Bot Musique Discord | List Of Best 10 Music Discord Bots!

Bot Musique Discord

Love listening to music? If yes, then we have the top 10 bot Musique Discord for you to bless your ears. Grab a seat and get ready for the hit!

From the past a couple years, Discord has managed to take the place of the most popular platform in the hearts of all the Discord users out there! It’s much more than just a gaming or chatting platform in the industry. Like bot Musique Discord is one of the trending features which allows all the music lovers on Discord to listen to music of their choice.

Top 10 bot Musique Discord: Jockie Music, Uzox, Fredboat, Hydra, Chip, Zandercraft, BMO, Vexera, Aiode, ProBot. These are the top 10 music discord bot which will upgrade your music playlist.

This blog post presents you all with a list of top 10 bot Musique Discord with which one can refer to some world class music bots and listen to the unwinded! If you are a music freak then trust us, because if you don’t then you will be missing out on something big. 

What Are Bot Musique Discord?

Music bots on Discord allow users to vibe on high-quality and trending music in the background while the entire community is busy interacting with each other. Doesn’t matter if you are someone new to these music bots on Discord or someone who is looking for the latest or trendy music bots after the ban on popular Discord music bots like Groovy bot and Rhythm bot, you have us and we have a list of the top 10 bot Musique Discord! We have your back! 

Now let’s take a closer look at the top 10 bot Musique Discord in 2023:

NOTE: Before hopping on the list of best Musique bots in 2023, we want you all to know that we will be providing you the invite link of all the bots below their description so that you may not need to knock other websites for joining your favorite music Discord bot. So make sure you find the invite link below the description for joining the bot of your choice!

01: Jockie Music

Bot Musique Discord

Jockie Music is unarguably one of the best bot Musique Discord one can ever listen to!  With access to Jockie Music, one can listen to melodies directly from Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, Soundcloud, and many others. To listen to Jockie Music, you can directly fill in this keyword in the channel field right after the “m!play” prefix or you can also paste the song link after the prefix to start listening. 

Listeners can also access a wide variety of audio effects like karaoke, 8D, bass boost, tremolo, echo, and distortion. The unique factor about Jockie Music is that it has a total of four bots! One can add 4 Jockie Music bots to a single server making it easy to access all of the bots at once and listen to music. Moreover, one can promote the project on Patreon to get access to additional benefits like 24/7 access to the audio channels, even minor premium Jockie bots, and many more. 

Join Jockie Music Bot: INVITE LINK

02: Uzox

Bot Musique Discord

Uzox is a bot Musique Discord that offers premium features for free without any visible or hidden charges to its users so that they may get to spend some quality time listening to music on their bot. If you are someone who likes premium service but doesn’t want to spend pennies then this bot is solely dedicated to you. One gets a trustable music playlist and is compatible with SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Twitch live streams and others. Moreover, one gets access to a wide range of music filters too all for free!

Uzox is also worth adding to your servers because it not only serves you quality music but also helps you with their lyrics. One can press the prompted lyrics on the screen and it will show you the entire lyrics of the song that you are currently listening to. 

Join Uzox Music Bot: INVITE LINK

03: Fredboat

Bot Musique Discord

It’s one of the most favorite bot Musique Discord of the all time music listeners. Fredboat is a powerful music-playing bot which works with multiple websites. Fredboat can play music from Twitch, Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, Direct Links and many more! Users love Fredboat also because it supports music tracks that lets them to set a playlist and let the music play without setting a song whenever the last one finishes! 

Fredboat has one more unique feature which is the ability to Search songs. So one can search for songs that you want to listen to directly instead of adding the YouTube links or links from Soundcloud. Fredboat also offers different choices among which one can select the music which you would like to listen to. Finally, Fredboat is an open-source and safe place to listen to music and make your useless time fun!

Join Fredboat Music Bot: INVITE LINK

04: Hydra

Bot Musique Discord

Hydra is another bot Musique Discord, which has a bunch of melodious features which are a must for someone who has a huge craze for music. This bot can be used by adding a prefix ‘.’, Hydra music bot plays high-quality music with almost negligible deformation or lag. One can also go for a set of personalized prefixes to use Hydra based on your priority for as long as you are the administrator of the server!

Hydra comes with a feature for the server members to vote for skipping the current song. If one wishes to access all the features offered by Hydra, then they need to subscribe to their premium version of the bot which has 24/7 music playback, unlimited saved playlists, global volume controls and many more.

