Can PayPal Be Hacked? Are Your Savings Protected On PayPal?

can paypal be hacked

Just a click and VOILA! Your transaction is hence COMPLETE! PayPal is super convenient when it comes to online payment. Bye Bye boring post offices and long lines! But! But! But!!! What if this convenience brings out the hell for you? What if your PayPal account gets hacked and all your savings disappear into the thin air? What devastating news, right? But what if it happens in reality? Confused? Don’t worry, here we have covered answers for can PayPal be hacked? What to do once your PayPal gets hacked? And, how to avoid PayPal hacks?

PayPal is one of the most popular e-payment methods just like the Cash App where we can do unlimited transactions with just a tap. Awesome, isn’t it? But what if that tap is as convenient for hackers as for you? 

Yes! This is a serious matter as, with increased online activity, many PayPal scams have come to light so far. If you want to save your hard-earned bucks from these hacking thieves, then keep reading to see the ugly side of PayPal and get to know how to save yourself from falling victim to such treacherous schemes!

So without any further ado, let’s save your earnings and avoid getting hacked on PayPal!

PayPal Hacks | Can PayPal Be Hacked?

can paypal be hacked
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Can PayPal be hacked? If Yes, How? Hah!!! You’ll be dreaming if you think this secure e-payment portal would get hacked! 

PayPal can’t be hacked and that’s a fact. Many hackers have tried to hack this site which holds the sensitive information of billions of users online. PayPal hacks, people might think they are common but when it comes to the portal itself, it is very much secure. But yeah, some problems can occur to your PayPal account if you aren’t cautious. 

Where PayPal itself can’t get hacked, your PayPal account can surely fall under the acts of fraudulent hackers trying to suck your PayPal account dry. Thus, when it comes to your PayPal account, you should be very careful with your important PayPal login credentials and keep them safe.

PayPal is a secure portal and it ensures the safety of all its customers. The site is encrypted with high-tech engineering and monitoring tools and detects unauthorized transactions. If any fraudulent activity is noted in your PayPal account, you’ll be notified accordingly. Thus, you have to keep checking the PayPal emails and keep yourself updated on your PayPal account activity.

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PayPal Account Hacks | How Do PayPal Accounts Get Hacked?

Where PayPal can’t get hacked, your PayPal account can be and millions of users have fallen victim to the swindling acts of fraudsters owing to these PayPal account hacks. On a daily basis, many PayPal users receive fraudulent phishing emails and calls where hackers impersonate themselves as PayPal to catch hold of your precious PayPal information. 

Thus, you have to be very careful of your PayPal login credentials to avoid renowned PayPal scams. You have to make sure you never share sensitive information with anybody when it comes to PayPal to avoid hacks. Moreover, PayPal never asks you about your account information or login credentials in the first place. 

Most common PayPal account hacks include links that appear to be from PayPal but aren’t so. These fraudulent emails with links redirect you to the PayPal login page which isn’t actually the login page of PayPal and is designed to just catch your sensitive data.

If you log in to your PayPal account through such links, your PayPal login credentials will be copied by hackers who will in turn use that information to log in to your PayPal account and transfer all your PayPal money into theirs. Millions of users have lost their PayPal money due to these phishing emails. Hence, you should be careful of these phishing emails and do not become victims of such PayPal fraudsters.

If you receive any call or email from PayPal telling you have won a certain amount and that you need to click the link to encash the amount, then be 100% sure before you proceed. In most cases, such schemes are fraudulent as PayPal doesn’t offer such generator prizes. PayPal did bring out the scheme of $5 when it was in its initial stages to invite more users on their portal, but that was long back. And let me add, hackers tried to earn bucks from this scheme too with the help of automation tools. But nevertheless, they were unsuccessful as PayPal introduced Captcha verification afterward.

Another PayPal account hack is due to social engineering risks whereby your friends’ social account gets hacked and the attacker sends you a message to transfer money from your PayPal account to a certain address. Thus, if you receive any such messages on your social media handles by the account of your friend, make sure to double-check the same by contacting them first.

PayPal is very strict when it comes to user protection and ensures the security of all its user accounts. From purchase security to seller security, PayPal offers all. Moreover, PayPal even issues rewards to techies who find bugs in their system in order to ensure everything is safe and secure. Thus, if you fall victim to any fraudulent scheme and lose your PayPal money, then keep in mind. The problem was YOURS! And not PayPal’s!

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How To Avoid PayPal Hacks?

how to avoid paypal hacks
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PayPal sends emails if they find something fishy in your PayPal account like a login from the city or place that you normally never use or log in from other browsers. Now, if you ignored such emails and lost all your PayPal money, then here’s what you need to do! 

If your PayPal account gets hacked, then call PayPal support and follow whatever they direct you to do. Mostly, PayPal advises you to lodge a complaint and after a successful review of your problem, they refund your money. In the meantime, your PayPal account will become unavailable for use. Your refund will be successfully transferred to your PayPal account. 

Now, what should you do to avoid getting hacked in the first place? Below, we have mentioned a few ways in which you can ensure your Security on PayPal.

1. Update Your Software: Un-Updated software is prone to bugs and glitches and is sensitive to malicious attacks. Thus to ensure your PayPal security, make sure you have updated software that fights all the bugs in your system that a hacker can take advantage of.

2. Do Not Use Easy Passwords: Use big passwords (8 or more than 8 characters) for your PayPal account that can’t be easily deciphered. Using a combination of special characters coupled with big and small case letters for your password is best to ensure PayPal account safety.

3. Anti-Virus: Have an active Anti-virus installed on your device to avoid malicious attacks in your system.

4. Do Not Visit Unsafe Sites: Visiting unsafe sites that aren’t encrypted can install harmful bugs in your system without your notice. Thus, you have to make sure you avoid such websites.

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Wrapping Up:

PayPal is a widely used e-payment platform that ensures 100% security to its users. Nevertheless, PayPal still gets hacked and there are multiple reasons for the same. Phishing emails and social engineering risks can make you a target of hackers.

Thus, you have to adopt measures to avoid getting hacked in the first place! Using long passwords with special characters, updated software, and anti-virus, etc can prevent your PayPal account from getting hacked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Most Common PayPal Scams for Sellers?

The most common PayPal scams for PayPal sellers are-

1. Phishing emails
2. Shipping Address Scams
3. Overpayment Scams
4. Hacks
5. Fake PayPal Charities

Q. Is It Possible To Hack PayPal?

PayPal is very strict when it comes to user protection and ensures the security of all its user accounts. From purchase security to seller security, PayPal offers all. Moreover, PayPal even issues rewards to techies who find bugs in their system in order to ensure everything is safe and secure. So the answer for this would be, No! It isn’t possible to hack PayPal and you should never indulge in such illegal practices, to begin with.

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