9 Best Dark Web Websites You Won’t Find On Google!

Best Dark Web Websites

Ghosts are for real! Not just human ghosts, but there are some ghosts that remain hidden under this happening browsing world! Yes, I am talking about dark web websites!! The name itself sounds so exotic, right? Do you know that there are certain best dark web websites you won’t find on Google? So, how can you access them, and what good do they do to you?

Unlike the regular websites that I and you use in our day-to-day lives, these dark web websites can’t be accessed directly. To use these dark web websites you first need to access Tor Browser. Install this third-party browser on your Chromebook or laptop and then, find these hidden websites in that browser! Since these websites are layered in so many ways, these are also popularly known as Onion URLs!! 

All these best dark web websites that you won’t find on Google are specially created to provide anonymity to the users. You don’t have to worry about your personal data getting shared, as these dark websites are encrypted end-to-end. While the dark web is a hub for many dark and illegal activities, it can also be used for good purposes like watching your favorite movies!!

Let’s just keep in mind that the internet has both dark and bright sides of usage! It’s all up to you how you keep pace with the growing technology! Because dark doesn’t necessarily mean for dark purposes only! It’s just that they are a part of the dark or deep web! Have a look at these dark sites that are hidden from Google and learn how to access them!

What Is the Deep Web?

Deep Web in simple words is a benign site. In other words, all the password-protected platforms like the email inbox, Netflix’s paid subscription, and other such forums all come under the deep web! 

The reason why these are kept under encryption is to protect users’ privacy. Otherwise, think of anyone being able to access your Gmail account just with a single search! Huh! 

What Is the Dark Web?

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The Dark Web on the other hand is unlike the deep web. There are only a few thousand dark web websites. Dark web websites have special access encryption to them just to keep the user’s personal information anonymous. Although dark websites are illegal and full of piracy, these are not always illegal. Many political activists, journalists, and government authorities also use these sites to keep their agendas private!

Best Dark Web Websites

Here ends your wait for finding the best dark web websites to continue your secret activities!! 

1. Mail2Tor

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Mail2Tor is a great alternative for your email communication as it’s more safe and secure! Like we know that our email inboxes are not completely safe. Whatever personal data we have stored in our emails, as actually shared with the email providers. 

That’s the reason why Google flashes advertisements and search results for the same products we mentioned in our emails. 

But unlike emails, Mail2Tor keeps your data to itself and doesn’t leak any kind of information to other users! It’s in fact one of the best dark web websites you can use!!

Link to access Mail2Tor: http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/

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2. The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki
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To access onion sites that are uncensored in your country, you should be well aware of which link you are clicking and which not!

That’s when the Hidden Wiki comes into play! You get to access any site censored or uncensored using this website!

Link to access The Hidden Wiki: The hidden Wiki

3. ProPublica

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ProPublica is the first-ever onion nonprofit newsroom! This non-profit publication is created to expose the dark side of politics and government agendas to the public!!

You get a lot of information regarding the inside edge of government policies! This publication is funded by many top organisations like the Sandler Foundation. ProPublica is one of the best dark web websites for publications!

Link to access ProPublica: Propubica

4. DuckDuckGo

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If you’re new to the dark or deep web, then DuckDuckGo’s onion link is the first option you use. This parenting site grants access to other dark sites with a single search. DuckDuckGo is a local site searcher for Tor. It has also earned a prestigious reputation for privacy in search. Certain countries and ISPs may attempt to block access to the direct link of DuckDuckGo. Therefore, it’s very beneficial to be able to connect via the link’s onion.

Link to access DuckDuckGo: Duckduckgo

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5. Just Paste

Just Paste
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It’s generally accepted that copy-pasting online isn’t completely anonymous. The browser can be aware of your browsing history, which can pose a privacy risk of sending sensitive information. Just Paste is a truly anonymized dark web copy-pasting service that doesn’t save any data from text.

It is able to save with simple text HTML5, CSS, Ruby, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, and many other formats for coding. You are able to download the paste and others who have the link are able to anonymously respond to your copied text.

6. Onion Share

best dark web websites: Onion Share
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Do you want to share any file size with no restrictions? OnionShare is a powerful program for private data transfer and it is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also allows you to chat in private with recipients of files.

It’s one of the best dark web websites to receive and share secret files, and private information!

Link to access Onion Share: onionshare

7. SecureDrop

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Of the many whistleblower sites that are open source, SecureDrop is currently a prominent platform. A number of prominent media outlets maintain their presence on this site to accept secure documents from anonymous users. This includes big names like Al Jazeera, CBC, Forbes, Huffington Post, New York Times, and numerous others. To make a suggestion you must join the community. This is anonymously done through an onion-approved link. The site is highly secure against hackers and protects the data that is transferred along with the rest of your data.

Link to access SecureDrop: secrdrop5wyphb5x

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8. Comic Book Library

Comic Book Library
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Comic book Library is another dark web website that is a secluded area on the web that is, featuring every type of comic book that you could ever want. If you’re looking for Aquaman or Frank Miller graphic novels, there’s something to satisfy your needs. This collection is huge and highly recommended to comic book enthusiasts.

9. Qubes OS

 Qubes OS
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Qubes is the most popular operating system based on Linux Es and is well acknowledged for its security. It is an award-winning program that works with Windows, Debian, and Fedora. You will have more control over the software’s customization. In addition to Tails OS, Qubes allows the most secure connectivity in virtual machine platforms.

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Wrapping Up:

So, these were the top hidden sites that you won’t find on google. If you have used any of these sites before, do share your experience with us in the comments section below!

Also, share the names of other dark web websites if you have any in mind! Until then have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is The Dark Web Illegal?

No, accessing the dark web using the Tor browser is not illegal. Although indulging in illegal activities after accessing these dark web websites like drug dealing, etc. is not legal.

Q. Can You Be Tracked On The Dark Web?

No, you can’t get tracked while using Dark Web websites, as these sites are completely encrypted to protect users’ privacy. Although, if you are engaged in any kind of illegal activities on the dark web, then C1A will try its best to track you down.

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