Best Crypto Digital Wallets | Which One You Should Own?

Best Crypto Digital Wallets

Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency? We recommend checking out the best crypto digital wallets before investing in cryptocurrency. If you already have a digital wallet, check out if your wallet is on the best crypto digital wallets list. If not, it’s time to change your digital wallet!

You can easily trade with digital wallets. Not just this, but digital wallets allow you to safely store your digital currency. You can have greater control over your digital currency with these digital wallets. Want to know about these wallets? We will provide you with a list of the best crypto digital wallets where you can keep your currency. 

There are different digital wallets with different features. So, in this post, we have brought the best crypto digital wallets that you can use while investing in cryptocurrencies.

So, let’s dive into the post and see what are the best crypto digital wallets!

Best Crypto Digital Wallets

There are many crypto digital wallets available. Here, we have written the best crypto digital wallets out of all available in the market. Let’s go through this list of the best crypto digital wallets.

1. MetaMask

MetaMask. was released in 2016 and is highly popular. You can connect this free wallet to an Ethereum-based platform. You can purchase, sell, or exchange digital assets.

2. Exodus

This digital wallet is considered to be the best one for desktop users. This wallet supports 130+ kinds of cryptos like Dogecoin, Bitcoin, etc. It is a hot wallet that can run on Linux computers, windows, or Mac. You can opt for this crypto wallet without any cost.

3. BitGo

It is a hot wallet introduced in 2013. You can easily trade and store digital assets with the BitGo cryptocurrency wallet. It is a multi-coin wallet for cryptos. The BitGo wallet is known for creating a balance between accessibility and security.

4. Coinbase

If you are a newcomer to the line of cryptocurrency, in this case, Coinbase wallets are strongly recommended for you. The wallet is owned by a highly popular exchange called Coinbase. One can easily use and navigate this digital wallet. It supports more than 500 kinds of cryptocurrencies. 

5. Mycelium

If you are a mobile user, you can go for this wallet as it is one of the best crypto digital wallets for mobile users. This wallet is available free of cost. The wallet supports only a few types of cryptos that including Ether or Bitcoin. It is a non-custodial and hot storage wallet.

6. Electrum

Electrum is a bitcoin wallet introduced in 2011. It has the best feature that makes it a part of the best crypto digital wallets. The feature is that it doesn’t have fixed transaction fees. You can easily adjust the fee as per the speed you want for your transaction. The faster the transaction, the higher the fee and vice versa.

7. Coinomi

Coinomi supports more than 1700 different cryptocurrencies. It has an easy and clean interface. If you value privacy, it is the best crypto wallet for you. You can have full control over your cryptos with this digital wallet.

8. Trust Wallet

This wallet can be a good option for those who want to carry the cryptos around their phones. This is a multi-crypto wallet, and the app is free of cost. It can be downloaded via Google Play Store or App Store. It is an open-sourced app, and the wallet supports more than 1 million crypto assets.   

9. CoinPayments

It is one of the best crypto digital wallets you can use to conduct various transactions. It allows the users to conduct transactions for Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. It supports transactions for more than 2000 cryptocurrencies. 

There are other crypto digital wallets, but we have listed the best crypto digital wallets here.


This post was all about the best crypto digital wallets.

We have listed the best crypto digital wallets here in the post. All of them are known for the various features they hold. You can choose the best one for you that matches the qualities you want your crypto digital wallet should possess. Tell us if we have missed out on any other best crypto digital wallets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Coinbase A Good Wallet?

A. Yes, Coinbase is a secure and good wallet for beginners who don’t have much experience in cryptos.

Q2. Is Exodus A Good Option As A Wallet?

A. It is a user-friendly wallet. It has the option of automatically adjustable fees for those new and who are unsure to fix the right transaction network fee.

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