How To Login Crunchyroll Store? A Complete Guide!

How To Login Crunchyroll Store

Are you a die-hard anime fan who just knew about the Crunchyroll store and wanted to know more about it? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, let us see what the Crunchyroll store is and how to login Crunchyroll store.

Crunchyroll, an on-demand streaming service founded in 2006, specializes mostly in Japanese anime. It features the biggest collection of authorized anime streaming titles and is accessible everywhere. It currently serves 5 million paid customers and 120 million registered users.

To login Crunchyroll store, Visit the Crunchyroll website > Enter your login details, username, and password > Click the login button to access the Crunchyroll website.

Crunchyroll has become the go-to streaming platform for all anime lovers. Continue reading further to understand in detail how to login Crunchyroll store and what steps are involved.

How To Login Crunchyroll Store?

To login Crunchyroll store, first, go to the Crunchyroll website, then enter your username or email id and password before clicking the Login button. 

Over 1,000 titles and 30,000 episodes of anime are available on Crunchyroll, an online streaming service for anime. Various platforms and gadgets, including iOS, Android, Roku, PlayStation 4, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and more, support Crunchyroll. “One-Punch Man,” “Attack on Titan,” “My Hero Academia,” “Death Note,” and “Dr. Stone” are some of the most well-known shows on the site.

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By creating a free account, you may stream your favorite anime series and movies. Many different languages are translated and subtitled and dubbed for anime series and films. Additionally, fresh anime TV episodes are made available on the service within an hour after their Japanese premiere. All you need is to create an account and login Crunchyroll store to gain access to the unlimited anime and Manga series. To do so:

Step 1: Visit the official Crunchyroll login website.

Step 2: Enter your email address or username and password.

Step 3: To enter the Crunchyroll website, please click the LOGIN button after that.

How To Login Crunchyroll Store - username

If you are a first-time user, 

Step 1: You have to sign up for a new account. 

Step 2:  Provide your details such as Email address, username, and password.

Step 3: Click Create account button.

How To Login Crunchyroll Store - sign up

Step 4: Now, your account is successfully created on Crunchyroll and you use these credentials to login Crunchyroll store. 

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By performing the above-mentioned steps, you can easily login Crunchyroll store and start watching your favorite anime hassle-free. Crunchyroll also allows you to reset your password. To do so:

Visit Crunchyroll website > Select Forgot Password > Enter email address > Click Submit > Follow the instructions to change your password. 

Step 1: Visit the official Crunchyroll website.

Step 2: Please select the “Forgot Password?” link.

How To Login Crunchyroll Store - forgot Password

Step 3: Enter the email address linked to your account here.

How To Login Crunchyroll Store - enter email for password reset

Step 4: Hit the SUBMIT button after that, and then follow the instructions sent through the email to change your password.

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Crunchyroll Premium 

Although Crunchyroll is free with commercials, it has some drawbacks, such as access to only 480p-compatible titles. However, with the premium subscription service, users can subscribe to one of three membership tiers that are ad-free. A 14-day trial is offered with each premium subscription.

How To Login Crunchyroll Store - subscription

Fan Subscription

“Fan,” the least expensive premium tier, costs $7.99 a month. Subscribers can stream on one device at a time using the plan. Offline viewing is not available to “Fan” subscribers, nor do they enjoy the same benefits as “Mega Fan” and “Ultimate Fan.”

Mega Fan Subscription

For $9.99 a month, “Mega Fan” subscribers have access to simultaneous streaming on four devices. Along with benefits like first access to Crunchyroll Expo events and lotteries and savings at the Crunchyroll Store, it also provides offline viewing. Customers who are “Mega Fans” receive a $15 discount on $100 in Crunchyroll Store purchases every three months.

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Ultimate Fan Subscription

The “Ultimate Fan” plan, which costs $14.99 a month, is the most expensive. This tier’s subscribers enjoy the most benefits, such as the ability to stream content on up to six devices simultaneously, offline viewing, first access to Crunchyroll Expo events and drawings, a $25 discount off $100 in Crunchyroll Store purchases every three months, and extras like an annual “swag bag.”

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Wrapping Up

We have come to the end of the post, Crunchyroll is definitely a must-try platform for those who like to binge-watch anime and Manga series. We hope this article has given you a clear explanation of how to login Crunchyroll store. For more informative and interesting articles, check out our website at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Why Is Crunchyroll Not Letting Me Log In?

Ans. The most likely explanation is that the username you are choosing is already in use. Please choose a different username to see if that helps. Make sure your username is as distinctive as you can. Send us a help ticket if the problem continues, and we will try to help.

Q2. Is Crunchyroll Still Region Locked?

Ans. The streaming service offers more than 1000 anime films, 200 or more Japanese dramas, and more than 80 Manga series. Unfortunately, the majority of the library’s content is only available to some people in the US, although as of 2023, Crunchyroll can still be unblocked.

Q3. Is Funimation Or Crunchyroll Better?

Ans. Crunchyroll is the best option if your main interest is an extensive library of anime entertainment. However, Funimation is your best option if you prefer dubs over subtitles and want to watch anime offline. Both providers include a 14-day trial period and a free plan.

Q4. Why Doesn’t Crunchyroll Work On Chrome?

Ans. Unfortunately, not all Chrome browser extensions work with Crunchyroll. That suggests that one of your extensions may be at fault for the black screen if it disagrees with the streaming service.

Q5. Can Crunchyroll Ban You From Using VPN?

Ans. Because it lacks the legal authorization to broadcast all of its programming abroad, Crunchyroll restricts VPNs. Different shows are available in the US Crunchyroll service than in other international locations. This is due to Crunchyroll not having the legal authority to broadcast all of its programs worldwide.

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