Join Hydra Music Bot: INVITE LINK

05: Chip

Bot Musique Discord

Chip is a music bot which maintains the Discord headlines as a music bot which deserves a try!  Chip also supports Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Spotify. Chip has options to stop, continue, skip, pause or view the queue option. By offering these features in the form of accessible buttons, Chip sets you free of commands. However, “ch!help” is one command one must memorize no matter what! This command will always help you get out of trouble if you ever fall in one! Chip also has a Petreon’s page which can get you additional benefits like 24/7 playback, audio effects, global volume controls, separate instance etc. if you will support it.

Join Chip Music Bot: INVITE LINK

06: Zandercraft

Bot Musique Discord

Zandercraft bot Musique Discord is known for its versatile productivity, fun, GIFs, features etc. It also has the ability to play your music into XHD (extra HD) or you can say Hi-Fi music which somehow enhances the music quality and multiplies the pleasure. If you are a music freak then this is the perfect music server for you! Zandercraft supports all types of features including playing tracks, searching for one, adding melodies to queue or creating playlists of your favorite ones and many more. Overall, Zandercarft is an ideal music bot to join and add to your server only if you can handle the hype! 

Join Zandercraft Music Bot: INVITE LINK

07: BMO

Bot Musique Discord

BMO is not only a music Discord bot but it also supports gaming, image amplification, utilities and many more! Although we are searching only for the musical ones, we will be pondering over the musical features of the bot. BMO is pretty basic if we talk about the music side of this bot. One can search for songs, play ones and add them to a queue. However, whatever it does, it does really quick and in good quality. The only catch of BMO is that the commands are a bit difficult to memorize and one has to put extra effort in learning them if they want this bot in their servers.


08: Vexera

Bot Musique Discord

Vexera is another bot Musique Discord, which can be used by you to stream your favorite music. It offers a smooth and lag-free music streaming experience to its users. It makes use of YouTube as one of its music sources so that you may get all the trending and latest songs in your service. One can also search for songs of their choices and manage their music playback and queuing with in-channel commands. Other than music, this bot also offers solid customization tools and the ability to deliver welcome messages to the newbies in the channel.

Join Vexera Music bot: INVITE LINK

09: Aiode

Bot Musique Discord

If you love Spotify then this bot might impress you as well! This bot is expert in streaming Spotify songs with better quality. Songs can be searched directly over here and thereafter one can play them! In addition, Aiode also supports other stages like Soundcloud and YouTube. Aiode provides a huge amount of personalization features to you all. Aiode also created cross-platform playlists for one. So if you are into creating playlists for you own either on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud etc. Aiod can also be used to play Twitch Streams on your server. One more thing, Aiode is completely free to access! So, don’t delay and join now! 

Join Aiode Music Bot: INVITE LINK

10: ProBot

Bot Musique Discord

ProBot is not only pro in letting you play and listen to music, but it’s more than that. It’s a fully-functional bot which manages to manage almost everything that you wish for in a bot and on your Discord server all by itself. For music freaks, ProBot has top-notch quality music on the server. The bot searches for music on YouTube and provides a set of helpful commands to manage the playlist. One can easily play/pause, skip, add or list up music for your server. ProBot also helps in customization of your server also. Especially when you have a lot of people to manage on your server. Overall, this bot is a must try!

Join ProBot Music Bot: INVITE LINK

And done, these were your top 10 bot Musique Discord in 2023. You can join any of these by tapping on the invite link given below their description. After which, you have to select a server in which you want to add these bots and at last, click on the Invite button! You can also refer to the below linked articles if you wish to explore more music bots on Discord!

Wrapping Up

Deasilex extracted out top 10 bot Musique Discord to help you find that one music bot for which you were searching for a long time. If you found the one for which you were looking here today then let us know which one you picked and why in the comment section and also don’t forget to share this post with your other friends who are music freaks like you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is There A Discord Server For Music?

Discord is a place where a user of any community or of any genre can come and find people of the same interests. And yes, there are many Discord servers for music available today like: Jockie Music, Uzox, Fredboat, Hydra, Chip, Zandercraft, BMO, Vexera, Aiode, ProBot.

Q. How Do I Play Music In Discord?

One can use Spotify to play music in Discord. Buy Spotify premium and link your Spotify account with Discord. Agree to EULA next and then invite users to your channel to listen to music. 

Q. What Is The Best Music Discord?

Top 10 bot Musique Discord: Jockie Music, Uzox, Fredboat, Hydra, Chip, Zandercraft, BMO, Vexera, Aiode, ProBot.

Q. Why Is Discord Music Bot Shutting Down?

Discord music bots like Groovy has been shut due to copyright issues with YouTube.

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