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Most Viewed YouTube Videos

Reaching the 1 Billion Views benchmark on YouTube is a great achievement. There are a zillion videos that cross millions of views every day. But, do you know that there are videos that are about to reach 10 Billion? Have you seen all of them? If not, then do read this article on the “Most Viewed YouTube Videos”.

In Consequence of fact whether you are a content creator or viewer, knowing about the most-watched videos on YouTube is important. If you are a creator, you will get an idea about what type of videos are trending and getting views. On the other hand, if you are a viewer then you must watch the best videos on Youtube. So, for your assistance, here is the latest report on the “Most Viewed YouTube Videos”.

Most Viewed YouTube Videos-

  1. Baby Shark
  2. Despacito
  3. Johny Johny
  4. Shape Of You
  5. See You Again
  6. Bath Song
  7. Learning Colors
  8. Masha And The Bear
  9. Uptown Funk

Well, that is not all we have got you more than these nine videos, which are mentioned below. We have also mentioned the number of views along with the direct video link in the article below.

The Most Viewed YouTube Videos Of All Time

Here we are with the list of the most viewed videos on Youtube. The data provided in the article below is in consonance with the latest stats as of September 2021. So, without wasting much of your time let us jump on to the article. 

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#1. Baby Shark Dance

Number Of Views: 9.2 Billion

Baby Shark Dance has always managed to make to the list of the top viewed YouTube videos, whether you are talking about the first video to reach 5 million views or 6 million views. However, this time it has managed to top the list of the Most Viewed Videos on YouTube.

The video has been published by the Korean Publishers “Pinkfong”. Talking about the content in the video than the song video is made keeping toddlers in mind. Parents usually prefer these types of videos because they serve as the perfect audio-visual aid for kid’s learning. For example in this video, kids are taught about family members, and watching “The Shark Family” is an easier way to learn than mugging from the books.

#2. Despacito

Number of Views: 7.5 Billion

Despacito, by Louis Fonsi, was the first video to reach the three billion and seven Billion clubs on YouTube. WHOA! Unfortunately, the views decreased, and “Baby Shark Dance” took over the first place leaving behind Despacito at number 2 with around 7.5 Billion views. 

The song was released in the year 2017 in the Spanish language. Seeing the popularity of the song it was converted to various other languages including English and Hindi. But still, the native version remained on the top and is still on the list of the most viewed YouTube videos. 

#3. Johny Johny

Number Of Views: 5.6 Billion

If you are a YouTube content creator, then I have a suggestion for you. Start targeting the audience that uses YouTube for their toddlers. Who would have thought that the Rhyme we all grew up singing “JOHNY JOHNY… YES PAPA”, would take LooLoo kids to the list of the Most Viewed YouTube Videos one day.

Moving to the animated video of the song, it is about a small baby who is trying to eat some sugar. But, when his father (PAPA) asks him about the same he deters. The video shows the special bond between the father and the child. No doubt why parents want to show their kids this animated rhyme.

#4. Shape Of You

Number Of Views: 5.43 Billion

“Shape Of You” is the first and only song by Ed Sheeran to cross 5 Billion views on YouTube. The song barely needs any introduction, I bet all of us have listened to it in our GYMs, on Radio, or Spotify Playlists. It is also the “Trending song on Spotify” with 2,878,132,244 streams worldwide. If that isn’t huge Idk what is. 

Ed Sheeran first launched the lyrical video on his channel and on 30 January 2017 official video of the song was released. It only took 97 days for the song to reach the 1 Billion club and it is the fastest video to reach the milestone. We expect nothing less from our favorite rock singer.

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#5. See You Again

Number Of Views: 5.23 Billion

Name a “Fast And Furious” fan who hasn’t listened to the track “See You Again”. The song was released as a fan tribute to the late Paul Walker. The song was selected as the featured song for the movie, Furious 7.

The video is at number 5th position on the list of the “Most Viewed YouTube Video”. However, it was at position one in 2017, it remained at top of the list for 25 days and then was taken down by “Despacito”.

“See you Again” holds the record of most number of streams on Spotify in one day, in the US. It also holds the record of the most number of streams in a week in the UK.

