How To Mine Crypto Without Any Hardware? Is This Possible?

How To Mine Crypto Without Any Hardware?

Have you ever thought of mining cryptocurrency without any hardware? Yes, it is possible. Well, don’t get confused because here is a guide on “how to mine crypto without any hardware”, which will help you understand the whole process.

Crypto mining is highly famous nowadays. Many miners are getting involved in validating crypto transactions and are successful in getting rewards in return for winning this competition. However, many people cannot participate in this process because it is quite expensive. 

Well, it is now possible to mine crypto without any hardware. You don’t need to spend much on crypto mining. Yeah, crypto mining is no more an expensive process if you don’t use any hardware. Are you still confused if you require any hardware for mining cryptocurrency or not? It is possible and there is an easy way of mining without involving hardware.  

So, let’s not create much suspense and start with the post to see how to mine crypto without any hardware. 

How To Mine Crypto Without Any Hardware?

If you think of a solution for mining cryptos without using any hardware, we have it for you. The solution is Cloud Mining. Yes, with cloud mining, you can mine crypto without involving hardware. You don’t need to invest in equipment and make money on cryptos using Cloud Mining. People can rent out time on this cloud mining service and pay a fee every month. It is a simple way of crypto mining.

Let us get more details about what exactly is Cloud mining. 

What Is Cloud Mining?

Cloud Mining is a process where you don’t purchase costly equipment and rather rent them from a company. Cloud Computing technology is used in the process of Cloud Mining. It is an easy way where you don’t need to invest in hardware and can start mining. Hardware can be leased from another company. Hence, the expensive process of crypto mining is no more costly because of Cloud Mining. No more heavy investments are required with this process. You can use Cloud Mining for many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

Let us move on to the several types of Cloud Mining.

Cloud Mining Types?

It is now the time to see what are the types of Cloud Mining. There are right now three types of Cloud Mining.

  • Physical Farm– Rent the entire server placed at one data center in physical farm rental.
  • Virtual Farm– Rent a part of the land or property and have your control system in virtual farm rental.
  • Computing Power– Renting a part of the Hashing power. Earnings through renting computing power will correspond to the amount of power acquired.

Let’s have a look at what are the benefits of Cloud Mining.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Mining?

Here we have listed the benefits or advantages of using cloud mining for mining cryptocurrency.

  • Easy to set up (Don’t need to set up anything).
  • Cheaper per hash rate.
  • Different cryptos can be mined by using the same service.
  • Referral benefits if you bring more people to the resource.
  • Choose a resource as per your choice that has profitable contracts, and you can mine.
  • High revenues.

Let us now move on to what are the sites that allow Cloud Mining. 

What Are The Best Sites For Cloud Mining?

Here is a list of the best sites for cloud mining. Try mining cryptocurrencies using these websites.

  • Genesis Mining
  • Trustcloudmining
  • Shamining
  • Gminers
  • IQ Mining
  • Easyminer
  • Hashing24
  • Free Mining
  • Bit Deer
  • Cryptouniverse
  • NiceHash
  • HashNest
  • ChickenFast
  • HashFlare

You can visit any of these sites for Cloud Mining. You don’t need to manage hardware if you use Cloud Mining. Users must register and then buy mining contracts to run this process. You can also try Cloud Mining with these companies.


This post was all about how to mine crypto without any hardware.

Here, we have explained how to mine crypto without any hardware by using Cloud Mining. Along with this, we have also explained the meaning, benefits, various types of cloud mining, and the sites for mining cryptos through cloud mining here in our post. So, you can also try out this way of mining cryptos through cloud mining but remember to do your research before going for crypto mining.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Mine Crypto Without Hardware?

A. Yes, you can mine crypto without hardware.

Q2. Is It Possible To Mine Crypto Without A GPU?

A. Yes, you can mine cryptocurrency without a CPU or GPU.

Q3. How Do You Get Cryptocurrency Without Mining?

A. You can get cryptocurrency in various ways, such as getting free NFTs, free stock and exchanging it in return for crypto, participating in referral programs related to cryptos, etc.

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