No More Apple Product Supply In Russia | Apple Halts Russian Sales!

apple stops russia sales

War is never the solution! As much as it brings emotional and physical imbalance, it also brings financial instability as well. Just like Apple stops Russia sales! This action is taken keeping the invasion of Ukraine in mind.

Services like Apple Pay, Apple Maps, and even Google services have been removed from Russian countries. No internet! No transactions! The news got into the limelight when Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov wrote an open letter to Apple asking them to cut off service sales in Russia.

You can view the original tweet below! Apple mostly stays away from any sort of controversies. So, to expect it to halt service support in Russian regions will be a big move that still needs official confirmation.

Although, Russia has no shortage of service providers other than Apple. Even if Apple stops providing support to Russian regions, the people who already own Apple products like Apple Watches, and iPhones will still be able to use App Store.

Mykhailo Fedorov’s Tweet

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister shared a tweet last week, in which he posted a screenshot of his open letter to Apple’s CEO. The open letter was more of an appeal to Apple’s CEO.

It read, that since it’s very clear how cruelly Russia has invaded Ukraine. The whole world has tied hands together against this misconduct and violence.

It’s very important that major firms like Google and Apple should join in this supportive mission. So, it’s an appeal from Ukraine’s side that you bar your service support from Russian Federation. It ranges from product supply to barring online payment methods via Apple Pay.

The action will be highly motivating for the Youth of the country. Not just that, but this halt of service support will also positively affect Russia’s will to disgracefully attack Ukraine.

The Vice Prime Minister’s tweet also made clear that if Apple won’t stop its services and other support from Russian countries then Apple should bear the consequences of being the only available site in Russia.

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Apple, Nike And Google Join Brands Limiting Services

The barring is not limited to Apple and Google. Many other top firms have taken the first steps to help Ukraine by halting service sanctions to Russia. Yes, you read that right that just like Apple stops Russia sales, many other major firms join the play.

Nokia came forward in favor of Ukraine and said that it won’t be offering any more services in Russian regions. Other than Nokia, Netflix and other streaming channels also joined the race against Russia.

Netflix is all set not to release add of its state-run channels to Russia. Many big brands like Nike have also decided to pause sales in Russia along with the entertainment industry.

Most online apps and stores have stopped working in the Russian region. Even the offline shipping from worldwide brands like Geneva-based MSC and Danish Maersk also stopped their shipping services in Russia.

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Apple Products That’ll No Longer Be Sold In Russia

Apple Products That'll No Longer Be Sold In Russia

Apple has stopped selling iPhones, iPads, and Macs in Russia. This latest action comes as a retaliation to Russia after its invasion of Ukraine last month. Apple had previously blocked Apple Pay in Russia and removed Russian apps like Sputnik and RT News, as well as disabled live traffic from Ukraine on Apple Maps, in an effort to support Ukraine.

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Final Words:

A friend in need is a friend indeed. There’s nothing with using this phrase to describe the indulgence of brands and system support in support of Ukraine. Apple stops Russia sales to stand with Ukraine in its difficult times.

What do you think will be the next big move by Apple or other technology hubs regarding the emerging tension of WW3?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is It Possible To Buy An iPhone In Russia?

Apple can be purchased directly, but prices vary across the globe. You’ll pay more if you live in Russia than in the United States for any model of iPhone. But after the invasion of Russia on Uranian countries, Apple will soon shut all its service sales in Russia.

Q. Is Apple Halting Sales In Russia?

Apple announced Tuesday that it would suspend all product sales in Russia and limit the functionality of certain services in Russia as a response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

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