#6. Bath Song

Number Of Views: 4.47 Billion

Bath Song is the third video targeting the toddlers in the list of the top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos. This video is published by Cocomelon- Nursery Rhymes and the music and the rhythm of the song resemble the “Baby Shark Dance”. However, there are two major reasons behind parents preferring this video. First, it displays a beautiful sibling bond. Siblings are helping each other in the bathtub. Second, the video can be used as an audio-video learning aid for kids as it helps kids learn body parts.

If you have a toddler growing at your place then do refer to the video.

#7. Learning Colors

Number Of Views: 4.45 Billion

Learning Colour is the seventh video in the list of the “Most Viewed YouTube Videos”. It is an educational video for kids that starts with the kids going on a school Picnic to Carnival. In the carnival, they were received by an elephant, who teaches them color names and animal names in a very interesting way. 

The video was uploaded on 27 February 2018 by Miroshka TV and has crossed 4 Billion views in just three years. If you want your kids to learn color names fast then “Learning Colors” will be a great help to you.

#8. Masha And The Bear – Episode 17

Number of Views: 4.45 billion

Well, this is the different video in this list. All the other videos in the list are either songs or educational videos for kids. However Masha and Bear is a Russian series and Episode 17 has crossed 4 Billion views.

Masha and The Bear are also available on Netflix. One of the major reasons for the popularity of the show is the animated character, Misha. Misha dresses up with her legs covered and a Scarf around her neck, this makes her perfect for the Muslim female kids. The experts have come to this conclusion after looking at the viewership of the show that is Indonesia. Indonesia is a country where 87 percent of the population is Muslims.

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#9. Uptown Funk

No Of Views: 4.27 Billion

Uptown Funk is a British-American collaboration that remained at the number 1 position on the US Billboard Chart. The song is created by the British Record Producer Mark Ranson and American Singer Bruno Mars. The song has surpassed “Gangnam Style” and secured 9th position on the list of the most viewed videos on YouTube.

“Uptown Funk” has won two Grammy Awards to date and was the second best-selling song of the year, 2015.

#10. Gangnam Style

No Of Views: 4.16 Million

Many say that PSY’s “Gangnam Style” was one of the most overrated videos of all time on YouTube. Anyhow, the fact cannot be denied that it was the first video on YouTube to reach the 1 Billion club. The video was uploaded in the year 2012 and by the end of the year, 2018 it has crossed 3 billion views. PSY’s Gangnam Style holds many records. Some of these are

  • It is the first video to reach 1 Billion views on YouTube.
  • It remained at no. one position on YouTube most played videos for 1689 days.
  • Until 2016 it was the most liked video on YouTube.
  • It also holds the record of the most-discussed video.
Video Name Number Of Views
Baby Shark Dance9.2 Billion
Despacito7.5 Billion
Johny Johny5.6 Billion
Shape Of You5.43 Billion
See You Again5.23 Billion
Bath Song4.47 Billion
Learning Colors4.45 Billion
Masha & The Bear 4.45 Billion
Uptown Funk4.27 Billion
Gangnam Style 4.16 Billion

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This was the list of the Top 10 most viewed YouTube videos, according to the latest stats as of September 2021. But, don’t worry about the stats. We will be updating the list every month with the latest stats and number of views. 

Till then enjoy these videos through the direct YouTube links provided above and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos?

Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos are-

  1. Baby Shark
  2. Despacito
  3. Johny Johny
  4. Shape Of You
  5. See You Again
  6. Bath Song
  7. Learning Colors
  8. Masha And The Bear
  9. Uptown Funk

What is the most-viewed YouTube video of all time?

Baby Shark with 9.2 Billion views is the most-viewed YouTube video of all time. It was the first video to reach 5 Billion and 6 Billion clubs.

What is the most viewed YouTube video within 24 hours?

“Butter” is the most viewed YouTube video within 24 hours. It has got 108 million views in just 24 hours.

How many YouTube videos have over a billion views?

To date around 222 videos have crossed the 1 Billion views benchmark on YouTube.

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