a family movie that you can enjoy with your kids.

This movie has received so much appreciation, and awards, making it one of the most amazing Apple movies to rent without a second thought!

Release Date: February 12, 2021
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Director: Lee Isaac Chung
Stars: Steven Yeun, Alan Kim, Noel Kate Cho, Han Ye-ri, Will Patton, Youn Yuh-Jung
Runtime: 115 minutes

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4. Pig

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Have you seen the Witcher? Well, a similar witchy character will entertain you in the movie Pig as well!!

As the name of the movie suggests, it’s a story that revolves around pigs. A man named Rob seels his pigs to make his daily earnings. 

You’ll see the world turn upside down as the movie comes to end. In short, it’s a sad story but a kind one, and not a pessimistic take for sure!! For all the drama lovers, this movie is a great treat!

Release Year: 2021
Genre: Drama
Rating: R
Director: Michael Sarnoski
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Adam Arkin, Alex Wolff
Runtime: 92 minutes

5. Moffie

Image Credits: YouTube

Moffie is a brave soldier story!! In Afrikaans slur, Moffie means gay man. This movie is particularly centered around a man named Moffie, who’s a soldier in the field. 

A lot of vulnerability, unbeatable spirits, and strong cinematography is what you’ll find in this movie. Although, the movie will break your heart in many places as you’ll see the soldiers suffering brutally.

This movie is worth watching on Apple TV!!

Release Year: 2021
Genre: Drama
Director: Oliver Hermanus
Stars: Ryan de Villiers, Kai Luke Brummer, Stefan Vermaak, Hilton Pelser, Matthew Vey, Wynand Ferreira
Runtime: 104 minutes

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6. Sator

Image Credits: geeksofdoom

Are you a fan of horror movies? You can’t miss out on watching this one then!! It’s full of horror!!

This movie features a time collapse, physical transportation to places in memories, and much more horrifying scenes. 

Do you hear voices in your head? Yes, we have experienced this, right? But what if those voices start to haunt you, like someone is approaching near to you, somewhat is watching you all the time? Damn!! It’s so scary and restless at the same time.

Well, this movie is not meant for weak hearts as it surely will scare the hell out of you. So better watch it at your own risk!!

Release Year: 2021
Genre: Horror
Rating: NR
Director: Jordan Graham
Starring:  Rachel Johnson, Michael Daniel, Gabriel Nicholson, Aurora Lowe, June Peterson
Runtime: 86 minutes

How To Rent A Movie In iTunes On Apple TV?

To rent a movie on Apple TV you need to follow a few basic steps and save your favorite movies and shows to watch them later anytime!! 

  1. Turn on your Apple TV.
  2. Go to the TV Shows app or Movies app on your Apple TV.
  3. Then type the desired movie title that you wish to rent.
  4. Below the movie, you’ll find two options. One is to buy the movie and the other one is to rent the movie. Click on Rent.
  5. After renting a movie you can either start watching it right then or save it for later. For that click on Rent and watch later.

Note: Remember that you have 30 days in total to watch the rented movie. And as soon as you start watching a movie, you have to finish watching it within 48 hours from the time you first watched it.

How To Buy A Movie In iTunes On Apple TV?

The procedure to buy a movie from Apple TV is nearly the same like you followed while renting the movie, just with a slight change. Follow these steps to buy a movie or TV show on iTunes:

  1. Turn on Apple TV.
  2. Go to the TV shows app or the Movies app.
  3. Type or select a title that you wish to buy.
  4. Under the movie/show title you’ll find two options. One is to buy the show, the other one is to rent the show. Click on buy and proceed.
  5. You’ll have to press buy again when prompted on-screen.

This will play your movie on the Apple TV screen!!

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Wrapping Up:

Now that you have learned how to rent a movie on Apple TV and which Apple movies to rent, you can enjoy a wonderful movie experience with your friends!!

Also, do share which is your favorite movies and shows on Apple TV in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share the post with your loved ones! And, lastly, Happy Binging!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Movie Renting On Apple TV:

Q. How Does Rent Work On Apple TV?

When you rent any movie title, what happens is that you are provided with a set time period of 30 days to finish watching that movie. And, in case you start watching the movie anytime in between the rented days, you’ll have to complete watching the movie within 48 hours after you start watching it.

Q. Do You Jave To Rent Movies On Apple TV?

Yes, you have to rent movie titles that you want to watch from iTunes, as it’s not included in the paid Apple TV subscription.

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