How To Stream Games On YouTube In 3 Easy Steps

How To Live Stream Games On YouTube in 3 Easy Steps

YouTube is far better than any other live streaming platform. In 2020, YouTube Gaming crossed the 100B watch time hours. If you are thinking of streaming games, then nothing can be better than streaming on YouTube. Here we will tell you how to stream games on YouTube.

There are dozens of apps where you can live stream games and YouTube is one of them. It has the highest 40 million-plus active gaming channels. More than 350 gaming YouTubers have reached 10 million subscribers. The audience here is also huge. So, if you start anything on YouTube, you need not worry about the views.

In order to stream games on YouTube, there are three main steps. First, you have to create a YouTube gaming channel, second, Set Up your streaming software, and third, start streaming games through the encoder.

The process may seem simple but it is a little bit complicated. However, we have mentioned the complete process of streaming games below. To know more about it, you should read the full article.

How To Stream Games on YouTube

You may think that starting a gaming channel on YouTube is expensive, but it isn’t. However, you must go through the full steps carefully. If any of the processes get missed, you may end up solving errors.

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Create A YouTube Gaming Channel

How To Live Stream Games On YouTube In 3 Easy Steps
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The first and foremost step before you do anything on YouTube is creating a YouTube channel. It is the easiest thing to do. If you own a Gmail account, then half of your job is already done. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create it by clicking here. Now, create the YouTube channel by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Head over to
  • You’ll see a “Sign in” option there. Select it 
  • Now login to your Google Account by filling in your email id and password.
  • After Sign in to Youtube, click on “Create Channel”.

This is the easiest way by which you can make your own youtube channel. But before creating a gaming channel, you should think of your channel name wisely. 

Set Up Your Streaming Software

How To Live Stream Games On YouTube in 3 Easy Steps
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After creating a YouTube account, you are eligible to start a live stream through your PC, but only with a webcam. As you are going to do live streams, you need streaming software. Here’s a list of recommended software encoders that you can download on your computer. Once you download any streaming software, you have to set up your hardware(in case if you are using any additional camera, headphones, etc.) with the encoder. Enter the necessary information in the broadcasting software such as Stream URL and Stream Key to start streaming on your YouTube channel.

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Start Streaming Games On YouTube

How To Live Stream Games On YouTube in 3 Easy Steps
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Once you set up the streaming software, it’s time to live stream a game you want. Not only games, but you can also stream anything you want including photos, movies, biographies, etc. In order to start a live stream, you have to properly follow the steps.

  • Go to your YouTube channel. You’ll see a “create” option in the top-right corner of your YouTube account. Click there.
  • You’ll see two options: Upload Video and Go Live. Select “Go Live”.
  • If you just started your first live stream, you’ll need to verify your account. Click on verify and you’ll be redirected to a new page. Now, you have enter your phone number and OTP to verify.
  • After verifying, you’ll be asked to enter the Stream information. If you are doing a webcam live stream, you just need to enter the title. However, if you are streaming through an encoder, you need to enter the necessary information into your streaming software. It includes your stream key, stream URL, and backup server URL.
  • Enter all the information and now, your live stream will start. The live chat option will automatically pop up after starting a live stream.

In this way, you can start your gaming streams on YouTube.

Tips and Tricks To Grow Your Gaming YouTube Channel

How To Live Stream Games On YouTube in 3 Easy Steps
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If you recently started your own gaming channel, these tips and tricks will definitely help you to improve the stats of your channel.

  • You should stream games that are trending.
  • Follow the top gaming content creators and their gaming YouTube channels. By watching their videos, you can improve your gaming skills.
  • Research your video topic thoroughly.
  • Create catchy video titles
  • Even though you do live streams, you must upload one gaming video every week.

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This is the process by which you can stream games on YouTube. But keep in mind that before you stream anything, you have to meet the YouTube live streaming requirements.

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Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to live stream?

Yes, according to YouTube, you need to be a part of the YouTube Partner Programme. However, if you have less than 1000 subscribers, you can still live stream, but only through a computer or webcam.

Can you make money on YouTube live stream?

Yes, if you have monetized your channel, you can make money through Adsense and super chats. Most streamers do this to make money.

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