Beat Saber Custom Songs| Ways to Add your Favorites

Beat Saber Custom Games

Have you found one of the best games on the rhythmic platform? You need to find the best rhythm game. While looking for this, you need to know that one of the best is the beat saber games. Do you love to have your favorite songs in that game? Play the songs while playing the game on the rhythm. Find the way to play those songs on the gaming platform. It’s just the perfect place for you.

The new trend for video games is rhythm games. You can play the game with the beat of the music or the song, there are music tracks inside the games. Also, you would like to play your favorite songs in the game, right? As your favorite game will help you to boost your mood a lot and to play the game more attractively. And it will make the game effective as well.

You should know that you can add and play some music and songs inside the beat saber game while and as you want. Then can play the Beat Saber Games by playing those custom added songs. It is more important to have your song of choice inside the game to get the best outcome of the game. And also, it will help you to fulfill the motto of those games perfectly. So, the same happens to the Beat Saber games.

As you would go ahead with your favorite songs you would be able to give more concentration on the game. So, it will lead you to play the game perfectly, so you will be able to play the rhythm game Beat Saber perfectly. Before you proceed, you need to know some details about the custom songs in the game.

What Are Rhythm Games?

There are different types of video games. One of the latest additions to those in the rhythm games. These games are video games where you need to perform some actions based on the rhythm of the music in the game. These actions might be a physical action or action with the game controller.

In these games, the player needs to dance to the music on a dedicated floor or can also use the game controllers to play the game. Irrespective of the setup, the player needs to play the game to the beat of the music playing inside the game. One of the most famous is the Beat Saber.

Gameplay Of Beat Saber Game

This is a rhythm game on the platform of virtual reality. A game developer company from the Czech Republic known as Beat games created this game in a surrealistic environment that is based on neon. As beat saber a rhythm game, there will be different music or song tracks, based on what the game will be playing.

As it is a game in virtual reality, you have to play the game with physical activity. That implies you need to dance to play the game. As this game includes some physical activities this game has got a great acceptance. People love to play Beat Saber a lot. As there are some other great features as well.

You can play this game in multiplayer mode. This will help you to achieve higher scores and also be able to beat the other players while playing. This game also provides a good opportunity to have a dance with your friend on the floor. So, it is always a better option to dance to your favorite song while playing.

This game allows you to add your favorite songs or music tracks in the game. While playing the game, you can listen to your favorite songs. Not only listen but the game will completely be based on the beat of that particular song. It will make you feel more active and affectionate towards the game while playing. Naturally, it will increase your interest of yours to play the game and to play it with more passion while playing the beat saber.

How To Beat Saber Custom Songs

Beat Saber Custom Songs

As already discussed, you will be able to add songs of your choice in that game, it will be a step forward to the interest of the game. This game comes with 10 inbuilt songs. Over which you can start playing and after that, you can add songs of your choice. Once added, you will be able to play the game beat saber on those added custom songs.

There are some steps through which you will be able to add the songs of your choice in the game

Step1: Search The song

At first, you need to look for the song. You will be able to find the songs on the Beat Saber website. Search and select the song you want.

Step 2: Download

Once you have got the music or song, the next step will be downloading it. This will be downloaded in the zip file format. 

Step 3: Extract

Now you have to extract that song or music into a folder. In this step, it is really necessary to rename the folder with the name of the song.

Step 4: Add it to the folder

Once you have done the extracting, you need to add the song to the folder of the Beat Saber folder. On the computer, you need to open the Beat Saber folder. Then you need to enter the song or the music in the area which is known as the “Custom Level”. You will find this in the game files.

Step 5: Relaunch

Once you are done adding the song to the game folders, you need to relaunch the game. With that, the game will have the music in it. And the music or song will be added to the game permanently.

Wrapping Up

So, you have already known the steps to add the music or song of your choice to the Beat Saber game. With that song, it will be more interesting for you to play the game with your friend. Dance on the beat, have physical activities, and stay more fit. Play the game, score higher, and win. Beat others with the beat of your favorite song on the platform of Beat Saber.

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