Does Humane Wearable AI Have Microphone?

Does Humane Wearable AI Have Microphone

Have you checked the leaked TED Talk by Imran Chaudhri [Humane’s chairman and president]? Humane Wearable AI has been introduced to the world with a ton of unimaginable powers! Along with many features, the Humane Wearable AI have Microphone, which is super cool. 

If you do not know yet, Humane is co-founded by former Apple employee Imran Chaudhri and his wife Bethany Bongiorno. On the 21st April TED Talk Imran Chaudhri presented the demo of the prototype we are talking about. In his demo, he showed us that the Humane Wearable AI have Microphone, which is cooler than we expected! 

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Yes! Humane Wearable AI have Microphone so that you can receive phone calls and also pass instructions to the gadget.

Moreover, as claimed by Imran Chaudhri, Humane Wearable AI experiences what we experience, and sees what we see using Human Wearable AI Camera and Microphone. It can be assumed that the Humane Wearable AI have Microphone that can not only be used to command the gadget or pick up calls but also records what is happening in our surroundings! 

Does Humane Wearable AI Have Microphone?

Yes, as demonstrated in the TED Talk, Humane Wearable AI have Microphone, which is unimaginably powerful. The best part of Humane Wearable AI is that it is completely screen-free and controlled over voice. So, the Microphone plays a vital role! 

The first thing about the Humane Wearable AI Microphone is that it is the primary way to instruct the AI gadget or pass instructions. Apart from that based on the claimed demo, we can simply assume that the Humane Wearable AI Microphone could also be used to record data from the surroundings.

Does Humane Wearable AI Microphone Record Audio?

Now, this is a very controversial question whether Humane Wearable AI Microphone records audio. The truth is, Imran Chaudhri, did not admit in the demo that the Microphone is recording anything. However, as he mentioned about the wide use and power of this feature, we can speculate that the Humane Wearable AI Microphone has the power to record Audio if used wisely can be proved as an important key to resolving many unwanted situations! 

Will Humane Wearable AI Record Everything That It Hears?

Well, as we have discovered from the TED Talk that Humane Wearable AI have Microphone, which is powerful enough to challenge many AI chatbots. Using this microphone you can talk to your AI friend without any need for a screen. From street directions to reading mail, the Humane Wearable AI Microphone can do many things. 

Again, Humane Wearable AI sees an experience the same as you do (claimed by the developer); which means being an AI it is learning from your experience and ‘may be’ recording everything that you hear! On the other hand, consider that you no longer need anyone to send you the meeting summary! You can ask Humane Wearable AI to record any meeting and use the data anytime! 

Well, it is a huge possibility that cannot be denied. You cannot surrender to AI power blindfolded. However, as far as privacy and security are concerned, we can assume that the users will be entitled to the power to choose what to record and what not to. 


Unleashing the power of AI is more like a responsibility than fun! The demo of Humane Wearable AI in the TED Talk has made us greedy but also raised significant privacy concerns. Have you checked the features shown by Imran Chaudhri in TED Talk? Share your thoughts. 

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