5 Best Websites To Watch Cartoons For Free in HD

Best Websites To Watch Cartoons for free

90’s kids had to wait the whole weekend to watch cartoon shows. Ahh!! What an exciting memory lane!! Nowadays, kids and youngsters can hardly wait for the next lineup of episodes. Today when you get endless options to binge-watch your favorite cartoon shows online, who likes to wait? Do you know which are the best websites to watch cartoons for free and that too in HD quality? 

Irrespective of the age group people crush over cartoons. Whether it’s Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Doraemon, Ninja Hattori, Shinchan, or Pokemon, we all have watched these famous cartoon shows at least once in our lifetime. Aren’t cartoon shows real stress busters? But finding a reliable site to watch these shows can sometimes be hectic. Don’t worry, we got you five trusted websites to watch cartoons for free in HD.

Nickelodeon, Pogo, and Disney are the best and unmatched TV channels to watch cartoons. Here are the handpicked picked 5 best websites to watch cartoons for free:

  1. Cartoons On
  2. YouTube
  3. WatchCartoonOnline.com
  4. Cartoonito
  5. Toonjet

Have you used any of these sites already? If not, then let’s tell you the features of these free sites to watch movies, cartoon shows, and anime.

5 Best Websites To  Watch Cartoons For Free in HD

We all are aware of YouTube. But can I watch cartoon shows on YouTube for free? Let’s find out by reading ahead.

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Cartoons On

Best Websites To  Watch Cartoons For Free; Cartoons On
Source: Wondershare Filmora

Watch your favorite cartoon shows online on Cartoons On the website that offers full HD quality content. This site runs on any device including your smartphone. Enjoy the uninterrupted cartoons from the massive library collection available on this website and that too for free. 

Can I watch cartoons for free? 
Yes, absolutely free. Anyone can go to Cartoons On the website in their web browser and start streaming for free. 

How many cartoon shows are available on this site? 

Limitless!! Yes, you read that right. In fact, this website comes with a categorization feature that allows you to search either by the show name, by the studio, by the characters, or by ratings. Isn’t it amazing!! 


Best Websites To  Watch Cartoons For Free; YouTube
Source: Voilabits

There is no need for an introduction to this particular platform as we all know YouTube is the one-stop solution for all your cravings. YouTube is amongst the top free websites to watch cartoons online and that too in HD. 

YouTube offers some of the best-ever cartoon shows to watch for free. Whether you wish to refresh your memories watching the old looney tunes or looking for a brand new cartoon series, YouTube has solutions for all your needs. YouTube is the most-watched platform with around 35 million daily active users. 

Is it for free? 

Yes, YouTube allows you to watch any cartoon show for free. Also, there is a premium version for this application where you can download any videos of your choice and save it for later. 

What cartoon shows can I watch on YouTube? 
There are no limitations on cartoon shows to watch on YouTube. Almost every cartoon show is available here. 


Best Websites To  Watch Cartoons For Free; WatchCartoonOnline.com
Source: Tech TablePro

Language is a big barrier when it comes to watching shows online. But not anymore. Whether you’re looking for dubbed cartoon shows, subbed shows, series, or full movies, WatchCartoonOnline.com has everything for you. 

You can stream your favorite cartoon shows online for free anytime on this popular website. This website may not work in some countries due to privacy reasons, for that you can use VPN and get access to the site. 

Is this for free? 
Yes, this website is free for all to enjoy uninterrupted free cartoon shows. 

How many cartoon shows are available on this site? 
There are numerous options and categories to watch cartoons on this site. 

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Best Websites To  Watch Cartoons For Free; Cartoonito
Source: RegularCapital – Toonsphere

Cartoonito is an all-in-one entertainment hub that allows children to learn and have fun at the same time. The website offers a number of animated cartoon shows along with Cartoonito club tales that teach a good lesson to the children. You can also play songs on this website.

Is this for free?
Yes, you can watch cartoons online for free.

Which all cartoon shows are available on this website?
Multiple cartoon shops and cartoon games are available on this website that you can enjoy for free and have fun.


Best Websites To  Watch Cartoons For Free; Toonjet
Source: Online Tech tips

Last but not the least, Toonjet is a free website that offers unlimited cartoon shows online. The classic cartoon shows ranging from Disney’s Doraemon to Cartoon Network’s Looney Tunes, everything is available on the Toonjet site.

You don’t just watch the cartoon shows online on this website but you can also give your feedback on each episode and rate them accordingly.

Does this site run for free?
Yes, Toonjet is absolutely free for all your cartoon cravings.

How many cartoon shows are available on the site?
From 90’s classic cartoon TV shows to recent running cartoons, a massive collection of series are available on this site.

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There is no age to love cartoons. Whether you are twelve or forty, watching cartoon shows can be the best leisure activity for all. On top of that, if you get the best websites to watch cartoons for free in HD, it’s a bonus already!! Hope you enjoyed the list of free sites. Enjoy!!

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