Google Testing New “Self Share” Feature In Chrome OS!

Google Testing New "Self Share" Feature In Chrome OS

Here’s another gig for all the consistent google users, Google is testing a new Self Share feature in Chrome OS. It seems like Google is working to make sharing simpler for users. Sharing files can be quite undertaking. However, Google is working to make it simpler for everyone. Here’s everything your need to know about the Google Self Share feature!

Recently, Google announced at CES 2022 Tech Event, that it will be growing the Fast Pair feature to Windows PCs. The feature allows users to install Bluetooth accessories, sync text messages, and share files with the Nearby Share service. In the meantime, the company is working on a second feature in the same vein as its Nearby Share feature. The feature is called Self Share. The feature allows users to upload files to their different devices without difficulty.

When the Google Self Share feature gets implemented, it will be possible to transfer files on their own without traditional methods like cloud drives and email. This feature uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transfer information into Chrome OS as well as Android devices. 

Where 2022 already started by paving way for so many new features for different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp. Now it’s time the search engine makes the move!

Google Self Share Feature – What Is The News?

Google Self Share Feature

The new feature was discovered in Chrome Stories within Chromium Gerrit reporting. According to the report shared the update will let the users upload files with their devices using the Nearby sharing method. The feature is currently under test, so when it becomes live it will come with a “Send to Your Devices” option.

It was announced that the Nearby Share file feature was made available to Android smartphones in the year 2020. This feature lets two phones running Android 6.0 or higher to swiftly transfer files to each other. This feature is like the Apple AirDrop File sharing system.

The latest experimental feature, codenamed Nearby Sharing Self Share (now abbreviated to Self Share), was recently discovered on Chromium Gerrit by ChromeStory. While the feature isn’t yet available in all Chrome OS versions, Google is currently testing the Self Share feature for Chromebooks as well as other tablets.

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How Google’s Self Share Feature Works?

How Google’s Self Share Feature Works

When it comes to the functioning of the new Google Self Share feature, here are the tasks it performs for the users:

  1. It lets you move media and files wirelessly to any other device that is compatible with Nearby Share. 
  2. Once the feature is in place, you will be able to easily transfer files between devices, such as the Android tablet, smartphone, and other Chrome OS laptops. 
  3. Once the feature is live, users will be able to see an updated “Send to Your Devices” option when using Nearby Share on their Chrome OS devices.
  4. This will eliminate the necessity of emailing important files , or uploading them to Google Drive to access them from other devices. 
  5. This will also make it easier to manage the transfer of files as it is in Apple’s Apple ecosystem.

When Will Self Share Feature Be Available On Google?

When Will Self Share Feature Be Available On Google

Self Share option is currently in development. Google is likely to release it with an open flag in the forthcoming Canary version of Chrome OS. It could take several months before the feature will appear on the stable version because Google will need to work out any issues and test the feature prior to making it available to the general public.

Google recently revealed a number of new features that will improve the connectivity with Android as well as Windows gadgets, Chromebooks, and more.

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Wrapping Up:

Google coming up with the Self Share feature is a true delight. We hope the feature rolls out soon and the users get to have a better experience.

We’ll keep you updated with all the latest news regarding the feature. In the meantime, keep an eye on us and share your thoughts on Self Share in the comment section below.

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