Block Instagram Tags In Your Account | 4 Easy Ways!

block instagram tags

Do you find that your Instagram account is being spammed with a lot of irrelevant posts?  Are you being tag-spammed? Do you wish to know how to block Instagram tags in your account?  Here is the answer to all your questions.

Instagram app is widely loved by its users for its various user-friendly features.  One such feature that is loved by youngsters, friends, families, and even business organizations is the tagging feature.  Here you can tag any person with you in a post.  This shows as a notification in the tagged person’s profile.  This tag is used to identify the people in the related post.

But what if your profile is filled with posts not made by you, but posts in which you were tagged?  What if you receive a lot of such spam notifications of inappropriate or irrelevant posts, which you want to block? Does Instagram allow you to block others from tagging you in a post? How to block Instagram tags in your account?

Instagram > Profile > Menu > Settings > Privacy > Posts > Allow tags from > People you follow/No one.

How To Block Instagram Tags In Your Account?

Do you wish to block Instagram tags in your account? Instagram offers you various options to deal with this problem.  If you wish to remove your tag from just one post that you do not want in your timeline, Instagram has a solution.  To save your time, Instagram also allows you to remove multiple tags at the same time.

First let us see how to block Instagram tags in your account.

Instagram > Profile > Menu > Settings > Privacy > Posts > Allow tags from > People you follow/No one.

block instagram tags in privacy settings

Step 1 – Open Instagram app > Profile.

Step 2 – Open ‘Menu’ on the right top corner.

Step 3 – Click Settings > Privacy >  Posts.

Step 4 – Select “Allow tags from”.

Step 5 – You can choose “People you follow” or “No one”.

If you select “People you follow”, only the users in your follower list will be able to tag you in their posts, stories, comments, or photos.  No undesired third party will be able to tag you.  This way you can avoid being spammed by companies that use Instagram users for their advertisements.

When you select “No one”, you will not be tagged in anyone’s posts.  Even if one of your friends or followers wish to tag you in their Instagram post or stories or photos or comments, they will not be able to tag you without your permission.  This way you can have a clear timeline in your profile, which consists of only the posts personally made by you.

Block Instagram Tags On Your PC

If you use Instagram on a personal computer, the steps to block Instagram tags in your account are quite different.  Let us see how to block Instagram tags in your account on PC.

Step 1 – Open the browser > Instagram website > Profile.

Step 2 – Click on your profile picture > open the gear icon near Edit Profile.

Step 3 – Select Privacy and Security.

block instagram tags in your pc - Privacry

Step 4 – Scroll down to Photos of You

You will notice that the ‘Add automatically’ option is set as default.

Step 5 – Click on ‘Add manually’.

block instagram tags in our pc - Photos of you

Now you can have control over who can tag you in your Instagram account.

How To Remove Instagram Tags In A Post?

Did your friend post a bad photo of you on Instagram and tag you in it? Do you want to remove the tag?

If you do not want to block all Instagram tags in your account but wish to remove being tagged in one certain post, Instagram has the solution for your query.

Step 1 – Open Instagram account > Profile

Step 2 – Click on the ‘tags tab’ on the right-side corner of the post.

Step 3 – You will be able to see all the posts in which you have been tagged.

Step 4 – Select the post which you wish to be removed.

Step 5 – Click the ‘…’ menu icon on the right-side corner of the post.

Step 6 – Open “tags” option > Click “Remove me from post”

block instagram tags "remove me from post"

Step 7 – You can also choose “Hide from Profile”.

Instagram not only allows you to un-tag a post but also offers you to hide the post from your profile so that your followers will not be able to see it.  Remember that if you wish to undo this, and want to be tagged again, you will have to ask the original poster to tag you again.

How To Remove Multi Tags From Your Instagram Account?

Instagram is making things as easy as it possibly can for the users.  Now the users can remove tags from not just one post but multiple posts at the same time.

Step 1 – Open Instagram > Profile

Step 2 – Open ‘Menu’ on the top right-side corner.

Step 3 – Settings > Privacy > Posts

Step 5 – Under “Tagged posts” > Manually approve tags

block instagram tags - off

Step 5 – Click on Edit next to the tagged posts

Step 6 – Select the posts to be removed.

Step 7 – Click ‘Remove’

Following the above steps can help the user to manage his timeline better.  You will have control over what posts will be displayed in your profile.  You can also delete the unnecessary tags from undesired third parties, that ruin the Instagram experience for you.

Wrap Up

Instagram has worked hard in all aspects, trying to make their application better so that the users can have the best time while using the app.  They have taken care to preserve the privacy of the users so that it is not misused by others.

Instagram should be a happy place to spread positivity by social influencers and users alike. As Instagram users, it is our responsibility to mind what we post.  We should take into account the emotions of the people whom we have tagged in out post.  If the original post is made without any good intention or if it has any derogatory content, users can report such posts.

Instagram takes strict actions against people who share negative posts, hate comments or contents which are inappropriate and does not adhere to the terms of the social platform.  They send out warnings to the unruly posters.  If Instagram notices that the user does not comply, they may be banned from the app.

So, let us be responsible Instagram users, and use the platform to make the world a better place.

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