Best Minecraft YouTube Channels – To Get The Best Gaming Experience

Best Minecraft YouTube Channels

Minecraft!! The most loved video game nowadays. Minecraft is basically a Sandbox -survival game, that makes you enter a whole new imaginary zone.

Minecraft was released on 18th November 2011 for the first time. Mojang is the developer and publisher of this game. The game was originally designed by Markus Persson and Jen Bergensten. Minecraft can be played on Windows, Linux, OS X, and on your android/iOS phones too. This game can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes.

There are so many Minecraft YouTube channels in which the YouTubers come up with the finest gameplay skills. The most famous Minecraft YouTube channels are TrixyBlox, Pixlriffs, Ph1LzA, Viggoman Plays, Dream, Hermitcraft, MrCrayfish. The list is not over yet. There are many more on this list.

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Watch interesting videos on their channels, know how to build the imaginary 3D cubes, enjoy the never-ending map exploring, and enjoy the game.

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9 Best Minecraft YouTube Channels

est Minecraft YouTube Channels - To Get The Best Gaming Experience; Best Minecraft YouTube channels

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Here are the top 10 Minecraft YouTube channels for you. Watch your favorite YouTubers playing and creating a whole exciting vibe for the viewers.

TrixyBlox – 997K Subscribers

This popular Minecraft YouTube channel was created on 12th February 2013. The movie scenes are recreated through videos on this channel. You will watch here time-lapsed builds and other gameplays on the side. Some of the popular videos on the channel are Top 5 insane Minecraft Transformation Builds(127K views), Upgrading Minecraft’s desert temple to the epic(2.9 Million subscribers), etc.

Pixlriffs – 720K Subscribers

This popular Minecraft YouTube channel has more than 1421 videos today. The channel was started on 14th November 2014. In this channel, you will come across different Minecraft guides, modded Minecraft, map showcases, let’s play guides, and other videos. Recent uploads on the channel are Villager trading in Minecraft RTX (27K views), finding goats & glow squid in survival (59K views), first look at the new mountains (261K views), etc.

Ph1LzA – 2.06 Million Subscribers

This channel was started on 14th September 2006 and has over 647 videos till now. This channel was started by a Minecraft enthusiast who gave more than 5 years of his life to this game. You will get all the updates about the game on this channel like Minecraft’s cave update snapshot (2.1 Million views), Minecraft hardcore-S4E75 (2.4 Million views), etc.

Viggoman Plays – 22.3K Subscribers

This popular Minecraft YouTube channel was started on 15th October 2012 and has over 1089 videos till now. Here you will find the next level Minecraft building. You will come across Different tutorials that will polish your playing skills and will give you a cinematic experience. This channel has over 2 Million views now. Some of the recent uploads on the channel are feast Hall & Lumber Mill-Part 3 (4.1K views), Small Nordic water mill-Part 2 (5.1K views), etc.

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Dream – 20.5 Million Subscribers

This is one of the most famous and watched Minecraft YouTube channels with over 108 videos till now. This channel was started on 8th February 2014. Here you will find many tricks to deal with tricky situations in the game. You will see the player mode for Minecraft Survivor VS 3 hitmen (26 Million views), Minecraft VS 4 Hunters grand finale (35K views), etc.

MrCrayfish -1.18 Million Subscribers

This channel has more than 1021 videos uploaded till now. The channel was started on 17th June 2011. This channel has over 17 million views on its videos now. Here you will find regular episode-wise playing tips, different hurdles, twists in every new episode, and much other fun stuff. What all ideas are given on the channel about gaming? The recent uploads on the channel are, an introduction to a new grill and cooler in MrCrayfish’s furniture (186K views), new Trampolines & Paths in Minecraft (63K views), etc.

IlluminaHD – 524K Subscribers

This channel has more than 213 Videos now. With over 500K Subscribers this channel is growing really well. This channel was started on 11th November 2012. This channel is started by a young Minecraft gamer who showcases his amazing gaming skills through his channel. Some of the recent videos showing his skills are Speed running Minecraft Championship (142K views), Beating every version of Minecraft on Hardcore (4.1Million subscribers), etc.

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DanTDM – 25Million Subscribers

This popular Minecraft YouTube channel has more than 3483 videos till now. This channel was started on 15th July 2012. This channel reached total views of more than 17 Billion till now on its videos. Here you will find daily gaming videos. This channel was earlier known as The Diamond Minecraft. The owner of this channel is Daniel Robert Middleton who is an author, gamer, actor, an English YouTuber, and a loved video game commentator.

Ali- A -17.5 Million Subscribers

This channel was started on 13th September 2006. It has over 5 Billion views until now on the videos. This channel is perfect for you to find out about the latest gaming news and gameplays. Watch Alastair Aiken, a young gamer having fun while playing the game. He plays on PlayStation and on PC too. This channel is mostly famous for Fortnite and Call of Duty commentaries.


Hope now your experience with Minecraft gets better after watching these top Minecraft YouTube channels. You can now dig, build, enchant things, and mine with limitless possibilities following these best gamers on YouTube. Play in single-player or multiplayer mode anytime with your friends. Do share your gaming experience with us in the comment box below. Until then happy gaming!!

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