Best Indian Gaming Youtube Channels | With Millions of Subscribers

Best Indian Gaming Youtube Channels | With Millions of Subscribers

The Indian gaming industry has evolved a lot over the past few years and it is expected to grow more. All this happened because of Indian gamers who created the best gaming content and uploaded it on their Indian gaming YouTube channels.

Before 2016, when there was only a 3G network, people used to play games on desktop, PlayStations, and on Xbox. But after the 4G rollout, there was a huge change in the gaming industry as games that were only available only for PC, now because of high-speed internet, were also made for mobile devices including Android and iOS.

If you search for Indian gamers on YouTube, you might end up finding thousands of channels. But here, we disclosed only the most subscribed gaming YouTube channel in India. The top three are Total Gaming, Techno Gamers, and A_S Gaming.

Apart from these three, there are seven more gaming YouTube channels that have more than seven million subscribers. To know more about them, you should read the full article.

Best Indian Gaming YouTube Channels

The below-listed channels are run by the top gaming YouTubers in India. Almost every child and professional esports player are familiar with these gamers.

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Total Gaming – 22.7 Million Subscribers


Total Gaming was started just three years ago by Ajay and now we can see huge growth in this Youtube channel as it has crossed 22 million subscribers which is really a very big number. The creator of this channel do live streams and play games like Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, GTA V, and Pubg. The total views on Total Gaming are more than 3 billion whereas videos are just 1,267.

Techno Gamerz – 15.1 Million Subscribers


Techno Gamerz ranks in the second position of best Indian gaming Youtube channels as it has 15 million-plus subscribers. The creator of this channel is Ujjwal. He joined Youtube in 2017 in order to share daily videos about mobile gaming and gaming news. The total number of videos on this channel is 601 and views are over 3 billion.

A_S Gaming – 10.1 Million Subscribers


This Youtube channel is run by one of the most famous Indian gaming content creators, Sahil Rana. Usually, he plays only Battle Royale games like Free Fire and does live streams of that game on his Youtube channel. As of now, Sahil has crossed 10 million subscribers with 409 videos and 100M+ hits. A_S Gaming channel has been managed by Red Owl Gaming. 

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Desi Gamers – 9.55 Million Subscribers


Amit Sharma is the owner of this Youtube channel. He is from India and creates amazing gaming videos of Free Fire. Amit is very much experienced in gaming. Because of this, he was able to hit 9 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Talking about the videos, there are a total of 876 gaming videos on Desi Gamers with billions of views.

Dynamo Gaming – 9.14 Million Subscribers


Every gamer, as well as a professional esports player, knows about this channel. Aadii Sawant started this Youtube channel back in 2010 but gained popularity when he started doing Pubg live streams. He is popularly known as a person who says “Patt se Headshot” whenever he knocks an enemy in Pubg by headshot. Dynamo Gaming Youtube channel has over 1.5K videos with billions of views.

Gyan Gaming – 8.98 Million Subscribers


Gyan Gaming is one of the most popular Indian Gaming YouTube channels. It was created in September 2017. The creator of this channel uploads Free Fire playing videos and gives some techniques of playing Free Fire as a pro player. The total number of videos on this channel is 1.8K and views are in billions.

CarryisLive – 8.94 Million Subscribers


India’s most popular Youtuber, Carry Mintai started this channel in order to stream games that he plays. Apart from just playing games, he has uploaded several playlists such as quarantine and chill and faltu ki bakchodi. The total number of videos on Carryislive is 701 while views are 900 million.

Lokesh Gamer – 8.7Million Subscribers


Lokesh Gamer is a Youtube channel created in November 2017. Here, you’ll find all the videos related to Free Fire gaming and live streams of it. Lokesh Gamer YouTube channel has been managed by Red Owl Gaming. Talking about the videos, there are a total of 729 videos with 100 million-plus views.

Mythpat – 7.52 Million Subscribers


The real name of the owner of this YouTube channel is Mithilesh Patankar. He created the Mythpat channel back in 2018 and gained much popularity by hitting 7.52 million subscribers in a short period of time. The overall views on this channel are more than 1 billion whereas videos are just 219.

Two Side Gamers – 7.23 Million Subscribers


Two Side Gamers is one of the best Indian gaming YouTube channels where you’ll find the creator playing GTA V, Free Fire, Among us, etc. This channel was started in 2018 and as of now, there are 1.1K uploaded videos with 100 million views.

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All these are the best Indian gaming Youtube channels that you can follow in 2021 in order to learn some gaming tips and tricks.

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