What’s New In Chrome 98 Update? Can You Use Chrome On Windows 98?

What’s New In Chrome 98 Update

Another month with another new Chrome update! This time we got Chrome 98, which was made available on February 1st, to users of Chrome all over the world. Want to know what’s new in Chrome 98 Update? Stick with us until last and know everything about the Google chrome 98 release!

Once you’ve updated your chrome to this new version, you’ll benefit from fun enhancements and features, including a built-in tool for taking screenshots and improved Emojis. Specific changes will not be apparent immediately and may require some tweaking to make them work.

Sounds exciting, right? Well, the excitement is not over yet. So, what’s new in the chrome 98 update? Also, can you use chrome on windows 98 now? If that’s what you have been wondering, then this guide will clear all your doubts by the end. Not just that, chrome is planning to change its logo after 8 long years!

A Little while back, Google introduced Android games for desktop users, and now it added a few more enhancements in the features. What’s up? Let’s have a look.

Chrome 98 Beta Features

Chrome 98 Beta Features

Curious to know what’s new in the google chrome 98 beta version? Well, let’s not make you wait further then. Here is the list of features that you get to enjoy with the latest google chrome update:

1. Improved Privacy Guide

One of the most important new features available in Chrome 98 is called “Privacy Guide.” It’s not yet available behind a flag. However, it appears to be in the primetime phase. Privacy Guide is an application that lets you keep track of your internet safety and privacy.

Available on desktop and mobile with the flag chrome://flags/#privacy-review, the Privacy Guide can be found in the “Security & Privacy” settings. It’s a good guide through the options that let you secure your privacy. It’s not necessary to look for settings yourself.

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2. Nicer Emojis

Chrome 98 implemented a new collection of COLRv1 Color Gradient Vector Fonts. What this means for you is that emojis can be more compact and have smaller sizes for filers. This is mainly due to switching to vector formats over PNGs. You won’t notice it when you’re using emojis with tiny sizes. However, if you look closer, you will observe a considerable improvement. 

You can test it yourself by visiting this website.

3. Capture Screenshots With The Browser

However, it’s not difficult to capture an image using Windows or Mac. Chrome 98 helps with this by incorporating a screenshot tool. However, it’s not entirely reliable yet. You’ll have to enable the following two options to make use of it.

How To Enable Screenshots On Chrome 98?

If you click the share icon within the address bar, you’ll be able to see an updated “Screenshot” option. Furthermore, Google Chrome on Android is currently testing to add emojis onto screenshots. This can be found by enabling the flag chrome://flags/#lightweight-reactions-android. It also adds a brand fresh “Add Emotion” button to the menu for sharing. 

4. Better Looking Web Apps Become Stable

The new bar on top that is on the bottom is smaller than the one that was previously at the top.

Google tested the more “native” looking top bar for web-based apps within Chrome 97, and it’s now stable in Chrome 98. The top bar is better utilized to utilize the space available for search bar items. It is smaller in general and also seems a little prettier. It is possible to test it by downloading this demo site as an application.

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5. HDR Enhancements For CSS

What began as an experiment with Chrome 94 went live in Chrome 98. Web developers can now use CSS to determine if the device their site is currently being displayed on is compatible with HDR content. As these panels are becoming commonplace, it’s a rather pleasant change.

Can You Use Chrome On Windows 98?

Can You Use Chrome On Windows 98

Just like Windows 98 lacked so many significant features, chrome 98 is no different. Although, there’s a lot that is offered in the new chrome version.

Google releases each Chrome version every four weeks, so the most exciting features aren’t as frequent. There’s still plenty happening underneath the surface, however. You can find out about the changes on Google’s developer my website and the Chromium blog. We’ll focus on a few changes below:

  1. Chrome 98 lets you choose the case in which window opens an entirely new window or new tab.
  2. New Origin Trial for Region Capture An API to crop an auto-capture video track.
  3. The Back/Forward cache (or of stock) is a new browser feature that allows instant forward and back.
  4. Lighthouse 9 is in operation.

How Do I Update Google Chrome 98?

Chrome will install the update to your device once it’s released. Select the three dots menu icon and select help > about Google Chrome to instantly check for and install any updates available.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this is how you can enjoy new features in the chrome 98 update. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Q How Many Versions Of Chrome Are Available?

At present, there are 4 versions of google chrome available to the users.

Q. Can You Install Windows On Chromebook?

No, windows can’t be installed on Chromebook. They are more compatible with Linux.

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