BeReal App Parent Review | Everything Parents Need To Know!

BeReal App Parent Review

These days social media has a great impact on the mental health of children. Are you also worried about your children using a new trendy app BeReal? Well, in this article we are going to discuss the BeReal app parent review in detail. 

A new social media app that asks users to post an unfiltered and authentic photo once a day on the platform. Its main purpose is to promote reality rather than presenting an unrealistic and filtered version. For Generation Z, BeReal has become their obsession.

After reading this article BeReal app parent review as a Parent you will become relaxed about the new trendy app BeReal. Nowadays the kids are now shifting to the BeReal app. As the BeReal app offers to post an authentic and unfiltered photo once a day when they receive the notification. 

So without wasting any time let’s get started with our article BeReal App parent review. For more latest updates do follow Deasilex. 

BeReal App Parent Review 

The kids who grow up in the social media days have immense pressure to present themselves picture perfect on the social media world. They use filters, face turning, and editing to present a perfect picture. Suddenly an app came into this social media world and said that they want to change this. Now present yourself without any filter. Present yourself authentic. And Generation Z got crazy about this app and the BeRreal app has become a new trend among the youth. 

Now, this trend has made parents worry about the BeReal app. They are concerned about the safety of the BeReal app for their children. Scroll down to know more about the BeReal app parent review.

What Do Parents Need To Know?

The French social media platform claims that it is not another social media platform. This app encourages users to share real and authentic content on the platform. Its goal is to let the user present a glimpse of daily life when they are notified to post pictures within 2 minutes of the time once a day to post unedited and unfiltered pictures. If we say it in simple words, it means that stop what you are doing, let’s show the world what you are doing. 

BeReal claims that it will reduce the screen timing on social media. This app will help children who are suffering from anxiety and self-worth. By presenting themselves without any filter. 

Well, many parents are concerned about the timing of the BeReal notification. It is increasing issues of the fear of missing out in the children which have led them to anxiety. Parents should take care of their children and know more by going through the BeReal app parent review. 

Is BeReal Safe For Kids? 

If I think from the mental health perspective of the children Bereal is better than the other apps. As it does not offer the addiction of the instant popularity of the like, share, and comment. There are no numbers of likes, shares, and comments available on the platform. As BeReal claims it is trying to build an environment to present yourself as who you are and in what way you truly like to be. Below you can read the BeReal app parent review.

BeReal is trying to give space to the kids to present themselves as authentic as they are. When the kid does this Anxiety and depression will be relieved.

Age Restriction

Only Kids above 12+ years are allowed to use the BeReal app. It will stop kids who are below 12 years from using the app. 

No Child Trafficking

BeReal does not offer any option to direct messages on the platform. That stops your child from socializing with the unknown. It makes it safer than other social media platforms and it also helps in reducing the screen time on the apps. 

Reduces Unnecessary Addiction

BeReal does not provide any option to show you the number of likes, comments, and shares. So it keeps your child from getting addicted to the popularity. It will keep the children from getting addicted to getting viral on social media. 

It keeps your child away from wasting time by scrolling on the app because there are no such things that exist on the BeReal app. 

Keeps You From Unnecessary Negativity  

BeReal keeps your child away from unnecessary negativity spread through the platform. Because BeReal only allows posting a picture in a day.  And as it does not have any direct message option on the platform it keeps away your child from unnecessary people. 

Why Should Parents Worry About?

Well, there are issues that every parent should worry about when their children use the BeReal app. Well, you can take care of your child through the BeReal app parent Review.  

No Parental Control

Every parent should monitor the activity of their child on BeReal because BeReal does not offer any parental control. And because of the nature of the app, there is the least privacy control on the application. 

Posted Pictures Are Unmoderated

If your child scrolls through the discovery your child may encounter inappropriate content on the app. So if anyone encounters such content, report this type of content to protect children facing this content. 

Easy To Connect With Strangers If their Privacy Is Everyone

If any user keeps their privacy as everyone this will enable strangers to send friend requests easily through discovery. 


These days parents are more about their kids becoming addicted to social media. So in this article, we have provided you with info about the BeReal app parent review. Let’s wrap up this article here. If you find it relevant to your problem, spread it to family and friends. If you have any queries, feel free to write them in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Does It Mean By BeReal Time Today?

BeReal today means the time when the BeReal notification notifies the user to post the BeReal of the day. At this time the user is given 2 minutes to click and post the picture. 

Q. Is the BeReal App Safe For Kids?

There are only a few privacy options and no parental controls because of the nature of this program. Despite that, it is not dangerous. If your child is younger than 13 years old, they might not grasp the purpose of the app and use it inappropriately.

Q. How Old Do You Have To Be To Use BeReal?

Users above age 12+ are allowed to download and use the BeReal app. 

Q. What Happens If You Miss A BeReal Day?

Late BeReal posting has no penalties and is rather typical among BeReal users. After all, not everyone is able to answer their phone in the allotted two minutes. However, the entire purpose of the BeReal app is to catch you off guard so you can share the most genuine and present-day photos.

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