7 Best Tips On How To Use App To Stream With Friends!

Best Tips On How To Use App

Crazy for movies and shows? You always wished to enjoy Netflix with your friends sitting at any corner of the world? But it never happened. Don’t worry, now you can distantly browse and watch the same content at the same time with the help of app. app is a perplexing mobile application that is popularly known for video streaming. Like other video streaming apps host their content, app has no such feature. It just simply allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies simultaneously with ease. Do you want to know the best tips on how to use app? Read the article below and get your doubts clear.

It’s so exciting and fulfilling that we can now enjoy live streaming with our friends, all at once using Rabbit app. But how to get started with this? What all things should be taken care of? For this, we have discussed few steps that will help you to know how to use app. Follow these steps and get your entertainment dose started.

In the article below, you will be knowing how to use the app, What are the benefits of using this app, and how can you use this app on various devices. Let’s get into the article straight away.

How To use App – Full guide to get started

Step 1:

Taking the first step first, install the app on your mobile phone or laptop and open it to get started.

Step 2:

Now you need to click on the sign-up option available on the screen.

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Step 3:

You can now sign-up using a Facebook account or through a google account.If you don’t have a Facebook account. Don’t worry. You can use some alternative methods to sign-up.

Step 4:

Best tips on How To Use app; Step 4:
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In case you are not signing up using the Facebook account, You can simply sign-up fresh on the app itself. For this, you have to fill in some details that pop up on your screen. They are:

  • Enter your First name
  • Enter your Last name
  • Select/Set an interesting Username of your choice.
  • Fill in your Email Id.
  • The last step is setting a strong and unique password for your account.

Step 5:

Since you have registered your email, you will receive a notification asking for verification. Click on the link and give your confirmation to get started with the app.

Step 6:

A page showing ‘welcome to your room” will appear on your screen. Now you have your room since you have successfully signed in. Click on the Rabbitcast Launchpad, a small icon that appears in the taskbar. Now you will be redirected to shortcuts to choose from Netflix or youtube or wherever you wish to stream from.

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Step 7:

Best tips on How To Use app; Step 7:

While watching videos you can set the video quality and resolution to a low and high standard. Watch the show on the full-screen mode by adjusting the mode by clicking on the options tab.

Hope all these steps are clear to you and you are now easy using the app with your friends.

Benefits of Using The App

Best tips on How To Use app; Benefits of Using The App
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  1. Being a host you can create your room. You can invite your friends to join the room or you can make the room public for anyone to join.
  2. You can share the content with the help of google extension or using Rabbitcast(A virtual computer).
  3. The best part is you and your friends (up to 10 people at one time) can watch the same content as shared or viewed by the host on his/her screen.
  4. Another benefit of using this multifunctional video streaming app is that you can do video chatting and normal chatting through this app. Now share your views and comments about the movie you are watching alongside.

Best App Alternatives

While you enjoy streaming with your friends, also check out various other alternatives.

  • Tutturu.
  • Watch2gether.
  • Kosmi.
  • Simulchat.
  • TogetherTube.
  • andchill.
  • Rave.

10 Web Sites Like – Alternatives

  1. Rave
  2. Caracal
  3. SimulChat
  4. Watch2Gether
  5. AndChill
  6. Netflix Party
  7. Kosmi
  8. TogetherTube
  9. LetsGaze
  10. Kast

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Hope you got your answer on How To Use app. Enjoy using app and stream to your favorite shows and movies with your friends.

For any related query regarding app, reach out to us in the comments section below. We would love to help you with the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding

Is Rabbit Streaming Legal?

This is the most asked question. Since the app allows us to share the screen with 10 people at one time, it is against the set programming of many other video streaming sites. How can a site share some other site’s content and get all the popularity of the original content provider? In short, this site is not a legal one.

What can I Use instead of Rabb. it?

There are so many alternatives for this app like;
Two seven
Netflix Party
Meta stream

Does Rabbit work with Netflix? 

Yes, it works with Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and many other such sites. You can watch the content streaming on these sites by signing in to app easily.

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