List Of 8+ Best And Must-Have Gadgets For Road Trips

Gadgets For Road Trips

Planned a trip to Ladakh? Or to some other place worth riding on motorbikes, in the rain? I don’t know about others but being a biker one thing I am sure every biker would connect is a dream, “With our beauty to the hills”. Writing this tickled me in my stomach. When are you planning to make your next road trip? But, before planning make sure you have all the necessary gadgets for the road trip.

People who have traveling as their first hobby would find it relevant to make sure that you need to make a list of all the necessary gadgets you would require on a road trip. But, the task is difficult for the beginners who are to make their first road trip. Don’t worry friends, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an amateur, you still need a guide before planning a road trip. Here we are with a proper guide that will tell you the best gadgets for the road trip.

The list of the most essential and important gadgets for road trips are

  • Power bank
  • Camp Stove
  • Water Bottle
  • Action Camera
  • Saddle Bags
  • Phone Holder
  • Wind Screen

This is a list of the most essential accessories and gadgets for road trips on a bike or in a car. Traveling on bike can be tiring and you may suffer from body aches. But, try it out once, you will find all the pain worth it.

Best Gadgets For Road Trips

Now, that you are aware of all the items that are required for the road trips. We have explained the use of these gadgets for road trips below along with the pre-checks you need to make before setting out for the trip.

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Power Bank

Gadgets For Road Trips - power Bank
Source: Travel + Leisure

Can you imagine your life without your mobile today? 

Is there a possibility that you will hit a restaurant or hotel every time your phone runs out of battery?

The answer to both the questions is NO!!

This is why carrying a power bank is important. It is a must-have piece of equipment in your bag. Well, if you are traveling in your car then all you need to carry is the car charger adapter and if you are not comfortable carrying the power bank on the bike ride then the best way is to preinstall a bike mobile charger fixed with a dynamo.

Camp Stove

Gadgets For Road Trips - Camp Stove
Source: Mossy Oak

Maggie on the hills!! 

My personal experience says cooking Maggi on the hills increases the taste almost four times. 

If you have planned a trip on your bike then why eat in a restaurant? Why not cook it Yourself? 

Bro, I am not talking of the cup maggie here. Yeah, cook the two minutes Maggi noodles by your camp, and the camp stove will serve the purpose perfectly. It is lightweight and easier to carry which makes it one of the best gadgets for road trips.

Water Bottle

Gadgets For Road Trips - Water Bottle
Source: Her Packing List

Well, this is one of the basic and must-have gadgets for road trips. It doesn’t need any explanation to tell you the need for a water bottle or is it? If yes, then let me tell you riding from the hills and deserts will make you thirsty, and finding water points won’t be easy. 

Plus there are bottle types that carry extra storage space with them. You can make use of such bottles to make your trip easier.

Action Camera

Gadgets For Road Trips - Action Camera
Source: Orvis

If you are making a travel blog or just traveling to the countryside, to have a break from stress full life. It doesn’t matter, you must carry an action camera along with you.

For the travel vloggers, it is the way they can stay connected or make proper guidance videos for the place but, for the people who are traveling for themselves, it is going to be a memory worth cheering for. 

So, why not keep a record of the trip.

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Saddle Bags

Gadgets For Road Trips - Sddlebags
Source: Mad or Nomad

We have been talking about all these important gadgets for trips to carry but how will you carry them?

No, not in the regular or the luggage bag, they will be difficult to carry. The best possible solution to this is the saddlebag. A saddlebag is easier to carry and can be placed on the tail light of the bike. A bag that can carry your camp, clothes, bottles and all the necessary things.

Tip – There was a problem last time I went on the trip with the saddlebag. Although the item is a must and important to carry, there are certain things that you require on an urgent basis sometimes, for example, a raincoat. So what I suggest is along with the saddlebag carry a tank bag.

Phone Holder

Gadgets For Road Trips - Phone holders
Source: Husky Liners

Phone Holder is one of the best gadgets for road trips. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling in the car or on your bullet, you must have the GPS on, on your phone. We won’t suggest you to hold your phone in one hand and ride with another.

Instead, carry a phone holder, that is what it is made for.

Wind Screen

Gadgets For Road Trips - Wind Screen
Source: Forbes

Whats the most unpredictable thing when you are traveling to new place? I say the weather.

So, be ready to face everything. If you have planned a bike trip. It is suggested to have a windscreen, it will protect you from all the dust you are going to face on the way to your destination.

Pre Checks

Gadgets For Road Trips - Pre Checks
Source: Credit Karma

Well, now that you are aware of all the gadgets for road trips, this is not all you need to carry.

You need to checklist a few things before. This includes all the papers insurance, pollution check, Registration Certificate, and license.

If you plan to cross international borders, you must carry your identity proof along with you.

Along with these get the air pressure in the tires checked, chains properly lubricated, and make sure brakes are working properly.

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If you have ever been on the trip then do let us know what are difficulties you face. So, we can make this article more helpful for others. For now, these are the best gadgets for road trips that you must carry along with you.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bag and set out on the trip.

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