9 Free Best Brand-Building Apps For All Business Needs!!

Brand-Building Apps

Branding is the art of aligning. What is all it takes to build a brand? Every builder, woodworker, or another maker, I know takes great care of the tools they use to earn their living. The same goes for every business professional and digital marketer.  We are fiercely attached to apps and tools that help us do our job. And then as new apps come out that fit smoothly into our work routines, we add them to our toolbox and spread the good word to others. To help you find the best of the best without a lot of digging we asked fellow impactors what were the best brand-building apps and tools that are must for every business person?

The answers we got were pretty impressive. If you’ve been looking for the most indispensable and valuable apps and tools, look no further than this post. You’re about to learn about the best brand-building apps for digital marketers and what makes them so freaking fantastic. Now let’s dive right into the post without any further ado.

Here in this post, I have mentioned various Brand Building Apps covering different needs of your brand from content creation to marketing strategies. Here have a look at:

  • Free Digital Marketing Apps
  • Free Apps For Content Creation
  • Free Apps To Make Logos

Brands are not built overnight. It requires a lot of smart work, planning, marketing strategies, the right tools and apps, patience, and a crazy impactful idea that connects with people. These brand-building apps will help you to give the desired shape to your brand.

Best brand Building Apps – Free Digital Marketing Apps

Say Hello to the best brand-building apps!! It’s time to implement these tools and apps in your business and create an amazing outcome out of them.

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Brand-Building Apps: Trello
Source; Trello

Trello is an online project and pipeline management platform that we cannot live without. You can use this app to govern both your written and video content strategies. That’s why revenue and features editor, John Becker says this one is a Grade A must-have for any marketer who is managing a content strategy.


Brand-Building Apps; LuckyOrange
Source: Capterra

LuckyOrange is a staple heat mapping website traffic tool for tracking how your visitors are interacting with your website. It also sends you daily traffic and changes updates to your email.

Now, according to impact creative lead Christine Austin, “My favorite piece of the tool has to be its dynamic heat maps and recordings. Rather than a static screenshot the tool contains fully interactive heat maps on your website pages”.


Brand-Building Apps; Hubspot
Source: The Club People

Hubspot is one of the most beloved and popular marketing sales and service automation platforms on the planet. Impact’s Director of Content and Curriculum Liz Moorhead has a special place in her heart for Hubspot for a very specific reason.

She says, “ Not only is Hubspot a sleek cm for digital marketers, but the content ROI reporting that’s possible is also completely unbeatable”. This app actually shows how specific pieces of content helped to make a deal. That’s empowering!!

Free Apps For Content Creation

Creating content can take a lot of time. Technology has made this task much easier. I’ll be showing you three apps to help you create great content and the best part is these are all free. 

These apps will provide you a hundred content ideas like inspiration, casting, nostalgia, experience, and more. You are never going to run out of content ideas.

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Brand-Building Apps; Otter

Otter is a great app to quickly acquire great ideas by transcribing your thoughts or conversations directly from your phone. Our mind generates great ideas sometimes but can frame those into stories. We often come up with great ideas and then forget them because we don’t write them down.

Forget no more! This app enables you to turn auto into social media content. Your job is to whip out your phone and simply talk it out so that you don’t lose those great ideas. Otter instantly comes up with content ideas in short and long-form too. You can use these ideas to create your blog posts or to write your brand’s description.

Otter saves a lot of time!! 


Brand-Building Apps; Dropmark
Source: Dropmark

Dropmark is my favorite tool when it comes to organizing all of your kinks files and notes to visual collections. It’s similar to other services like Evernote but here’s what I like specifically about this app. You can tag your content and find it quickly. You can also add websites into folders as websites and not as screenshots.

So, you can actually scroll content without leaving the app. It’s perfect to use on your own. It’s also perfect to use as a team, it’s very easy to collaborate or have multiple contributors to your folders. Maybe you’re wondering how I organize my content? 

Dropmark helps you to quickly save things you see or think of in one place for reference later. Be organized!!

Answer the Public

Brand-Building Apps; Answer the Public
Source; BforBloggers

This free tool gathers online data from autofill and search engines to display keywords and phrases that help you reach more people. Even if you have a pretty good idea of what people are looking for, it’s always a good idea to confirm that using a tool like this.

When you create content using keywords that people are searching for, the goal is if they find you, your blogpost podcast pins list goes on. Let me give you a quick briefing on how this app works.

Simply enter a keyword relevant to your industry. It will do personal branding within seconds. It shares phrases, queries, and more. It gives visual images and hundreds of ideas for podcasts, blog post titles and the list goes on. 

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Free Apps To Make Brand Logos

Logo plays an important role for any brand. Where a clear and catchy logo can attract people, a dull and bland logo takes away the viewer’s interest. 

I’ll be showing you the best Apps to make brand logos for free. Here check out the list of logo maker tools:

Logo Maker

Brand-Building Apps; Logo Maker
Source: Source planet

Logo maker has 2000+ templates to help you design your logo. It’s easy to use and edit designs. You can create your own shapes, beautiful fonts, work with layers easily, and export logos in PNG.

You get over 5000 logo icons on this app. All of them are high-resolution logos. You can also search for the logo by typing the brand name or idea. Choose the best-suited logo for your brand and make it stand out in the crowd.

Logo Maker Shop

Brand-Building Apps; Logo Maker Shop
Source: Oberlo

If you want to create epic logos for your brand, then Logo Maker Shop is a must-try. Logo Maker Shop is a fast and easy logo maker with 1000   inspiring high-quality templates. It has a fast and easy editor using which you can add your creativity to the logo.

You get to pick stylish fonts, and watercolor texture too. All the logos have high resolution exporting for printing. Without any doubt, you are getting the best logos using this app.

Logo Maker Create A Design

Brand-Building Apps; Logo Maker Create A Design
Source: iPhone App

Logo Maker Create A Design gives you 1000+ logo template designs. Create logos in a few taps with 1000+ fonts, 5000+ graphics, and images. Save the logos with a transparent background or colored one.

After finalizing the logo and editing it accordingly, you can save it in hi-resolution quality for printing. Create stickers, watermarks, business cards, and more using this app.

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Aha!! I am sure you’ll love these best brand-building apps after giving them a shot. Not just these apps are smooth and easy to navigate, but they are also tried and tested ones. Ah-Han! Don’t forget to share this post with all your business-minded friends and build great brands together. Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind. Good luck with the branding!! 

Featured Image Credits: Encompass Insurance

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